genuine ugg retailers The secrets of the Nando’s Black Card REVEALED

beige ugg boots The secrets of the Nando’s Black Card REVEALED

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You’ve probably heard rumours for years that a mysterious card exists that entitles you to unlimited Nando’s. So we decided to do a bit of investigation and it turns out they’re totally real, and there are pictures to prove it.

What is a Black Card? In case you didn’t know, a Black Card (or High Five card) is supposedly a magical piece of plastic that provides free Nando’s for a whole year. The restaurant is very mysterious about it,

“You’ve heard rumours about it a card that magically provides free Nando’s for a whole year. The mythical Nando’s High Five card can you be sure it really exists? Or, like unicorns and Robin Hood, is it just a legend one created by Nando’s to give fans a holy grail to yearn for?”

But does the Black Card exist? Yes. Yes it does. It’s not really that much of a secret if you care to search Instagram or Twitter and see all the people who’ve posted pictures of theirs.

What does a Nando’s Black Card entitle you to? One year’s worth of meals at Nando’s for a maximum of five people.

According to the back of the card you get a LOT of food included:

“As a valued friend of Nando’s, the person named on this card is entitled to one starter, one combo meal, one dessert and one soft drink along with up to four friends. Sorry no free alcoholic drinks.”

So how much is a Nando’s Black Card worth? For one person a starter, combo meal with two sides, pudding and a drink will normally set you back around If you decided to eat there yourself every evening seven days a week that’s worth of free Nando’s a year.

But if you decided against dining alone the maximum you could spend in a year if you took four friends for dinner seven days a week would be although even the most diehard fans would probably struggle with that.

Who has a Nando’s Black Card?

There are quite a lot of celebs rumoured to have black cards, from Jay Z, Ed Sheeran and David Beckham, JLS and Dizzee Rascal. Ed Sheeran and Example did this rap together expressing their love for the eating establishment.

How do I get one? According to Nando’s,

“All we can tell you for certain is that no one who’s requested a card, no matter how politely, has ever received one. Asking for one is simply the biggest taboo a definite no no.”
genuine ugg retailers The secrets of the Nando's Black Card REVEALED

mens ugg slipper The secret to wearing heels

ugg australia site The secret to wearing heels

If celebrities, who are practically born in stilettos, can’t keep from toppling, what chance do other women have in heels?Plenty, if you learn to put your best foot forward.Presenter Emma Thompson proudly went barefoot at the Golden Globe Awards this month. (Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)”It’s all about planning,” she adds, citing her top recommendation: Never wear the dangerous daggers for more than an hour at a time.Ever concerned about the fate of New York women, the Daily News asked foot experts for steps to avoid a walk of lame: Build up your body and feet: Heels started to rise as far back as Renaissance Europe. Then as now, women who wore the flattering footwear suffered from weakened Achilles tendons, shortened gastrocnemius muscles in the lower leg and battered bones that were one step away from a fracture.Camila Alves, with husband Matthew McConaughey, shed her shoes to avoid a problem. (McAf / Splash News/McAf / Splash News)One famous foot doctor fashioned a full body workout to withstand stilettos.”You need to train the foot, ankle and [abdominal] core,” says Emily Splichal, creator of the Catwalk Confidence program.A Broadway choreographer adds that it can take weeks of training to get in shoe shape.Sarah Jessica Parker is about ready to swear off heels. (JDH Imagez / Splash News/JDH Imagez / Splash News)”It takes more work that you’d expect to get your body used to it,” says Lorin Latarro,
mens ugg slipper The secret to wearing heels
whose credits include “Waiting for Godot” and “Scandalous.”Shop function, not fashion: The biggest women’s shoe brands, like Dior and Christian Louboutin, have heels typically ranging from 3 to 5 inches.”When you wear heels that high, you’re going to pay the price for it,” says Vasilios Christofilakos, an accessories design professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology.Naomi Campbell finds teetering at the height of fashion can lead to tumbling, humbling moments. (Rex USA/Rex USA)He said that before women even put their feet in these shoes, they should do legwork with their fingers and test the bottom cushions for a strong “bounce back” effect. Before leaving the store, they should also take the heels for a walk on the hard floors, not just the shoe department’s deceptively cushy carpets.”You just have to have some common sense when you’re shopping for heels,” says Christofilakos, who designed the RobertoVasi men’s footwear brand.Give the heels a hiatus: Sarah Jessica Parker told The Edit magazine last year that she wanted to hang up her heels for good after years of 18 hour workdays in them.Madonna, on crutches while heading to her gym, took a big fall from her pumps. (Turgeon Steffman / Splash News/Turgeon Steffman / Splash News)But you don’t have to go to that extreme.”You should only wear it when you have to,” said Louis Peterson,
mens ugg slipper The secret to wearing heels
a Manhattan podiatrist who said one in six of his patients are women with high heels hurt.

