uggs offers Proposed shoulder season newest attempt to thin Montana elk population

uggs for sale uk Proposed shoulder season newest attempt to thin Montana elk population

BILLINGS With pressure mounting from landowners and lawmakers to increase the elk harvest, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials have spent months devising a new method that they hope may increase hunter success and remove more elk from the landscape.

Called an elk shoulder season, the plan is to allow rifle hunting in certain districts or portions of districts before or after the regular seasons to give hunters more opportunity. Montana already has a five week rifle season that is preceded by a six week archery season one of the longest deer and elk seasons in the nation. In addition, the department can hold damage and management hunts outside the regular hunting seasons in specific areas or on private land by dispatching hunters who have placed their name on a call list.

“We’re looking at what tools we can implement to get elk numbers down in districts where we’re over objective,” said Ken McDonald, wildlife bureau chief for FWP.

Some numbers

As of 2014, the last date for which numbers were available, more than 70 hunting districts or portions of hunting districts were over objective, or about 40 percent. Those places where populations are over objective can range from as little as 40 elk in HD 570 between Reed Point and Harlowton to 3,200 in HD 322, between Dillon and Twin Bridges.

“So a lot of times we may be over objective but within the population range,” said Quentin Kujala, wildlife management section chief for FWP.

McDonald will present the shoulder season idea to Fish and Wildlife Commission members at their meeting on Thursday in Helena. The length of the shoulder season could be short, only a couple of days, and could come before the regular season or after as long as it falls between Aug. 15 and Feb. 15. The shoulder season could also target either cow or bull elk. One of the main objectives is to reduce elk numbers quickly where they are over objective.

“In order for it to work, though, there has to be buy in and participation on the landowner side of things,” McDonald said. “It will take cooperation and collaboration from landowners.”

In fact, one of the stated objectives of the shoulder season is to “Enhance landowner flexibility to manage elk hunting on their property.”

Some landowners, hunters and lawmakers successfully lobbied for the passage of a bill in the last legislative session that would re establish late cow elk hunts that had been dropped when FWP adopted a new elk management plan. Although the bill passed the Legislature and wasn’t opposed by FWP, it was vetoed by Gov. Steve Bullock in May. In explaining the veto, Bullock wrote that reinstating late cow elk hunts would “inadvertently constrain new harvest management options, and interfere with an ongoing, comprehensive review and implementation of new tools for addressing elk population concerns.” Bullock seemed to be speaking specifically about the shoulder season proposal.

McDonald said the success of the shoulder seasons will be closely monitored by FWP to ensure they are successful, as well as when they can be the most successful. The reason for the close monitoring is that the department wants to ensure that the new seasons increase the elk harvest in other words that the extra time on the ground for hunters means more elk are harvested annually.

The problem

The main problem FWP and hunters continue to face is that many elk congregate on private land during hunting seasons and now sometimes year round avoiding harvest by the majority of hunters. Such concentration of animals tears up landowners’ fences, causes crop damage and increases the likelihood for the possible transfer of wildlife diseases. Large concentrations of elk has also resulted in some hunters unethically shooting into herds and killing more than one animal.

With some herds protected from hunting the main means the state has to regulate wildlife numbers the state’s elk population continues to grow and expand. In 2014 it was estimated at 158,000 elk compared to 138,000 in 2004.

Getting elk to cooperate in the reduction of their population is no easy task. These are wary, smart animals, evidenced by the elk hunter success rate. In 2014 the cumulative success rate for elk hunters was 15 percent a harvest of about 25,700 more than half of which were bulls. Wildlife managers would rather see more cow elk harvested in order to reduce the elk growth rate.

Low hunter success

Interestingly, the resident elk hunter success rate of just over 13 percent is about half of nonresident elk hunters’, even though they outnumber nonresident hunters about four to one. Nonresidents also harvest more bull elk than cow elk. Some of the nonresident’s success level can probably be attributed to the fact that many of them hired guides, had access to private lands leased by outfitters or simply dedicated more time in the field to hunting.

