long ugg boots Snakehead subject of DNR study

baby uggs uk Snakehead subject of DNR study

I’d like to think, even as we remain mired in a protracted hyper partisan political cycle, that reasonable people can still agree to disagree and yet maintain a modicum of civility. You thought I was going there, didn’t ya!?

Nope, I’m talking about the mild disconnect between the state’s resource agency and the recreational fishing community over the value of the Northern snakehead. In the years since this so called Frankenfish a misnomer, really, since Frankenstein was actually the mad scientist who created the monster, and we didn’t create a snakehead was discovered in a Crofton pond, its popularity has grown significantly among many sport anglers and bow fishermen. A few guys I know who are dialed into this feisty fish speak glowingly of its traits as a worthy adversary. I’ve yet to catch a trophy, though truth be told I really haven’t tried that hard. Perhaps I should correct that in 2018, a New Year’s resolution of sorts.

Joe Bruce, about as fine an angler as you’ll find in our region, has caught plenty. He respects their gamefish qualities so much he spends most of his summer chasing them. Why? Simply put, they are a “great gamefish,” says Bruce, who has penned a how to book called, what else, “Fishing for Snakeheads.”

“What’s not to like? They’re a great topwater fish, and you almost always see it (the strike) coming since they follow the lure. It’s a much more visual (experience),” he told me the other day. “They’re also very powerful a four pound snakehead could drag around a four pound bass. Oh, and they taste great.” Yet, as aggressive as their strikes can be, he adds, they can also lay a skunk on you when you least expect it.

State fishery biologists, on the other hand, have remained steadfast in their view of the northern snakehead, which is to say they have kind of an Amityville Horror perspective: Get out! In fact, Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources has a bounty on their heads, encouraging fishermen to catch and kill as many as they want. DNR also prohibits the catch and release of snakeheads.

It’s fair to say, particularly in the early years of the fish’s presence in Maryland, that quite a bit of mythology surrounded its abilities and appetites. For example, there were fears it would disrupt the Potomac River rockfish spawn. Hogwash. Have you ever seen the maw on a fully grown cow striper? You could fit a toddler’s head inside, not that I am condoning such a thing. Others claim snakeheads can walk. Once at a fishing show a guy swore up and down to me he saw one stand up on its hind fins and walk up Pennsylvania to The White House. OK, I totally made up that last part, but their locomotive abilities are one of the things folks like me find fascinating about them. candidate at Wake Forest University, also thinks so. He’s doing his thesis on northern snakeheads’ mysterious locomotive abilities, and our DNR has agreed to help him.

“The department was excited when Noah requested to study overland movement of northern snakeheads,” Fishing and Boating Services Biologist Joseph Love said in a released statement. DNR has provided him information on snakehead biology and management as well as specimens and lab space.

Bressman has studied nearly a dozen northern snakeheads, adult and juvenile, captured by DNR, and has learned that they “make almost the same movements as soldiers (when they crawl),” moving their back fin and head in opposite directions to propel them forward. There’s much research and analysis ahead of Bressman before any conclusions can be made, so he expects to return to Maryland in early 2018.

Yes, there is much to like about snakeheads as a gamefish, and I’m curious to learn what Bressman discovers. American Legion Post 7 at 1905 Crownsville Road.

Jan. 22: MSSA Perry Hall Chapter. Nick Garrott on “Understanding your fish finders.” The Chapter meets at the VFW Hall, 6309 Ebenezer Road, Middle River.

Jan. 25 28: Progressive Baltimore Boat Show. Free daily seminars to increase your knowledge and confidence. Baltimore Convention Center.

Jan. 30: Angler’s Night Out. Film “Buccaneers Bones with Lefty, Season 2.” Hosted by CCA MD, Boatyard Bar Grill, Chesapeake Bay Magazine. Fourth Severn, Eastport.

Jan. 27 28: Kent Island Fishermen’s (MSSA Chapter 7) 8th annual Fishing Flea Market. Kent Island American Legion Post 278, 800 Romancoke Road, Stevensville. Admission $3 (16 yrs. under Free.

Feb. 7: Free State Fly Fishers meeting. Center, 3727 Queen Anne Bridge Road, Davidsonville.

Feb. Free admission, $50 per table rental. Call Dawn Yoder to reserve table, (410) 867 2398.

Feb. 17 18: Pasadena Sportfishing Group’s 26th annual Fishing Expo. both days. $5 each day, 12 under free. Earleigh Heights Fire Hall, 161 Ritchie Highway, Severna Park.

Feb. 24: MSSA Annapolis Chapter’s annual Saltwater Fishing Expo.

Feb. 24 25: Lefty Kreh’s Tie Fest. Admission $10 per day, $15 for both days. Anglers 16 and under and active military personnel admitted free. Lowes Annapolis Hotel, 126 West Street, Annapolis. Contact Tony Friedrich, (202) 744 5013.
long ugg boots Snakehead subject of DNR study

girls ugg boots sale Snake found hiding in Ugg boot

womens black ugg boots Snake found hiding in Ugg boot

It’s the stuff of nightmares. Your beloved Ugg boot being repurposed as a home for a brown snake.