ugg schuh The Secret to Excel

ugg boots london The Secret to Excel

But what does that mean? Is this a gimmick? No, it TMs honest to goodness advice from a computer training consultant. Be patient, read this page, and you will be a much stronger Excel user in the next 3 minutes. If I have only 5 minutes to give anyone an Excel tutorial, I would teach them the “Secret”.

I was amazed when I learned what I call the “Secret” to Excel. I was amazed that Microsoft hadn placed the feature as an icon on one of their toolbars. I was amazed that all of the “real” books I owned regarding Excel failed to mention the “Secret”. Finally, in an Excel reference book, I found the “Secret” to Excel somewhere on page 350. The “Secret” had been buried so deeply in the book no one would ever read, see, or use the “Secret”.

When you inherit someone “old” spreadsheet you need to analyze the formulas of the spreadsheet to see what they are doing. Even if the spreadsheet is one you created, you may have created the spreadsheet so long ago that you have forgotten what formulas you used.

Over the years Excel has improved its quality control features for analyzing formulas. But even today, 95% or more of all users research their spreadsheet formulas the old fashioned way. They click on a cell to see if it a formula. Then they study the formula. Then they might click on another cell to see if it a formula. And do the same thing over and over again.

Checking formulas with the mouse click method is slow, tedious, and not thorough. It a bad process. But that the way over 95% of all Excel users research their spreadsheets. But there a much better way. It is the “Secret” to using Excel.

Life with Excel spreadsheets when using the Secret

After using the “Secret” the spreadsheet makes sense again. I can remember all of my formulas. Since I can TMt use pictures in this article, read this next passage carefully:

Learning the “Secret” to Excel helps you display all your formulas not as numbers but as logical text. You can see the logic of every single formula on your spreadsheet.

The “Secret”

The “Secret” to using Excel is a keystroke command named CTRL grav. This is pronounced “control gra vay”. (Gra rhymes with the word pa, and vay rhymes with the word bay).

Because I can use pictures in this article, I need to write some steps for you. Don skim over these steps, do them. You be glad you did. (It really quite simple, it a CTRL grav.)

First, open up an Excel spreadsheet file that has formulas in it.

Second, using your Windows (non Apple) keyboard, look to the lower left hand corner of the keyboard.

Third, hold down the CTRL key with any finger.

Fourth, locate the number 1 key towards the upper left hand corner of the keyboard.

Fifth, find the key one key left of the number 1. It has the symbols and . The first symbol, the is called a grav.

Sixth, still holding down the CTRL key, tap the grav key.

Seventh, see that all your formulas now have logical text. So instead of saying 150, a cell might display =a1+a2

CTRL grav is a toggle. Do it once to see your formulas in the spreadsheet. Do it again to display the numbers again.

Do you remember how when you were little you learned how to read at age 4, 5, or 6? Wasn TMt it fun beginning to understand what all those neat symbols meant on the white paper? It was like discovering some secret code the grownups used.