Also, even these seemingly low hunter success rates are skewed. Looking at individual hunting districts, many show success rates of less than 1 percent. A few highly successful hunting districts, like HD 632 in northeastern Montana along the Missouri River where nonresidents scored a 26 percent success rate to residents’ 11 percent, bump the average higher.

“That’s a reality in elk hunting we don’t have a real high success rate,” Kujala said.

And he noted that some areas like the Missouri Breaks may see a higher success rate simply because they are more popular with hunters.

So FWP is hoping to increase the success rate of hunters by providing a chance to spend extra days in the field or by moving elk out of safe havens onto lands where there is public hunting.
uggs offers Proposed shoulder season newest attempt to thin Montana elk population

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official ugg site uk Proposed James City changes would allow short

Your neighbor’s guest room could be the next hot vacation accommodation for visitors to the Historic Triangle. That’s if James City supervisors adopt proposed zoning amendments to allow internet based short term rentals in the county.

How to handle short term rentals in local homes facilitated by internet based companies such as Airbnb has dogged county officials for months. Supervisors have called for a policy for the operations in May and November amid several public inquiries regarding the issue, according to county documents.

It’s been a conversation in Richmond, too. The bill, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Thomas “Tommy” Norment (R James City) was signed into law and went into effect in July.

Change in progressJames City supervisors unanimously voted against proposed zoning amendments to allow short term rentals at their meeting Tuesday.

Supervisors balked because the proposed amendments would allow short term rentals to be permitted in residential districts. They preferred such operations require a special use permit, which they said would provide greater control and community input.

“Hearing these things on a case by case basis would make sense. It gives the public an opportunity, neighborhoods an opportunity, to voice their support or concerns,” Supervisor Sue Sadler said.

A public hearing must be held before the board can approve a special use permit.

Supervisors and staff are expected to revisit the proposed amendments at the board’s May 22 joint work session with the county planning commission. Operations that consist of more than one room or that would rent rooms more than 180 days a year are a special use. Operators would be required to register with the commissioner of revenue.

Under the form of proposed amendments presented to the board Tuesday, anyone who wants to operate a permitted short term rental would have to submit an application to the county.

A permitted short term rental application would be reviewed for rooms proposed to be rented, amount of parking, impact of traffic noise and lighting to surrounding residences.

If all short term rentals are changed to require a special use permit, the application process would likely be eliminated, Holt said.

The proposed 180 day maximum of some short term rentals attracted criticism from county resident James Bradley, who opposes short term rentals.

Bradley questioned how the county would enforce the restriction and said even that figure is long enough to create conditions that would negatively impact a neighborhood. By his count, an Airbnb operated in his neighborhood for fewer than 180 days a year and still created a dangerous increase in traffic.

“The operation significantly changed the atmosphere of our quiet neighborhood,” said Bradley, who is a resident of Lakewood.

Permitted short term rentals would have to provide a minimum of two off street parking spaces. Commercial events, such as banquets, weddings and charitable fundraising would be prohibited.

In August, supervisors approved zoning amendments to allow rural landowners to use their properties for for profit ventures, allowing events such as weddings or corporate parties with a maximum of 300 guests as a permitted use.

In the TriangleIn Williamsburg, city staff recommended that if the city allows short term rentals through services such as Airbnb, it should consider doing so only in the western portion of the city, which includes portions of Henry and Scotland streets, because the area has a sizable number of renters.

City officials would like to gather more information and see additional state legislation on the subject.

“We need to go out and find some facts about what effects this has had on other localities,” Vice Mayor Scott Foster said at a City Council meeting in September.

City staff’s draft zoning amendments presented to City Council in September would allow short term rentals in single family houses occupied by the owner. No rental property can also function as a short term rental, and no more than two bedrooms would be available for rent.

City officials say the operations don’t pay their share of taxes compared to traditional tourist accommodations.