Straya, etc.

This is the traumatising situation that a resident in Moana, south Adelaide, encountered when she saw the tail of a brown snake disappearing into her footwear. She immediately called Snake Catchers Adelaide to come and evict the reptile.

“We got a call from a woman saying she had seen the tail of a snake going into an ugg boot,” snake catcher Ange Broadstock told Adelaide Advertiser.”When we got there it was all snuggled up in the boot so we just popped the whole thing in the bag.”

The 1m long snake has since been evicted from its fleecy home, but will stay with Snake Catchers Adelaide until warmer weather, when it will be released back into the wild.

The reptile was identified as an eastern brown snake while they are known as the world’s second most venomous snake they are a shy breed, preferring to flee when encountering humans.

His appearance in the Ugg boot has been blamed on the shifting temperatures.

“What happens at this time of year when the weather goes from warm to cold so quickly is snakes get caught out,” Ms Broadstock said.

“When it’s warm they can’t wait to get out, but when it gets cold they lose their place.

“So they snuggle up somewhere warm as soon as they can.”

Rolly Burrell, manager of Snake Catchers Adelaide, told the ABC that the company removed a snake from a shoe about once a year last year from inside a rubber boot that had been hung upside down on a rack.

Ms Broadstock’s advice is for people to keep the number of a snake handler saved in their phone in the unlikely event they need it.

“If someone sees a snake in the their house they need to stay where they are and keep an eye on it,” Ms Broadstock said.

“That way it makes it much easier for the handler and also gives the person peace of mind when the snake is caught.”

Mr Burrell had some dire news for those with a fear of reptiles. He said it had been such a cold winter in Adelaide and “everything wants to come out”.
girls ugg boots sale Snake found hiding in Ugg boot

ugg boots purple Smucker acquires Big Heart Pet Brands Meow Mix

ugg sign Smucker acquires Big Heart Pet Brands Meow Mix

Smucker Co., the Ohio food manufacturer best known for its Smucker’s preserves, Jif Peanut Butter and Folgers Coffee, has now become a big dog in the pet food aisle.

The food manufacturer announced Monday afternoon that its acquisition of Big Heart Pet Brands, based in San Francisco, has closed. Big Heart Pet Brands produces, distributes and markets pet foods and pet snack brands including: Meow Mix, Milk Bone, Kibbles ‘n Bits, 9Lives, Natural Balance Pet Foods, Pup Peroni, Gravy Train, Nature’s Recipe, Canine Carry Outs, Snausages, Meaty Bone, Pounce, Jerky Treats, Alley Cat, and Milo’s Kitchen.

The cash and stock transaction, first disclosed on Feb. 3, and announced after the markets had closed on Monday, is valued at about $6 billion, including the $2.5 billion in net debt that Smucker paid off when the deal closed. households having at least one family pet, we will now be able to serve the mealtime and snacking needs of the whole family,” Chief Executive Richard Smucker said when the deal was announced. grocery store.

This is the largest acquisition in Smucker’s 115 year history. In November 2008, Smucker bought the No. 1 selling Folgers Coffee business for about $3.3 billion, and in June 2002, it bought Jif Peanut Butter and Crisco Oils and shortenings for about $1 billion. Both deals were from Procter Gamble Co.

In between, Smucker also bought International Multifoods Corp., maker of Pillsbury frostings and baking mixes, for about $500 million in 2004.

Dave West, president and chief executive of Big Heart Pet Brands, is now president of Smucker’s Big Heart Pet Food and Snacks division and has been appointed to the company’s board of directors.

“Big Heart Pet Brands markets some of America’s best known pet brands and, with a broad product portfolio that includes the leading position in dog snacks, this acquisition is a great strategic fit,” Richard Smucker said in a written statement on Monday.

“Adding a third platform for growth, along with our existing food and beverage businesses, the transaction increases our center of the store presence with consumers and retailers, while further enhancing shareholder value. We are pleased to welcome the employees of Big Heart Pet Brands into the Smucker family and look forward to working with this talented team to grow the business together.”

Although some of the acquired brands had been associated with incidences of contaminated pet food in the past, Smucker said that the pet foods in question are no longer made from those ingredients.

“Consumer safety and product quality have always been of paramount

importance to our Company, and this category will be treated with the same

adherence to our stringent quality standards as our current operations,” said Smucker spokeswoman Maribeth Burns. “Big Heart Pet Brands has transitioned the vast majority of its portfolio of brands away from sourcing ingredients from China.”

The deal comes with Big Heart Pet Brands’ corporate facilities in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and Burbank, California; manufacturing facilities in Decatur, Alabama; Topeka, Kansas; Lawrence, Kansas; Buffalo, New York; and Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania; as well as some research and development facilities, sales offices and distribution centers.

Big Heart Pet Brands, which until Feb. 18, 2014, was called the Del Monte Corp., has nearly 2,500 employees. The company changed its name after selling off its fruit, vegetable and other consumer foods.