That TMs what the Secret to Excel is like. Every time someone gives you a spreadsheet, just use the Secret on the spreadsheet to understand its logic. You TMll enjoy this technique so much you TMll start showing it to your friends.
ugg schuh The Secret to Excel

tall ugg boots The secret slaves of Scotland are revealed

ugg boots sale kids The secret slaves of Scotland are revealed

The secret slaves of Scotland: How children were ripped from their families, taken hundreds of miles from home and kept in chains and forced to work in fieldsTWO brothers reveal their heartache after they were taken from their family home in Greenock and delivered to a farm where they slept in a filthy chicken coop and were forced to steal dog food to survive.08:16, 30 MAR 2014Updated12:26, 30 MAR 2014George, left, and brother Bernard at Wemyss Bay in Ayrshire last week (Image: Garry F McHarg)

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Torn away from their siblings, taken to a remote farm in the dead of night and forced to live a life of slavery from the age of four.

It sounds like a horror story from hundreds of years ago. But it happened in post war Scotland and the traumatised survivors say they are still trying to piece their lives back together.

The brothers then aged four,
tall ugg boots The secret slaves of Scotland are revealed
six and nine say that for the next four years, they slept in a filthy chicken coop and were forced to steal dog food to survive.

Now the family are set to challenge the system to ensure Scotland’s so called lost children are reunited with their siblings.

George, 64, said he was four years old when he was regularly chained up for hours in a freezing cold barn. He had no shoes on his feet and only a bowl of water to sustain him.

He said: “People were shocked by the film, 12 Years A Slave. “But Scotland has its own shameful history of slavery too.

“Over 100,000 kids were shipped from children’s homes to Australia, New Zealand and Canada until the late 1960s to work on farms and factories.

“We slept in a filthy chicken coop with empty potato sacks for blankets.

“There was no childhood for us. No Christmases. No birthdays.

“We were beaten if we dared stop working.

“If we stepped out of line, we were thrown into a coal cellar without food or light.

“I was beaten so hard about the head, both eardrums burst,
tall ugg boots The secret slaves of Scotland are revealed
sentencing me to a lifetime of poor hearing.”

ugg official The secret Aldi tricks and tips you need to know for your next shop

ugg labels for sale The secret Aldi tricks and tips you need to know for your next shop

The secret Aldi tricks and tips you need to know for your next shopIt’s officially Britain’s cheapest supermarket and it has its quirks so here is some help the next time you pop in08:24, 7 OCT 2017Updated16:48, 7 OCT 2017A study by The Grocer magazine found a basket of essential items from Aldi was more than 15 per cent cheaper than Asda (Image: Newcastle Chronicle) Get money updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailAldi has been named the cheapest supermarket in the UK, with more and more people turning to the German retailer to do their weekly shop.A study by The Grocer magazine found a basket of essential items was more than 15 per cent cheaper than Asda its nearest price rival.The supermarket was also named the Meat Fish Retailer of the Year for the first time at the SuperMeat Fish Awards 2017.It also scooped eight trophies for its upcoming Christmas range, with Aldi’s Specially Selected Exquisite Rumburgh Farm Whole Turkey winning an accolade over more expensive rivals.It all sounds like a good reason to investigate what exactly Aldi has to offer and what you need to know when shopping there.Here are a few tips and tricks to make the most out of your next visit to one of the many Aldi stores, the Leicester Mercury reports.Six delicious recipes to feed your family for just a night and they’re perfect for autumn3. Look out for the chocolates they’re familiar brands, with unfamiliar names Move over Snickers, welcome to Racer. And instead of Mars, you’ll discover Titan.The bars are made by Dairyfine and they look pretty much the same and taste pretty much the same as the original versions.4. There’s some unusual offers just inside the entrance The first time we went, there was a big stack of vintage style record players just inside the entrance door,
ugg official The secret Aldi tricks and tips you need to know for your next shop
then we visited again and saw boxes of garden tools.And there’s always a pile of the Aldi Amazing Specialbuys magazines so you can grab one and browse at home you’ll find items such as a waffle maker ( Canon printer ( bluetooth headphones ( and men’s and women’s hoodies (Read MoreThe pesto you put on your children’s pasta may have more salt than a McDonald’s hamburger5. Watch out for the pricing displays In some parts of an Aldi store, the prices for items are NOT displayed directly underneath, on the same shelf. Instead they are on the shelf above and for top shelf items the prices are on a bar high over your head.Look at the picture here where the bread appears to be 35p but that’s actually the pricing for the Everyday Essentials bread on the shelf below. The bread next to that yellow price tag is actually 79p. If items get shoved around on the shelves, it adds to the problem even more.We got caught out by this when quickly picking up some broccoli that was next to a price display stating 39p but found out at the till it was the organic broccoli costing And you get little time for making any changes at the till, as you will find out below.9. Gluten free? No worries, Aldi’s got you covered Free from foods are now on offer too, following a growing demand from consumers.Brits wanting to avoid dairy or gluten have forked out an extra million on free from food and drink in the past year a rise of more than 40 per cent according to The Grocer. And you can find these products on the shelves at Aldi. There’s gluten free pasta, bread, muffins, cookies, crackers, soup,
ugg official The secret Aldi tricks and tips you need to know for your next shop
porridge and more.