In York, short term rentals are permitted in limited business and general business districts but require a special use permit in residential districts, York principal planner Tim Cross said.
baby uggs boots Proposed James City changes would allow short

ugg boots chestnut Proposed Changes to Korean Asset Management Regulations

ugg boat shoes Proposed Changes to Korean Asset Management Regulations

Financial Services Commission (FSC) recently announced proposed changes to regulations regarding asset management businesses and called for industry feedback. A number of the proposed changes include items that will be of interest to foreign asset managers. The updated regulations are expected to be finalised and take effect around November this year.

Although the following would not necessarily reflect the forthcoming amended regulations, the items discussed will provide insights to the direction in which Korean fund regulations are heading. This discussion should provide valuable lead time to strategise your future business opportunities in Korea.

Under current laws and regulations, if a foreign asset manager wishes to sell offshore funds to Korean HNWIs, the offshore funds must be registered in Korea pursuant to egular registrationrequirements. These requirements involve complicated eligibility tests, extensive disclosure obligations and maintenance burdens.

However, according to the proposed changes, foreign funds will be allowed to be sold to broader group of professional investors provided that the relevant foreign fund is registered pursuant to the implified registrationrequirements. Notably, HNWIs and listed companies will be considered as eligible professional investors as defined under the expanded simplified registration regime.

More detailed information regarding this expansion of scope and the specific criteria of the high net worth test are available upon request.

Introduction of public fund of hedge funds investing diversified private funds

Under current laws and regulations, public funds domiciled in Korea are not allowed to invest in private funds.

However, according to the proposed changes, Korean public funds will be allowed to invest in private funds (in the case of foreign funds, such foreign funds need to be registered in Korea), provided that the target funds are diversified. This will increase business opportunities for foreign asset managers vis vis Korean public fund managers for the fund of funds (FoFs) business. According to the proposed changes, the general single manager concentration limit will not apply (up to 100%), but the concentration limit of 20% in a single product will continue to apply.

More detailed information regarding the structure and regulation of the new FoFs business model is available upon request.

Flexibility for asset allocation FoFs.

Under current laws and regulations, FoFs investing in diversified (public) funds are subject to 50% single manager concentration limit.

However, according to the proposed changes, if a FoFs employs an investment strategy whereby the asset manager, (i) selects a number of target funds (such target funds may be foreign funds and would be exempt from registration under this structure) with different asset classes or investment strategies, and (ii) periodically rebalances the allocation of such target funds, such FoFs will be exempt from the single manager concentration limit. However, the concentration limit of 20% in a single product will continue to apply.

More detailed information regarding the structure and regulation of the new FoFs business model is available upon request.

Other proposed changes include a number of other aspects of asset management business. Hur is a partner and head of the finance department at Yulchon LLC. His practice and extensive experience spans a broad range of bank products including loans, capital markets, structured finance, derivatives and structured products. He has particular expertise in advising, structuring and executing cutting edge and innovative financial transactions and products with novel features. Since the global credit crisis in 2008, he has frequently been involved in resolving disputes related to complex financial products and providing strategic solutions to institutional clients by combining industry knowledge with experience as both a lawyer and a banker.

Kyu Rim Lee is a partner at Yulchon LLC practicing in capital markets, financial regulation, collective investments, private equity, and M Prior to joining Yulchon, Mr. Lee built an extensive career practising in M corporate restructurings, capital markets and financial regulation first at Kim Chang and then as vice president at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, where he supervised and managed complex legal and regulatory matters arising in relation to operation and business activities. With such extensive experience, he is well qualified to manage and resolve legal issues in a balanced manner to better accomplish client business goals.