The Big Heart Pet Brands news was announced after the markets closed on Monday. Smucker’s shares opened at $113.97 on Tuesday morning, and jumped as high as $114.96 in early morning trading before closing at $112.62, down 77 cents from Monday’s close of $113.39.
ugg boots purple Smucker acquires Big Heart Pet Brands Meow Mix

mini leather ugg boots Smith sworn in as TVA Board Member

ugg handbags uk Smith sworn in as TVA Board Member

KNOXVILLE Jeff W. His term will expire on May 18, 2022. Senate on Dec. 21, 2017. District Judge Pamela L. Reeves of the Eastern District of Tennessee.

“During my time at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, I’ve seen first hand the increasing pace of change in energy technology, and how it directly affects people’s lives,” said Smith. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Department of Homeland Security.

Smith earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio State University.

One additional vacancy remains on the nine member board,
mini leather ugg boots Smith sworn in as TVA Board Member
which next meets on Feb. 16, 2018, in Chattanooga, Tenn. TVA receives no taxpayer funding, deriving virtually all of its revenues from sales of electricity. In addition to operating and investing its revenues in its electric system, TVA provides flood control,
mini leather ugg boots Smith sworn in as TVA Board Member
navigation and land management for the Tennessee River system and assists local power companies and state and local governments with economic development and job creation.

ugg shoes on sale Smith brings his own style to NHL

ugg flip flop Smith brings his own style to NHL

Not a natural born suit and tie guy, Smith realizes he got to spiff up the closet before digging into his new role with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

working for one of the best dressed guys in the league, Smith said of Leafs head coach Mike Babcock.

The Windsor native officially joined Babcock staff this past Tuesday, just a few weeks removed from coaching the Oshawa Generals to a Memorial Cup title.

He be joining Babcock and the rest of the Leafs staff in Florida June 26 27 for the 2015 amateur draft.

Until then, he back in Windsor, enjoying time with his wife, CTV personality Christie Bezaire, his 11 year old son Colton and the rest of his family and friends.

At some point, he have to decline a golf invitation and head to a men shop.

to be done, he said Friday while wolfing down a bowl of tuna salad ahead of an afternoon tee time. in the midst of trying to lose a few (pounds). Windsor Spitfires coach Dave Prpich recalls his limited assortment of ties back in 2005 when Smith got his first real taste of life behind the bench.

had one, said Prpich. was with us for 35, maybe 40 games and he wore the same tie every day. He kept it in the coach office. It would be all bunched up and wrinkled. It probably had some mustard on it. rugged defenceman whose NHL aspirations were curtailed by several concussions, Smith was back in Windsor that winter, recovering from the lingering effects of a nasty one suffered while playing in the AHL.

The always dapper Mike Babcock (Alex Brandon / Associated Press files)

He dropped by Windsor Arena to see Prpich and a few others from his own junior days with the Spits.

Prpich asked if he like to help out at the morning skates and before long, Smith was standing on the bench beside him during OHL games.

the days went by I gave him more and more responsiblity, Prpich said. a (retired) phys ed teacher I was always looking for people who want to be leaders, not many do anymore, but he loved that role. He relished it. the following season, Smith hung up the skates and became a co head coach of the Spitfires with Bill Bowler.

knew coaching was something I wanted to do, even as a player, the 38 year old said. the next best thing to playing. Warren Rychel and Bob Boughner took over team ownership the next year, they kept Smith on board.

He cut his teeth for seven years as a Spits assistant and won two Memorial Cups with the club.

When the Oshawa Generals were overhauling their staff four years ago, then general manager Jeff Twohey came calling.

knew it was important to get the right coach,
ugg shoes on sale Smith brings his own style to NHL
said Twohey, now assistant director of amateur scouting for the Arizona Coyotes. intensity and passion reminded Twohey of Dale Hunter, coach of the London Knights and former NHL coach in Washington.

don know anybody that going to out prepare him, Twohey said. is very detail oriented. earned a valued reputation for developing players, especially defencemen.

the best coach I ever had, said former Spitfire captain Harry Young. just knows how to motivate players. He knows how to bring out the best in all his players. He did it in the OHL and I know he can do it at the next level. with a competitive streak, his mother knows exactly when that switch got flipped.

was the happiest baby, said Marina Assim. his brother came along. They only 15 months apart and that when his competitiveness kicked in. said her husband of one year doesn know how to turn it off.

can ruin a game of mini golf fast, she says with a laugh. trash talk you while you playing. can, however, exact her revenge on a championship course. A former Burger King Junior Tour player, she bested him a few times over 18 holes.

most satisfactory moment ever, she said.

The 33 year old TV journalist has become well acquainted with the 401 over the past three years Smith has been in Oshawa.

During the season, she travels most weekends so they can spend some time together while he tries to get back to Windsor once a month.