discounted ugg boots The Seattle Times

ugg boot mini The Seattle Times

A message from you about Seattle Times forums has found its way to me. I want to let you know I hear and share your concerns about spam. Ever since Joan retired, we have very little staff time to devote to cleaning up the forums. That said, it is not our policy to ignore them. I’ll take a look at the situation and see what I can do.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Gina, newsroom engagement editor

Karunya Plus KN 194 Lottery Result of Kerala state lotteries weekly draw held on 4 1 2018 (4th January,
discounted ugg boots The Seattle Times
Wednesday) will be declared at 4 pm. The Kerala Lottery live Result 4.1.2018 Karunya Plus Lottery 194 results with all details with Lottery winner numbers, Karunya Plus lottery first prize winner, second prize, third prize fourth prize fifth prize are listed on this website . Those who taken the Kerala Govt Lottery, 4th January 2018 Karunya Plus KN 194 Lottery can check their Official Karunya Plus lottery result today.
discounted ugg boots The Seattle Times the season for holiday sales

ugg cleaner kit the season for holiday sales

We deep into holiday sale season and the next few weeks are going to be crammed with delicious deals, fantastic finds and all sorts of sensational seasonal shopping spots. Let start with one of my most favourite sales Lisa Cosmetics!

LISA’S COSMETICS CHRISTMAS WAREHOUSE SALE 2017: You MUST put this sale high up on your holiday shopping list! It just full of the most awesome toiletries, cosmetics, health and beauty products, gift items and so much more. Top name brand fragrances lots of gift sets to choose from, not to mention chocolate and scarves and socks, with savings up to 80% off the retail. Name brands include Marcelle, Annabelle, Lise Watier, Lancome, Joico and fragrances from Lacoste, Marc Jacobs, Lauren, Burberry, Versace, Vera Wang and more. Crowds are substantial and the place is massive, so pack comfortable shoes or plan several visits it worth it. You save a bundle on all your favourite goods. Note, strollers and children under 10 aren allowed, please check sale dates carefully. Sale starts this Saturday. LISA’S COSMETICS CHRISTMAS WAREHOUSE SALE, Nov. 18 20, Nov. 24 27, Dec. 1 4 and Dec.

GANZ WAREHOUSE SALE: Is officially open for the season! And stock this year is better than ever. Apart from the traditional Christmas ornaments and items, there plenty of home decor goods, too, including lamps, mirrors, ceramics and seasonal. Love the jewelry, the plush and the baby gifts of course. There are so many choices you know you be back for seconds! Lovely staff always ready to help. Cash only, but ATM on site. Sale on until Dec. 9. GANZ WAREHOUSE SALE: 610 Hanlan Rd.

WOLVERINE SHOE WAREHOUSE SALE: Offers two days of the most amazing footwear for the whole family at prices up to 70% off the retail. Thousands of pairs to choose from with name brands that include Hush puppies, Keds, Merrell, Saucony, Wolverine and more. WOLVERINE SHOE WAREHOUSE SALE, Nov. 17 19, 6225 Millcreek Dr.