Wonhee William Rhee is an English qualified foreign attorney and practices in finance including OTC derivatives, structured finance, funds and banking. He previously worked at Kim Chang where he focused on OTC derivatives, structured finance including asset backed securitization and covered bonds and funds and banking related matters. Previously, he worked at Ashurst LLP London concentrating on a full range of OTC derivatives matters including master agreement documentation and collateral arrangements involving interest rates, FX, credit, equity, commodities underlying assets and in the context of structured finance, project finance, real estate finance, funds M restructuring and disputes matters.

Yulchon LLC is one of the leading full service international law firms in East Asia. ulchonliterally means a aw village and denotes our approach of multidisciplinary group of experts working together in a congenial environment. Itseeks to provide creative, pragmatic solutionsto the practical and commercial challenges our clients face. Yulchon has grown into one of the largest law firms in Korea with more than 360 lawyers and professionals. It has been selected as the Most Innovative Korean Law Firm by the Financial Times in 2015/16 and 2016 Asian Law Firm of the Year by The American Lawyer.
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ugg classic short navy Property Assessment Information

Maps of the CityUse our online interactive maps to explore the City, look up properties, streets and zoning information, major buildings, parks, trails and more.

North Vancouver City LibraryA popular gathering place, the North Vancouver City Library is a state of the art facility offering a range of public amenities.

Planning PoliciesFind information about housing, community planning, community agencies, youth, seniors, and more.

Streets TransportationGet information about cycling and bike routes, parking, traffic calming, greenways, transportation plans and public transit.

Water, Sewerage DrainageLearn new ways to conserve water, read about liquid waste and sewer systems.

Property DevelopmentBuilding DevelopmentAccess information to help guide the planning, building and/or development of your project.

Business LicencesApply or renew a business licence and access a variety of related information to start or operate a business in the City.

Claims and Causes of LossFind information on seeking help and relief if you suffer damage to your property or an injury to your person.
ugg classic short navy Property Assessment Information

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Privacy Policy Terms of Service Ad Choices Public FileOAKLAND, Calif. Sheila E. knows only too well the challenges and joys of music education in Oakland public schools.The musician best known for her mid 1980s hit, “The Glamorous Life,” attended those schools studying violin at Franklin Elementary and Montera Middle schools in Oakland. That before she ultimately dropped out of Oakland High School to join Azteca, the large Latin jazz rock fusion band co led by her father and her uncle, the late Coke Escovedo.”I learned how to learn to play violin in the Oakland schools and it was very important to me,” Sheila E. told KTVU Tuesday while she was in the studio. “Most kids don have music and arts in the public schools and we giving back.”As for being a dropout herself, Sheila E. acknowledged it wasn cool and that Oakland has a huge dropout rate, which should be curbed, and that one way of doing that is finding a young person passion.”Music is key,” she said.princehologram halftimeshow justintimberlake Apparently Prince told Sheila E he did not want a hologram of himself because he considered that to be demonic.The two nonprofits are putting on a show at to benefit the music programs at McClymonds and Castlement high schools, both campuses that serve underprivileged populations. Along with bands from Oakland Tech and Edna Brewer Middle School, Sheila E. will also take the stage.Her co founder, Lynn Mabry, said in the last four years, Elevate Oakland has raised about $200,000 and helped about 3,000 students in Oakland, mostly by finding local artists in residence, and inviting their expertise into the classrooms.Outside of her school music campaign, Sheila E. also grabbed headlines this week. That because of her comments surrounding a controversial image of the late Prince projected on a white screen during Justin Timberlake halftime show at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, Prince hometown. Sheila E. and Prince were longtime friends and lovers, after having first met at a concert in 1978.Sheila E. had told first Entertainment Tonight that Prince thought holograms were “demonic” and she voiced her disapproval that Timberlake would project Prince image like that. “He did say to me, let anyone do a hologram of me, ” Sheila E. reiterated to KTVU on Tuesday.At first, she said Prince would have disapproved, causing a mini firestorm on social media. “I just made a statement that took everyone on a different journey,” she said.Then, in a Facebook Live video published Tuesday morning, she gave a long pitch for the public to come out to Yoshi but spent some time apologizing for being part of and anger and anxiety at should have been a time of joy and celebration of the life and the music of my dear friend Prince. She also realized that the image wasn exactly a hologram, but she declined to say much more about Timberlake performance. She did add that she was touched by how the city of Minneapolis lit up buildings and monuments in purple for her beloved friend. That tribute, she said, made her cry.
chestnut uggs promoting music in public schools