Now that he be travelling across North America as opposed to just Ontario, the dynamic has changed.

probably look for something in Toronto, Bezaire said of her own career. Windsor will be tough but it time. It been three years of doing this. course, how long he be in Toronto is already a debate point.

learning from the best guy in our business and he a quick study, said Pete DeBoer, head coach of the San Jose Sharks and part owner of the Generals. well on his way to being a (NHL) head coach. Guys who work for Mike Babcock, it inevitable they get head coaching opportunities. agrees.

a natural leader, Twohey said. don think he going to be an assistant coach his whole career. played briefly for the Maple Leafs so there some family allegiance to the franchise, although Colton is a Boston Bruins fan and Assim likes to root for fellow Windsorite Joel Quenneville, coach of the Chicago Blackhawks.
ugg shoes on sale Smith brings his own style to NHL

ugg boots sale uk clearance smelly and bad for your feet so why are Ugg boots so popular

uggs australia au smelly and bad for your feet so why are Ugg boots so popular

With a wave of the wand, it can instantly transform the prettiest woman in the slinkiest skirt or clingiest jeans into a clomping elephant barging across the savannah.

It can miraculously unite chic and chav, two tribes who would normally want nothing to do with each other (except when they bump into each other in the tattooist’s queue).

Is there any less dainty way to finish off an outfit?

The Ugg boot’s problem is fundamental. Sheepskin. It may be hardwearing and warm, but ask any bloke of a certain age what sheepskin says to him and I’m afraid you won’t like the answer.

It transports us back to the freezing cold football terraces of the 1970s a world of mullet haircuts, ludicrous sideburns and nasty meat pies.

And who is at the centre of this vision of Valhalla? A sheepskin clad John Motson. Some fashion icon, ladies.

Sheep are, of course, renowned for more than their skins. They are best known for brainlessly following the creature in front.

This is probably why my lips curl up into a cruel smile when I read that no sooner have a few paparazzi pictures appeared of Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss and Eva Longoria wearing their treasured sheepskin boots than thousands of women have stripped the shelves bare of the ghastly things.

“We have sold around 7,000 pairs since August, take 200 to 300 orders on waiting lists each week and have been known to sell up to 600 pairs within hours of a new delivery,” says Cos Constantinou, managing director of Kate Kuba, the largest stockists of the boot in this country.

“No one ever expected Uggs to be so popular,” Cos adds.

And with good reason. Look at a pair closely. They are really not boots at all but slippers with ideas above their station. (You can pay 280 for a pair.)

Ask any Ugg owner what makes her boots special and you’ll hear the same words over and over again.

They’re comfy, they’re warm, they feel so lovely on your feet.

The same words you’ll hear from your elderly uncle as he politely unwraps his latest pair of carpet slippers on Christmas Day.

None of this scares off the true convert.

“I’m an absolute believer in the Ugg boot. I don’t wear them for the impact or the style, it’s because they’re so comfortable and warm,” says Katie Melville, 25,
ugg boots sale uk clearance smelly and bad for your feet so why are Ugg boots so popular
who works for an advertising agency and is now on her fifth pair.

Her friend Lexi Serebro, 21, a trainee chef, has also been won over by ‘how practical and comfortable they are’.

Well, hold on a moment. Apart from the romantic notion that one is supposed to suffer for one’s fashion (isn’t that why God invented the stiletto?), let’s examine the comfort of the things.

It would take me a lifetime to persuade Katie or Lexi out of their addiction, but it only takes a moment to learn that, actually, these fashion outrages are not even as practical as they’re made out to be.

“I wore them in the snow last year,” says Lexi. Well, you would, wouldn’t you because they’re so warm except Ugg boots are not waterproof.

“My feet were soaking. It was a nightmare.”

Oh, and if it’s not below freezing outside, ‘they are quite warm. Sometimes my feet are rather too hot,’ Lexi admits.

Meanwhile, Katie says: “On the box it says you should wear them without socks. But if you do that they really get quite smelly.”

On a more aesthetic note, she adds: “My boyfriend thinks they’re very un ladylike. He doesn’t like the look of them he’d prefer me in a nice pair of heels, I think.”

The reason why the Australian manufacturers recommend you don’t wear socks is because Down Under the Ugg boot is not worn outdoors. (Hence the lack of waterproofing.)

It was only when the boot arrived in America and was given a huge boost by Oprah Winfrey in 2000, who spent more than $50,000 buying pairs for her 350 staff and included them on her Oprah’s Favourite Things show that it occurred to anyone to wear them in a place where strangers might see them.
ugg boots sale uk clearance smelly and bad for your feet so why are Ugg boots so popular

size 3 ugg boots Smell Like Sunshine

ugg slippers dakota Smell Like Sunshine

It already allergy season wants to add an irritating dose of synthetic perfume to the mix? The data is adding up on perfume pesky chemicals: According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, the fragrance industry uses up to 3,000 ingredients, predominantly synthetic, some 900 of which are identified as toxic. And more and more people are pointing to sensitivity as a cause of migraines and allergy attacks.

Unfortunately, these chemicals aren listed on labels. Case in point? Diethyl phthalate, a reproductive toxin that can affect the development of children. Typically, phthalates are simply referred to as in beauty products. And they so prevalent that repeated studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found phthalates in the urine of nearly every subject they tested.