LESPORTSAC WEEKEND SALE: Is back! Whether you shopping for gift ideas or just for yourself, head on out to enjoy savings from 25% to 60% off all Lesportsace bags including Classic, Essential, Travel, Snoppy, Mickey and more totes, weekenders, backpacks, cosmetic bags, wallets, it all here! Sale on for three days starting tomorrow. LESPORTSAC WEEKEND SALE (Just Bags Luggage Centre), the season for holiday sales
Nov. 17 19, 500 Lawrence Ave.

NAUTICA AND BUGATTI WAREHOUSE SALE: This is one of the most anticipated sales of the season major savings on designer name brand menswear. Look for huge savings (from 60% to 80% off) name brands like Nautica Sportswear, Bugatti, Pure, Bruun Stengade, Sondergaard collections featuring deals on shirts, sweaters, and more outerwear, pants, T shirts, shorts and more. Accessories including caps, belts and ties, and sizes include and tall up to 4XT and 6X. Large collection of casual and dress shoes from Bugatti footwear, and even some samples in women sizes. Arrive early for the best selection. 16 to 19 and Nov. 23 25, 81 St. Regis Cres., S.

MAKE A BEELINE FOR THE BODY SHOP: Lovers of this iconic brand (which has recently been bought by the Brazilian cosmetics company, Natura) will be happy to hear that The Body Shop is remodelling its Square One location as a new flagship it be a new design, and the first and only in North America. A vibrant, nature inspired space, the new design offers all sorts of amazing experiences, plus there are many holiday initiatives including the fact that every gift you purchase from The Body Shop seasonal gift collections will help refugee children through its Play 4 Peace event. The company has teamed up with International Alert to help refugee children to be children again supporting the Peace Play Project in Lebanon for a year. PlayForPeace.

AMAZING ADVENTURES AT INTERNATIONAL CENTRE: It the place to be this weekend with sales on everything from shoes to clothing to snowboard gear, Christmas treasures and even something for your pets. And there free parking, too!TORONTO CHRISTMAS PET SHOW: Who knew? A holiday show for pets and their families! This special Christmas pet show put on by The Canadian Pet Expo will be featuring 170 plus vendors sharing everything from seasonal special, exclusive products and more, including WoofJocks holiday show and K9 Central’s agility squad. Cindy Cherry of Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation will be on hand to talk about supporting those on the frontline of the rescues and you’ll also meet everyone from pet breeders to rescue organizations and talk to the experts about everything from the best holiday gifts for your family pet to how to adopt an exotic pet. All under one roof!TORONTO CHRISTMAS PET SHOW, Nov.

SEASONS CHRISTMAS SHOW: Is on starting tomorrow for three days of pure Christmas cheer with more than 300 exhibitors full of great decor, gifts and food. And Santa will be on hand for a limited time each day to chat and take photos (check the website for times.) TV personality and professional chef Jo Lusted will be on hand to help guests with do over ideas for transforming traditional, calorie laden holiday foods into contemporary dishes that are both healthy and delicious! All this and the Salvation Army Toy Mountain! SEASONS CHRISTMAS SHOW, Nov. Check website for prices. ESPRIT TOM’S WAREHOUSE SALE, Nov. 16 19, International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd.

CORBETTS WAREHOUSE SALE: Line up early for a chance to save up to 80% off a large variety of outerwear, ski and snowboard gear for the whole family. 16 19, International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd. epaper, Digital Access, Subscriber Rewards), please input your Print Newspaper subscription phone number and postal code.

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I also accept and agree to be bound by Postmedia’s Terms and Conditions with respect to my use of the Site and I have read and understand Postmedia’s Privacy Statement. epaper, Digital Access, Subscriber Rewards), please input your Print Newspaper subscription phone number and postal code.

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I also accept and agree to be bound by Postmedia’s Terms and Conditions with respect to my use of the Site and I have read and understand Postmedia’s Privacy Statement. I consent to the collection, use, maintenance, and disclosure of my information in accordance with the Postmedia’s Privacy Policy. the season for holiday sales

ugg boots with zip The search is on for the Norwich shoemakers

ugg boots retailers The search is on for the Norwich shoemakers

The extraordinary story of the rise and fall of the Norwich shoe industry once a way of life for thousands of men and women is being told in a new book.