ugg australia australia promises answers about Jack

white ugg boots promises answers about Jack

After 31 episodes, many clues and one attention getting misdirection, This Is Us finally reveals how patriarch Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) died in Sunday post Super Bowl episode.

of the stuff people might be theorizing about regarding Jack’s death will get wrapped up in this episode, creator Dan Fogelman tells USA TODAY. “I think people are going to be satisfied and, in ways they don’t see coming, they’re going to be really surprised.”

The fact of Jack’s death, an unexpected reveal in the hit NBC drama’s first episode, has obsessed many fans who analyze hints and and seek clues about the cause and annoyed others, who complain the mystery has dragged on too long.

Bowl Sunday (10:15 ET/7:15 PT, time approximate, with the cast appearing later on The Tonight Show) shifts between the 1998 Super Bowl, the day of Jack death, and this year big game, as Randall (Sterling K. Brown) hosts a Super Bowl party. (Could there be a worse matchup for the Steelers loving Pearsons than Eagles Patriots?)

More: ‘This Is Us’ recap: More clues into Jack’s death, and a promise that all will be revealed

Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown), right, seems pretty focused on the Super Bowl but daughter Tess (Eris Baker) looks bored in Sunday episode of NBC Is Us. Ron Batzdorff, NBC

In the earlier timeline, a continuation of where we left off (in the Jan. 23 episode) with the fire starting to spread after a slow cooker shorts out and ignites a curtain, Fogelman says. the present day, we connecting with characters as they contemplating the 20th anniversary of that fire. fans also learn more about how Jack’s tragic passing affected family dynamics: Why Kate (Chrissy Metz) blames herself, and Kevin (Justin Hartley) has trouble processing his father death.

“Kate is self examining, Randall is, in his own way, celebrating his father and Kevin (considers) his history with his father,” Fogelman says.

He always planned to resolve Jack’s death sometime late this season, hoping to link the tragedy to a holiday “that we could build into family lore.”

But when he realized the audience boosting post Super Bowl slot was available, he called NBC executives and pitched the Pearsons as “a football family.” He probably would have received the slot anyway: The series, one of TV’s buzziest, is broadcast TV’s No. 3 drama,
ugg australia australia promises answers about Jack
averaging 15.5 million viewers, and the top scripted series among young adults.

Kate (Chrissy Metz), left, and her fiance, Toby (Chris Sullivan), lean on each other for support in Sunday post Super Bowl episode of Is Us. Ron Batzdorff, NBC

Many fans reacted strongly, and negatively, to Season 1’s penultimate episode, in which Kate first claimed responsibility for Jack’s death and a drunken Jack was seen driving erratically, leading many to expect that would lead to his demise.

“We thought that was a cool cliffhanger. We didn’t realize it was going to set the Internet ablaze,” Fogelman says. “We’ve become careful” parsing out details.

After the Season 2 premiere revealed Jack’s death was connected to a house fire, the show focused on other storylines, including Kate’s pregnancy and miscarriage, Kevin’s drug dependency and Randall’s adoption effort.

“While Jack’s looming death was always in the background, I thought it dissipated a little bit, in a good way,” Fogelman says. “It only built up again recently,” with the revelation that the kitchen smoke detector was missing batteries in the closing shot in the Jan. 16 episode.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) appears to be seeking some inner peace on the 20th anniversary of his father death on NBC Is Us. Ron Batzdorff, NBC

Besides “heartbreakingly sad” moments, the episode also is “in parts hold your breath thrilling,” especially the opening six minute scene, he promises. And have something looming with (Kate dog that we been setting up for quite a while. doesn’t worry that post game newcomers will be left in the dark.