A safer source for perfume are essential oils derived by chemical free steam distillation, cold pressing or the labor intensive enfleurage method used with delicate jasmine or tuberose flowers. Scents that are created by blending essential oils may not last as long as synthetic perfumes, but they just as sexy and can be applied repeatedly without giving you a chemical headache. Plus, essential oils aren linked to infertility like phthalates. Bonus!

Melange Apothecary in Sherman Oaks, CA offers a range of oils in their blending bar, and some of them are, indeed, synthetic. But pull up a stool to owner Denise Estrada mirror topped blending bar and let her know you only interested in her wide range of natural, essential oils and she break out the good stuff of which is kept in a back case, as it extremely rare (and expensive). Regardless of your choice of scents, prices are ridiculously reasonable: If you in the area, take as long as you like to blend your own signature perfume and she mix it up for you for a mere $18 for one third of an ounce. Or better yes, either online or in person, ask for the a custom perfume blended by our fearless leader Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, which combines base notes of jasmine, mandarine and cypress layered with orange blossom and top notes of pink grapefruit. We all completely obsessed with it and were at a loss to describe the scent until one editor pegged it perfectly: It smells like a picnic in an orange grove after a sunny day at the beach. Or, in a nutshell, it smells like our dream version of California.

Demeter is known for its weirdly one note scents like Grass, Glue and Crayon, but their new limited edition Vintage Naturals collection, made with all natural essential oils and packaged in cartons from recycled materials, is just plain gorgeous. We especially love Geranium, Rosebush and yummy Mimosa, and with half ounce spritzers available for $20 each, we tempted to buy the whole collection since once these scents sell out, they gone.

Honor des Pr is the first line of organic perfumes from Olivia Giacobetti, one of France most famous perfumers. Certified organic by French certification organization ECOCERT, and free of petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes, coloring agents and phthalates, these fresh fragrances are sure to please even the greenest noses. We fell for the cheery, invigorating Bonte Bloom,
size 3 ugg boots Smell Like Sunshine
infused with sunflowers, chamomile, citrus and sage, and were equally enamored of the fresh, pixie light Nu Green Both are super natural, super sophisticated and never irritate sensitive sniffers.

Remember making sun tea as a kid excitement of putting the bags in the clear water, then watching the sun streak the flavor through? Tsi la first USDA certified organic fragrance, Miksaki, gives us that backyard sun kissed sensation with a hint of Provence and a touch of the tropics. The cool blend of lavender, delicious crushed mint, vanilla orchid and delicate neroli nectar is fresh, gorgeous and we say session with our favorite botanical perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis can get a bit pricey. Balahoutis designs unique perfumes for clients in her Venice, Calif., shop at upwards of $1,000 a session. Luckily, the nose behind Strange Invisible Perfumes has launched a ready to wear collection of synthetic free scents for spring. Culled from organic flowers, plants, resins and herbs, Balahoutis trio of scents captures classic top notes rose and gardenia rounds them out with with a base that deep, rich and downright sexy. It impossible to decide between ultra femme Urban Lily, intoxicating Aquarian Roses and the rich, heady, Epic Gardenia three are natural fragrance masterpieces. To choose your favorite, order samples at just $5 a piece. But be forewarned: You fall in love.

Through the month of June get 20% off our exclusive EcoStiletto perfume from Melange Apothecary, also through the end of the month, get 15% off on Strange Invisible Perfumes and 15% off all Honor des Pr fragrances when you read up on this week’s Beauty post!

Demerson and Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff

Spirit Demerson is the President and Founder of Spirit Beauty Lounge, an online boutique specializing in luxury organic beauty and eco lifestyle products. A recovering product junkie, eco activist, former model and beauty school dropout turned Spirit has spent over a decade searching for effective organic beauty products. Frustrated by the less than luxurious selection available at natural foods markets and misleading labels at department stores and drugstores, she sharpened her expertise, spending hours obsessively researching ingredients, often mixing up batches of lotions and potions in her kitchen or importing products and ingredients from around the world to treat the skin conditions of friends and family. In 2007, Spirit began hosting and producing elite Organic Spa Parties in New York City and San Francisco with organic facials, pedicures and cocktails to promote the green and glamorous life. Her Spirit Beauty Lounge webstore was developed of bringing the Organic Spa Party home! Spirit and/or Spirit Beauty Lounge have recently been featured in Natural Solutions, 944, Boho, Family Circle, Vegetarian Times and Lucky magazines.
size 3 ugg boots Smell Like Sunshine

adirondack ugg Smart help Celtics stay hot in 111

red ugg slippers Smart help Celtics stay hot in 111

DALLAS Isaiah Thomas had 29 points and eight assists, backcourt mate Marcus Smart added 19 points against his hometown team and the Boston Celtics beat the Dallas Mavericks 111 98 on Monday night.

Kelly Olynyk scored seven of his 15 points during a 12 2 run that started with the Celtics leading by one in the fourth quarter as the Atlantic Division leaders won for the 10th time in 11 games. Boston pulled within two games of Cleveland atop the Eastern Conference.