This is the latest project by a group of people with a passionate love of Norwich, who have already produced wonderful books about the city yards, the market and now the pubs and breweries.

The new book by the Norwich Heritage Projects, Norwich Pubs and Breweries Past and Present, is still a local bestseller, and is packed with tales from both sides of the bar.

Now the double act behind the books, Frances and Michael Holmes, are out of the pubs and into the shoe factories. and are appealing for your help. “We need to reach out to the people and ask for their support, theirmemories, their photographs and anything they have which can help us tell the story of the Norwich boot and shoe industry,” said Frances.

Norwich Heritage Projects is a voluntary organisation which is self funding a small group of dedicated volunteers whose aim is to bring life to Norwich’s rich heritage and it is doing just that.

Each year it takes on a new project which culminates in a new book and a website and this year it is turning its attention to the world of boots and shoes.

It wasn’t that long ago that Norwich was still was one of the leading centres of shoe making in the land.

There were factories, large and small, dotted around the city turning out millions of pairs of shoes every year.

Generations of the same family followed each other into the shoe trade and in the early days many people worked from home preparing parts of the shoes before they were made up in the factories and sent all over the world.

“Made in Norwich” was a symbol of quality footwear and our city was home to some of the most highly respected manufacturers in the land.

One of the first shoemakers in the city was James Smith later to be James Southall and Co with premises on the Market Place now covered by City Hall.

He started up in business in 1792 and was a cordwainer (leather worker) and the first shoemaker in the country to offer ready made, off the peg footwear that people could afford.

Slowly but surely the business expanded and factories emerged that would transform the city into a major shoemaker.

That first business started by James became Start rite, represented by those world famous twins, and their shoes were worn by young members of the Royal Family.

The Norwich head office is the heart of the business while the shoes are made overseas.

It is regarded as the oldest children’s shoe company in England and a household name across the world.

New chairman and managing director Peter Lamble represents the eighth generation of the company’s founding family.

But for most of the shoe firms, the pack of cards came tumbling down during the 1970s when most of the factories, unable to compete with cheap imports, closed their doors, throwing thousands of people out of a trade in which they had spent their lifetime.

The last major shoemaker producing footwear in the city, Van Dal, part of the Florida Group, celebrated its 75th birthday last year with a reunion inspired by the Evening News.

The Florida Group began making shoes in Norwich 75 years ago but the company’s history stretches back to 1870.

Over 140 years ago the grandfather of its current chairman, Simon Goodman, started making shoes working as a clicker in London.

Adelman Goodman was a refugee from Belarus with an ambition to make something of himself and he moved with his family to Norwich in the 1930s.

The story of the Norwich shoe trade is one waiting to be told. It is a mayor part of the history of this city once one of the most important centres of shoemaking in the land.

Can you help with the stories?

If you can help with any memories, photographs or other memorablia linked to the Norwich shoe trade, then Frances and Michael Holmes would love to hear from you.
ugg boots with zip The search is on for the Norwich shoemakers

ugg australia promo code The scoop on breakfast

schuh kids uggs The scoop on breakfast

The holiday appears to have universal appeal.

“The opportunity to have ice cream for breakfast we couldn’t pass it up,” said Lizzy Hannan, of Lancaster, as she waited in a line that snaked through the shop.

Customers many in pajamas, a few with noticeable cases of bed head filled Carmen David’s as temperatures outside hovered just above those in the ice cream case.

The creamery’s husband and wife owners, David Hommel and Carmen Garcia Hommel, busily scooped from a case filled with 30 homemade flavors of ice cream, sherbet and sorbet.

The staff also served up specials, including doughnuts crowned with coffee ice cream and caramel sauce, and warm waffles topped with maple walnut ice cream, maple syrup and bacon.

The specials came with coffee or orange juice, appropriate accompaniments for the early hour.

Ice cream lovers of all ages were invited to stay in their sleepwear for the event, which included a pajama contest.