“This isn’t Lost. It’s not so complicated. I think it’s pretty easy to dive in if you want to,” he says. “I think it’s very possible to watch this as the first episode you’ve ever seen, and then (go to) Episode 1.”

Will the heavy subject matter prove too much of a downer right after the game?

“Our show is made by optimists and romantics, and even in our hardest episodes, that comes through. Even our saddest stuff is not ugly. It’s done with love,” says Fogelman. “At the end, I think there is a degree of, ‘It’s going to be OK.’ “
ugg australia australia promises answers about Jack

ugg boots care kit Project Women’s Taking Place at Magic Marketplace Open

mens ugg style slippers Project Women’s Taking Place at Magic Marketplace Open

NEW YORK, Feb. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) The preeminent contemporary fashion destination, PROJECT and PROJECT Women’s will unveil Fall/Winter’18 collections opening on Monday, February 12th and running through Wednesday, February 14th at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas presented by UBM Fashion.The two shows refresh its format by reimagining the Mandalay Bay show floor and by debuting a partnership with Canada’s leading fashion city and introducing unique educational programing, live fashion presentations, celebrity guests, and an unparalleled assortment of apparel, accessories, gifts and more.To create a more powerful dual gender PROJECT marketplace this season strategic steps have been made to refigure the show floor layout. Notably, PROJECT Women’s has been moved to Bayside E and F, a more spacious hall with new entrances, that allows all women’s brands to sit together. To enhance the floor layout changes digital signage elements have been installed adding a new layer of brand promotion and energy; this will be increasingly present in future shows.Developing UBM Fashion’s international portfolio, over 60 Montral fashion industry companies and brands come to the Mandalay for the first time through partnership with mmode, the Montral Metropolitan Fashion Industry Cluster. The prominent showcase of Qubec based fashion labels will span 1,200 square feet of the show floor welcoming attendees to connect, discover, and interact with brands including: AJG Apparel, Alfred Cloutier, Alphi Apparel, Au Noir, FDJ French Dressing, Gorski Group, Lol, Mitchies’s Matchings, Pajar, Projek Raw, Raffinalla, U Group and Yoga Jeans.”This exciting initiative, debuting across multiple shows within the MAGIC marketplace this February, is the vastly expanded group of brands and buyers from Montral the no. mmode will also be creating special show floor activations and lounges that will highlight the creativity of Montral and add to the excitement of the show,” shares Mike Alic, Managing Director, UBM Fashion.Show goers will have the opportunity to listen to leading Canadian fashion figures speak on a panel held every day at 2:00pm located at the heart of the MontralStyle Gallery (Booth 27140).UBM Fashion hosts its largest range of shows during the PROJECT Las Vegas edition. Attendees can expect to find its most diverse assortment of men’s and women’s ready to wear, accessories, home, gift and more at the Mandalay Bay, featuring: PROJECT Women’s an unrivaled collection of the best emerging and established women brands for buyers. It is the ultimate destination for contemporary collections, denim and accessories. Highlights include Oasis, a prestigious showcase of emerging and noteworthy brands, and Conscious Collections, a presentation of sustainable and cause oriented brands, and