Rookie Yogi Ferrell had 20 points for the Mavericks, who came in with three wins over division leaders in the past two weeks after spending the first three months at or near the bottom of the West.

Olynyk started the decisive surge with a pair of layups, followed by a high arching layup on a drive by Thomas, the NBA’s second leading scorer. After Olynyk hit a 3 pointer, Thomas made one for a 100 89 Boston lead.

Mavericks guard Deron Williams was ejected late in the second quarter after getting two quick technical fouls for arguing a foul call, part of an 8 0 Boston run over the final 58 seconds for the Celtics’ 61 50 lead at the break.

Williams, who was in his second game back after missing eight games with a right big toe sprain, was called for pushing off while driving for a layup. He intercepted a pass intended for official Justin VanDuyne, who made the call, and began arguing with him.

Dallas’ point guard pounded the ball on the floor with two hands while turning away as the first was technical was called, and VanDuyne quickly called the second tech.

With 0.3 seconds left in the half, Ferrell was called for bumping Thomas as he pulled up to beat the buzzer on a long 3 pointer. Thomas made all three free throws.

Thomas and Smart, who went to high school in a suburb near Dallas, combined for 23 points in the first quarter, but Ferrell had 13 at halftime to help Dallas get within three before Boston’s late surge.

Harrison Barnes scored 19 for Dallas, and Dirk Nowitzki and Wesley Matthews had 18 apiece.

Tip insGerald Green played despite an illness, scoring 10 points in 13 minutes. . The Celtics swept the season series after having dropped seven straight against the Mavericks. . Jae Crowder had 10 points, including a 3 to help put the game away against his former team.

Nowitzki’s 26 point average against Boston coming into the game was the highest against any opponent for the 19th year player. . Despite the ejection, Williams got the assist he needed to pass Muggsy Bogues for 19th on the NBA’s career list. Williams now has 6,727 assists.
adirondack ugg Smart help Celtics stay hot in 111

lace up ugg boots Smart Casual Friday

cheap ugg boots online free shipping Smart Casual Friday

I thought we were over it, but still the same crimes and mistakes are being repeated in offices in every city, every other Friday. Obviously there context. Things like geography, weather and workplace attitudes need to be taken into consideration, but still, what happens to these people that just go; the hey I think I wear my Juicy Couture Tracksuit (head to toe). It says just enough about my LA, celebrity obsessed, rock star wannabe, just slept with a Hilton 4 years ago lifestyle and I think more people should know this side of me. And if you sitting there thinking that rubbish, well, I saw this exact sight the other day leaving a very prominent CBD office building. There is no excuse for looking like a douche bag at work. Leave that for the weekend, and if a velour tracksuit is your idea of style, leave it for the living room no one needs to see that.

If I were your boss we have a sit down not out of some vain, fashion crime reason but out of respect, for yourself, your job and the company.

So what context? Start with the guys in charge. They may or may not be snappy dressers, but this is your lead as far as interpretation of the Casual Friday

go. You have to remember this is still work, you be talking with colleagues, clients and seniors and there still needs to be a modicum of respect.

But this can be a time to shine here, more than ever, the devil is in the details.

Looking right in this situation proves you cool, as in, can handle this cool cool under fire cool.

If jeans are allowed, avoid treated styles that look too old or beaten. Stick with raw denim and keep them slim and tailored, straight and not too baggy. The same goes for black jeans. If not, chinos in alternative colours but avoid pleats if you can. (The Swedes do these well.) Wear shirts that aren just your work shirts worn casually. Try a plaid or dark check. The same applies for your jacket, avoid embellishment on any of these things and don just wear your suit jacket. Generally speaking, it not cut for this kind of wear. In winter a Pea Coat or slim trench could be an option. Instead of a lapel style jacket, check out the multitude of high neck, military, and duffle coat styles available at your local Calibre, AG or Satch store.

Shoes should be smart, and by now you may have gathered that I a bit of a fan of the desert boot. This is the perfect time to let the desert boot out. It not formal and it not a sneaker. In a great suede and colour, it says all the things that Casual Friday should say about you.

know what I doing, and I care how I look, but I care more about nailing this contract. or fashion should not be your life but there is nothing wrong in loving your job, and a job well done.

So what do you like to get out in for Casual Fridays?

I have never heard of these brands. My wife (who loves retail therapy) has never heard of them either. Is this a subtle attempt to push a shortlist of trendy ‘found only in Paddington’ brands or am I just too cynical. Most of us (with families) only have enough time to whiz down to Westfield and buy stuff from Myer or David Jones. At least you get treated with a degree of respect in the big stores. I am all for men (and women) dressing appropriately on casual Friday. Yes, I have witnessed a mid level manager, an overweight 50 something, turn up in what would be best described as fishing gear (I took comfort in the fact his shorts didn’t have any obvious holes as he likes to put his feet on the desk). I have also seen females present themselves in multi coloured leggings. Yuk! Good article just don’t try to shoot too high.