Judge Eric Rittenhouse explained his criteria: “Creativity, and a certain degree of difficulty, I think. Certainly somebody willing to wear their pajamas in public.”

Hannan and her friend Molly Miller, also of Lancaster, looked like early contenders. The teens turned out in footed pajamas, with their dark hair in pigtails.

Hannan, 18, wore a pink Mickey and Minnie Mouse “onesie,” while Miller, 19, sported purple Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PJs and Ugg boots.

Both girls asked for and received their footed fashion statements for Christmas. “We grew up with them,” Lizzy said before posing for Facebook photos.

Four year old Caleb Weire and his brother Caden, 2, of Lancaster, usually eat cereal or the occasional waffle for breakfast.

Caleb, wearing a Star Wars bathrobe over his jammies, contentedly licked cookies ‘n cream in a pretzel cone. Caden dug into a doughnut topped with twin scoops of chocolate chip and coffee ice cream.

Mom Kristin Weire looked longingly at the coffee scoop. “Hopefully Mommy will get some of it.”

Pat Coller, of Lancaster, normally eats a healthy breakfast, like a handful of almonds and some cereal.

She picked the “healthiest” special: a waffle bowl filled with Grape Nuts ice cream, bananas, strawberries and blueberries. (The health benefits of the whipped cream are debatable.)

“I plan not to eat too much for the rest of the day,” said Coller, adding that she exercised before breakfast.

Tom and Kathy Richardson, of East Petersburg, looked to cancel out their own early morning indulgence with exercise.

“I went to the gym,” Kathy said. “I’m guilt free.”

“I’ll be going later,” Tom added quickly.

The Richardsons usually eat pancakes for breakfast on weekends. Their sons Quinn, 9, and Andrew, 6, talked about the novelty of early morning ice cream all week.

“I might have to get coffee ice cream,” Tom said. “I need to wake up a bit.”

But he waffled when Kathy mentioned doughnuts. “There’s doughnuts?”

Tom finally settled on the sundae topped with bacon. Kathy, who went with a efruit topped treat, confessed to a case of ice cream envy after sampling her husband’s sundae.

The event supported a good cause besides satisfying ice cream fans’ cravings: Carmen David’s donated 10 percent of the proceeds to Milagro House, which provides housing and education for homeless mothers and their children.

Cathy Roman, a Milagro House board member who lives in Manheim Township, planned to take a pint of ice cream to go. “I just can’t eat ice cream for breakfast,” she said.

Roman’s husband Mike and daughter Libby had no such problems. (The family joked that they’d also like to donate a portion of the calories to Milagro House.)

Maria Jones, of Millersville, carried her 7 month old son Robert in a sling. She planned to give the baby, dressed in pajamas, a bib and winter hat, his first taste of ice cream.
ugg australia promo code The scoop on breakfast

ugg mens gloves The scarring of the next generation

classic ugg boots The scarring of the next generation

They shake. They vomit. Their inconsolable, high pitched screams pierce the air. The symptoms can last for hours, days or months.

Graceful and soft spoken, Murray is a seasoned nurse tirelessly defending the innocent. But even she gets worn down. On difficult days, she seeks a moment of refuge behind her desk and wonders: How did we get here?

These babies her babies are the youngest, most vulnerable victims of a raging epidemic.

They are heroin babies, born addicted.

Her third floor unit, a calm and quiet space with dim lighting, is meant to accommodate 12 babies, but it’s been two years since the numbers were that low. One in 10 born at the hospital endures withdrawal from some type of drug heroin, opiates, cocaine, alcohol or a combination of many.

That’s about 15 times the national average.

The figures reflect a startling reality about this Appalachian town of 49,000 on the banks of the Ohio River: One in four residents here is hooked on heroin or some other opioid, local health officials say. That’s a staggering 12,000 people dealing with opioid addiction, in a state with the highest rate of drug overdose deaths in the nation.

Patrolman Jacob Felix collects dirty needles at Marcum Terrace. Two officers, three firefighters and two EMS workers respond to every overdose.
ugg mens gloves The scarring of the next generation