Coeur, a curated selection of home, gift, apothecary, stationary and tech accessories in its second season. PROJECT the premier contemporary fashion event exhibiting men’s contemporary, premium denim, and designer collections will feature three neighborhoods including: The Foundry debuts in Las Vegas, dedicated to hand selected apparel, accessories and home goods for contemporary living; Coast Life, relaxed, effortless and adventurous inspired apparel and accessories; Tailored + Furnishings, classic and updated tailored sits, shirts and accessories for men. Noteworthy brands include: RHONE, Pendleton, Flag Anthem, and Ugg. By bringing together the most prominent brands, retailers and press, THE TENTS creates an unmatched vision of the high end contemporary marketplace. Brand highlights include: VINCE, Faherty, Sol Angeles, Belstaff, Grayers and Baldwin. THE COLLECTIVE showcases everything from classic collections to lifestyle driven and licensed apparel for men and young men. As a unified men fashion platform, THE COLLECTIVE gives buyers unparalleled access to the rapidly growing men’s and young men’s market. Neighborhoods include: Licensing; apparel and accessories featuring licenses from entertainment, pop culture and more; Traditional Men’s, classic menswear inspired by tradition; Young Men’s, trend driven lifestyle apparel, accessories and footwear for young men.Do not miss special celebrity appearance from Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang Clan who will host a Q on behalf of his brand Cherchez La Ghost on Monday, February 12th at 4pm during Happy Hour at THE COLLECTIVE POOLTRADESHOW has been the top breeding ground for emerging fashion brands seeking retail customers for 16 years. Touting independent, art inspired fashion and accessories for men and women where buyers scout fresh new items made specifically for the boutique market. This juried, carefully merchandised show features everything from unique men’s and women’s apparel and accessories, to lifestyle, apothecary, home goods and stationery and a CASH CARRY neighborhood. Its carefully merchandised floor showcases the right mix of contemporary, sportswear, lifestyle and international brands. New and noteworthy brands include: Sarah Pacini, Czarina, O’Marche, Stella, PJ Harlow, and Karen Kane.The Official PROJECT Party will be at MARQUEE NIGHTCLUB, with special performances by Ghostface Killah and Raekwon on Monday, February 12th starting at 10:30pm; sponsored by Mavi, Belvedere and Cherchez La Ghost.ABOUT PROJECT Held bi annually in New York and Las Vegas, PROJECT is the world’s preeminent contemporary fashion trade event, encompassing men’s, women’s, accessories and footwear brands. Within the Las Vegas edition, exists PROJECT Women’s, THE TENTS, The COLLECTIVE, POOLTRADESHOW and CURVE. Bringing expertise and relevance to the global fashion industry through a highly merchandised approach, PROJECT creates destinations where innovation, commerce and service converge.About UBM Fashion Uniting the most influential fashion retail decision makers and the world’s top fashion brands, UBM Fashion serves the $1 trillion+ worldwide fashion industry through its comprehensive marketplaces in New York (NY Men’s and Women’s) and Las Vegas (MAGIC). UBM Fashion serves the industry by bringing together great brands and retailers in superbly merchandised shows while providing superior customer service and ultimately presenting end consumers with the best apparel, footwear, accessories, and fashion products.
ugg boots care kit Project Women's Taking Place at Magic Marketplace Open