I work in finance and I recently saw someone in the lift coming to work in UGG BOOTS!!!!!! Seriously UGG BOOTS! I thought someone was stitching me up and that I was on the scene of candid camera. A decent vintage store should be able to provide a range of excellent condition blazers, cotton shirts, loafers AND desert boots. One well chosen piece can speak volumes for your fashion eye, individuality and desire to preserve the environment.

I have just returned to Sydney after 8 years living in London and i think that Mens fashion in Australia is still as ordinary as it was back then. I don’t know what it is whether aussie guys generally don’t know what to wear because they don’t have the variety offered or exposure to new trends offered to them and therefore this explains alot why they don’t know how to dress. Its all apears very very safe like your conservative middle aged Country Road and a few younger labels like Marcs Calibre. I spoke with a creative director from a successful London label who specialised in Menswear and who returned to Australia recently and she reckons even if you provided quality labels as mentioned like acne, J L Linberg they wouldn’t be bought because in general aussie men still don’t know what fashion is as mentioned by the guy who shops at David Jones / Myers. I walked into to their stores and again the buyers are playing it very safe indeed as what was on offer was downright ordinary. But again to the non fashion concious Aussie male if this stuff sells then you can’t blame DJ / Myer for selling it. The million $ question is 1. Do we have to educate the typical Aussie male of what to wear or will offering them a decent International variety of good labels at a decent price give them the ability to make an create their own style? Any suggestions????? PS the next time i need to do some serious shopping i think it will be Tokyo / Hong Kong because of the variety on offer.

Casual Friday?!! One of those ridiculous anglo saxon habits. Why should there be a different dress code for a specific day of the week.

This is a country where the most questionable business dealers run around in suit and tie (vis car dealers real estate agents, legal eagles) any day of the week, de valuing any notion that the way we dress at work has anything to do with the value of our contribution. I subscribe to the idea that one reason managers make so many stupid decisions is that the tie around their neck limits blood supply to the brain. At least that would give them an easy excuse. So, unless people have customer contact, it should be sufficient ANY day of the week to dress tidy and fully (and that includes covering the sometimes astonishing cleavages some ladies like to use as career enhancers). In customer contact, every prefession I know doesn’t give a hoot about ‘casual Friday’, and rightly so, as this day should not be an excuse to respect your customer any more or less than any other day. So, let’s grow up and get over the whole stupid idea of a day of the week to slack off in the clothing department.

I absolutely agree with a couple of the comments above from people who have returned from a stint living/working in the UK. Its true that guys over there have better dress sense. But has anyone ever thought about the fact that the British weather is much more condusive for trenchies, scarves and coats?(all the essentials to accessorising !)I certainly wouldn’t like to be all rugged up with fancy wear when our winters average a mere 16deg!

Perhaps also its not due to that fact that aussie men can’t dress, its more “what’s on offer” that counts. I think a little realism wouldn’t go astray. The average aussie male is pretty down to earth and until we get high street brands like TopShop and H (who have a fab clothing line) popping up on Pitt St Mall, I rekcon that the transformation for menswear in Oz is still light years ahead.

PS: meanwhile there’s always HK and Singapore for that essential shopping holiday. Forget Europe, its not worth the jetlag!

DESERT BOOTS? You have to be kidding me. If anything they say “I used to wear these in primary school and damn they are comfortable”. That is about as good as it gets.

Even if you manage to convince your work mates that they are cool, if you go out for a few cold ones after work, don’t expect any woman you meet to give you the time of day if you are in your DB’s. All they will be able to think of are the snotty boys that used to wear them in primary school and having their hair pulled (literally or figuratively) by said boys.

I have been to europe enough times to have noticed that most of these guys would get laughed out of australia . recently in italy i was the only guy on the street without white or pastel jeans ?

how about a lovely mesh tshirt ? we dress for the weather here and I think we do it reasonably well, without looking overly metro, or in the case of that particular area of italy overly village people. If you wish to wear a scarf do so but when the weather isn’t cold enough to warrant it ? you also have to take into consideration that australian men are portrayed as rugged, not your pastel suit wearing types, so don’t expect euro fashions to catch on anytime soon, whether its offered or not

Seriously, my workplace has had to issue a missive in the past about acceptable dress on “casual Fridays” and IMHO it wasn’t unreasonable to expect people not to wear boob tubes and thongs.

Also, it’s customary to not wear casual attire if you have an important (external) meeting or if you’re expecting to front the CEO.

It is hard to have the same standards of dress for the organisation’s lowest paid as you do for higher paid professionals I guess that’s why there’s such disparity between a good and poor casual look.

IT people are their own domain (excuse pun) seems that daggy jeans and worn joggers are de rigueur amongst geeks?

Is it casual Friday or fashion Friday!? I’m constantly amused by the hoards of Apple advertising clip art people aspiring to look like they just wandered out of the soho markets sporting outfits that cost more than a Boss suit! If you need to meet clients, wear a suit, if you need to impress someone, wear a suit! If you pull your weight, are valuable to the company and the boss says its casual on Friday, wear what you want. I work for a multinational consultancy of over 10,
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000 employees, when i can dress down on friday its my favourite skate shoes, comfy jeans and and a tshirt/jumper with an emergency business shirt behind the desk for last minute clients. I treat my clients, coworkers and employer with respect, make them good money and wear what i want, not what the Macbook in a cafe pepermint tea drinking set want me too!

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Small World Studios has, in a sense, moved up in the world. After 10 years in a basement off Columbia, artist/producer Henry Small and company have moved downtown to spacious second floor digs at 242 Victoria St. The change better equips one of the city’s top studios to serve its clients, and it has prompted Small and band to record his first album of original material in a dozen years. “I wanted to do another album well, before I pack but to mostly go through the new studio,” he said Wednesday in his office, surrounded by rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia dating back to the 1960s. “We wanted to be able to do anything they could do anywhere else. (The old studio) was good enough, but we wanted to compete with anybody, anywhere. I think what’s different is more space.” The Henry Small Band includes Kris Ruston, Matt Stanley, Leon Racicot, Sean Poissant and Marie Jackson. In its final stages, the recording won’t be available in time for the band’s opening for Prism on Friday, Jan. 27 at Kamloops Convention Centre. “It’s kind of a departure. It’s a combination of rock and rhythm and blues. I think I take everything from my roots. It’s a more retro album. We have a lot of young people working on it and they’re going back to stuff I did years ago. It comes full circle if you live long enough.” The Prism gig is a flash from the past for the veteran rocker, who was lead singer for the rock band in what seems like a previous lifetime BK (Before Kamloops). Small who’d previously worked with Srubbaloe Caine and Small Wonder as well as with Burton Cummings was recommended by Paul Dean of Loverboy. He stepped into the fold after the firing of original front man Ron Tabak in 1981. The ’81 lineup recorded Small Change, Prism’s sixth album. breakthrough, but the success was short lived. The band broke up after that, although Small and a new lineup still used the Prism name and released Beat Street in 1983. Prism, as it turned out, went on to have an after life, re forming in 1987 with three original members. Over the years the original lineup has dwindled to just Al Harlow, who now plays opposite Gary Grace, Marc Gladstone and Tad Goddard. As with many classic acts from the glory days of rock, Prism keeps the beat largely on the basis of its reputation from the early years, although they’ve got a new album out, Big Black Sky. They have a devoted fan base, as demonstrated last year with the last mission of the space shuttle Discovery. Prism’s Spaceship Superstar was chosen as the wakeup song for crew members on the final visit with the International Space Station. recording industry, Small met a Kamloops girl and opted for life in the small city of Kamoops. It wasn’t easy leaving the spotlight of the music industry for a slower pace. “It was Scrubbaloe Caine,
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Small Wonder, Burton Cummings, Prism, John Entwistle. And then, after that, it was the (Kamloops) arts council.” He closed the door on a music career to raise a family, not without regrets, but willing to devote his energy to fresh pursuits. He turned down Loverboy, Bryan Adams and a chance to record the soundtrack to the film Top Gun, which went on to earn a Grammy and a fortune for its creators. Hindsight is 20/20. “Kamloops has been a blessing. I’m always doing new things. You’re not stuck musically.” At times it’s challenging, other times it’s terrifying, but “that’s what keeps you young.” Any favourite memory of the Prism days? “You get on stage in front of 30 or 40,000 people. That’s kind of fun. I like the hours you perform. The other 22 are not so hot. Rock ‘n’ roll, in all fairness, there’s not too much left.” Small continues to host the morning show with Stan Bailey on 98.3 CIFM, but the studio move and life itself has brought him to a juncture of sorts. “I’ll be sweet 16 on Feb. 29,” said the leap year kid. “Sixty four.” Recording has renewed his creative drive and it’s turned out better than he’d thought with a natural sound to it. “It’s kind of a rebirth with a new sense of freedom, Prism being one of the things from the past. It’s like a benchmark. “I’d like to do more music over the next three or four years. My children are all out of school, all educated, all have jobs, so I’m free to roam.” One of his kids asked him recently what he was doing with the newfound freedom. “I said, ‘I’m doing what I’ve been doing for 30 years.’ But you get so ingrained with what you’ve done for 30 years,” he added. “There’s a lot of that on the album. It’s about change.” His irreverent humour is notorious yet always appreciated in rock journalism to disrupt the tedium of stock replies and glib comments. RockUnited: Looking back, do you regret anything you did during the Beat Street days? Henry: I regret not wearing a condom. Rock United: What about the scream on Nightmare (a Beat Street track). You were unable to talk for a week afterwards? Henry: That’s bullshit. I still can’t talk. RockUnited: Can you still relate to those songs or have your turned your back to the ’80s? Henry: Of course, it’s part of my life some of which I remember. There is a serious side to the man, though, a self awareness that’s equipped him for the road less travelled. “I think people think more than anything that money is the answer. It’s not the answer. There’s a personal payment for that I don’t think you can conquer. Everybody sees it as wonderful life; in many cases it’s not. As an old man, now I understand the yogis a little bit better when they say life is an illusion.” IN CONCERT WHO:Prism with special guests The Henry Small Band WHEN:Friday,
childrens ugg boots sale Small thinks big with first album in a dozen years