ugg boot styles Program evaluation finds efficiencies for walleye stocking

ugg slippers sale womens Program evaluation finds efficiencies for walleye stocking

A new review has found that greater efficiencies can be realized in a walleye stocking program that doubled the amount of young walleye called fingerlings released into Minnesota lakes starting in the late 1990s.

The review by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources centered on the 254 lakes in the Accelerated Walleye Program. As a result of the review, the DNR plans to continue stocking fingerlings in some of these lakes at the same rate, but on other lakes anglers will benefit from actually reducing fingerling stocking rates.

“With fish stocking, sometimes less is more,” said Don Pereira, DNR fisheries chief. “Our review found that 70 percent of the 254 lakes saw no improvement in walleye numbers some even had declines in walleye after we massively increased stocking in them. That tells us we need to be more efficient in how we stock fingerlings.”

Going forward, area fisheries managers will continue to play a significant role in setting stocking levels, with stocking tied to lake management plans that include considerations of a lake’s available habitat, prey availability and past success stocking fish. They have been working with lake associations and other interested anglers to review the results of this evaluation on individual lakes and consider changes to lake management plans based on the findings.

On 70 lakes, stocking at high densities should continue.

On 45 lakes, stocking will continue at high densities until evaluations can be completed.

On 10 lakes,
ugg boot styles Program evaluation finds efficiencies for walleye stocking
stocking density or stocking frequency should be increased.

On 85 of the 254 lakes, stocking density should be reduced.

On 36 lakes, stocking should be converted to fry.

On eight lakes, stocking should be discontinued.

“Walleye fishing is excellent in Minnesota because of the large lakes and habitat in other high quality lakes and rivers that support natural walleye reproduction,” Pereira said. “In fact, some 85 percent of the walleye caught in Minnesota are wild.”

Overall in Minnesota, anglers catch most walleye from waters where the fish reproduce naturally about 260 larger walleye lakes and in large rivers. Because of stocking, walleye can be found in an additional 1,300 Minnesota lakes spread throughout the state. And where fry stocking works well, walleye abundance is close to the abundance in the state’s top lakes with natural reproduction and considerably higher than lakes stocked with fingerlings.

Fingerlings are several months old; fry are newly hatched fish. Roughly one third of the fry hatched each year by the DNR are kept in rearing ponds throughout the summer and are stocked as fingerlings in the fall. The other two thirds of the fry are stocked directly into lakes within a few days of hatching. Fisheries biologists check on the survival of stocked fingerlings or fry with follow up assessments.
ugg boot styles Program evaluation finds efficiencies for walleye stocking

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Ann Arbor’s Dahlmann Properties finalized a deal Monday to purchase a high profile office building on the corner of Ann Arbor South Fifth Avenue and East Liberty Street.The company, owned by Dennis Dahlmann, purchased the seven story, 95,000 square foot building at 301 E. Liberty St. from Bloomfield Hills based Larson Realty Group for $10.6 million, property records show. Swisher Commercial’s Mike Giraud represented the seller in the deal.E. Liberty is being returned to local ownership and management for the first time in 20 years, Dahlmann said in a written a trophy building in an excellent downtown location, he added.Constructed in 1986, the building sits along the key corridor between Main Street and the Univeristy of Michigan campus.Dahlmann said the building is fully occupied and in “excellent condition.” He said he likely will make minor improvements to the lobby and stairwell areas.City records show two previous building sales: JFK Investment Company purchased it for $5.25 million in 1993, and Larson Realty Group purchased it for $9.6 million in 2001. The building was listed for sale again in 2008, but it was later taken off the market. The property has a 2013 assessed value of about $5.82 million.Dahlmann Properties owns Ann Arbor Bell Tower and Campus Inn hotels. The company also owns a number of commercial properties, including the City Center Building at 220 E. Huron and the KeyBank Building at 100 S. Main.efficiencies and synergy will come from the fact that 301 E. Liberty is only a few blocks from two of our other downtown office buildings, the KeyBank Building and the City Center Building, where we already have a veteran office management team in place,
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said Ben Dahlmann, the company’s senior vice president.In an email circulated to the building tenants on Monday, Larson Realty Group CEO Eric Larson said his company being a part of Ann Arbor through its ownership of the building. 301 E. Liberty was the only Ann Arbor property in Larson Realty Group portfolio, which includes properties in Birmingham, Troy, Southfield, Warren and Detroit, among other places.In February, Eric Larson was named co managing partner for Bedrock Real Estate Services LLC, the real estate arm of Dan Gilbert Rock Ventures LLC.Dahlmann family has owned real estate in Ann Arbor for a very long time and they are committed to the community, Larson wrote in the email. are pleased that the building will be in good hands and wish them the best moving forward. could not be reached for further comment.Front terrace and entry entirely renovated late 90sVictors Restaurant complete makeover and renovation 2007Regency Ballroom complete makeover and renovation 2008Huron Ballroom complete makeover and renovation 2011Terrace Ballroom complete makeover and renovation 2012Corridors on all floors complete makeover and renovation 2007 2010In room renovations including custom coffee bars, and custom refrigerator cabinets 2009 2012 Also including furniture, carpet, draperies,
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and bathrooms