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Gina Haspel, President Trump nominee to become the first woman to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, made her career in covert action, but her involvement in controversial interrogations has already provoked Senate opposition to her confirmation.

Haspel, who joined the CIA in 1985, earned high level awards during her career. She was sworn in early last year as deputy director and helps manage intelligence collection, analysis, covert action and counterintelligence.

Trump announced Tuesday he was removing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and replacing him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo. The Senate must vote on Haspel’s confirmation to succeed Pompeo.

Sen. “She has the right skill set, experience and judgment to lead one of our nation most critical agencies,” he said.

Haspel’s past in the agency drew opposition to a potential promotion. Shortly after she became deputy director, senators raised questions about Haspel drafting a cable that called for the destruction of taped CIA interrogations in 2002 at a secret prison in Thailand.

Christopher Anders, deputy director of the American Civil Liberties Union Washington legislative office, called Haspel the figure in one of the most illegal and shameful chapters in modern American history. was up to her eyeballs in torture, both in running a secret torture prison in Thailand and carrying out an order to cover up torture crimes by destroying videotapes, Anders said. man held at the secret prison she ran was waterboarded 83 times, slammed against walls, sleep deprived and locked in a coffin like box. After she was promoted to a position back at CIA headquarters, she worked to destroy evidence of the torture crimes committed at the prison she ran. Haspel and Pompeo worked together for more than a year and have developed a great mutual respect,” he said.

Haspel said that after 30 years at the CIA, she was honored to serve with Pompeo during the past year. confirmed, I look forward to providing President Trump the outstanding intelligence support he has grown to expect, she said.

Sen. Tom Cotton, R Ark., called Haspel excellent choice and a professional. Brennan, a former CIA director, told MSNBC the “very controversial” interrogation program Haspel was connected with was approved by President George W. Bush and deemed lawful by the Justice Department.

Haspel has a lot of integrity, Brennan said. has tried to carry out her duties at CIA to the best of her ability, even when the CIA was asked to do some very difficult things in very challenging times. John McCain, R Ariz.,
ugg shoe nominated by Trump as first woman to lead CIA
who was tortured as a prisoner during the Vietnam War, said the Senate would need the same commitment from Haspel as Pompeo gave to comply with the Army Field Manual rules for interrogation. He called the decision to waterboard prisoners after the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, misguided and said the techniques are clearly banned now. custody during the last decade was one of the darkest chapters in American history, McCain said. Haspel needs to explain the nature and extent of her involvement in the CIA interrogation program during the confirmation process. Ron Wyden of Oregon, the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, said he opposes Haspel to head the CIA. Haspel’s background makes her unsuitable to serve as CIA director, he said. Ms. intelligence, the government can no longer cover up disturbing facts from her past.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D Ill., voted against Pompeo nomination and said, has done much worse. only did she directly supervise the torture of detainees, but she also participated in covering it up by helping to destroy the video evidence, said Duckworth, an Iraq War veteran and Purple Heart recipient. reprehensible actions should disqualify her from having the privilege of serving the American people in government ever again. month Haspel became deputy director, Wyden and Sen. They’re still waiting for answers. “Her nomination must include total transparency about this background, which I called for more than a year ago when she was appointed deputy director,” Wyden said.

The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights filed a legal intervention with German prosecutors last year, calling for an arrest warrant for Haspel.

who commit, order or allow torture should be brought before a court this is especially true for senior officials from powerful nations, Wolfgang Kaleck, the group general secretary, said in filing the documents in June 2017. prosecutor must, under the principle of universal jurisdiction, open investigations, secure evidence and seek an arrest warrant. If the deputy director travels to Germany or Europe, she must be arrested. rising to deputy director, Haspel served overseas as chief of station in several assignments for the agency. In Washington, she became deputy director of foreign intelligence and covert action and chief of staff for the clandestine service director.
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it is snowing outside. Yay!. that is unless I have to shovel later. :/

If his wife is around the same age as he is. she only has what. another 8 10 years This topic may prove traumatizing to some, so I will get back to cleaning.

I still haven finished YET! When do Fusion tickets go on sale I was thinking of attending again this year.

No, this is not time for me to wax poetic on that hide song. rather I shall impart to you all the details of my friend eye surgery. Before I get into that I will talk about the night before. I had decided to grace Orf eyes with the god loving/hating Mako that night.

I arrived on Tuesday night with both Endroll (the deadman final concert dvd) and Y tu mama Tambien (WE LOVE YOU SO GAEL!
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). All was remedied via text messages and phone calls. I degress, Orf and I ordered some food (which of course was good) and watched The Devil Wears Prada. I must say that the guy who plays Andy boyfriend is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL. in that “I a guy from SOHO who is kinda italian looking with a little bit of a 5 o shadow going on, curly as sin hair with amazing blue/green/grey eyes and to top it off; cupid bow lips.” My brain was unable to NOT focus on much else when he was on screen. You see, I had viewed this in theaters. Um it was a good movie. but I was told more than once by several people. it deviates from the book alot towards the end. I haven read it yet. but I may over the summer. maybe.
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Noctiluca scintillans, also known as the sea sparkle, is a single celled dinoflagellate that exhibits bioluminescence. They are free living marine plankton, which range between 200 2000 micrometers [1] in diameter. They are found mostly in estuaries and other coastal regions and can be found in both warm and cold waters. N. scintillans are heterotrophic and non photosynthetic, meaning they receive their carbon from organic compounds and receive their energy through the ingestion of organic substances. They don’t have any chloroplasts so, their cytoplasm is relatively clear. N. scintillans are non motile, even though they possess a flagellum, and only move vertically by changing their buoyancy using gas vacuoles.[2] N. scintillans is a tourist attraction for many countries throughout the world. People would take boat rides and watch these dinoflagellates emit flashes of blue light when disturbed, giving them the name sea sparkle.Genome and StructureMany studies have been done on the luciferase gene within the scintillons of N. scintillans. They have found that N. scintillans is genetically distinct from the other six bioluminescent dinoflagellates that have been studied, because the N terminus is missing a 100aa sequence. Still the N terminus is closely related to the other bioluminescent dinoflagellates. The C terminal end of this gene, however, is closely related to a separate gene in a photosynthetic dinoflagellate. It is as if these two genes in the photosynthetic species were fused in N. scintillans. Studies of the 18S ribosomal DNA of N. scintillans, also suggested that they were one of the first bioluminescent species to branch off because their genomic sequence is most closely related to the ancestral gene.[4]N. scintillans may use bioluminescence for many different purposes. It could be used as a defense against predators, an offensive strategy to keep away other predators from their prey, or as a means of communication. They emit light, on a circadian rhythm and when they are disturbed, as a flash of bright blue light for no more than a second. Luciferin, an open chain tetrapyrrole in dinoflagellates that is thought to be derived from chlorophyll, becomes oxidized by molecular oxygen, with the help of the catalyst luciferase, to produce an inactive oxyluciferin and light. This process is called chemiluminescence because it is the convergence of chemical energy into light energy and it occurs within small cytoplasmic bodies called scintillons, where both luciferin and luciferase are stored. Bioluminescence is triggered by a drop of pH within the cytoplasm. [5]Cell Structure and MetabolismN. scintillans has a round, balloon like, body shape and is unarmored, meaning it does not have a protective shell. Since they do not photosynthesize they do not contain chloroplasts, and thus are fairly clear. The red and green color usually associated with this species during red and green tides,
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are due to the pigments of the photosynthetic symbionts within the vacuoles of N. scintillans and not the species itself. N. scintillans has a ventral groove that runs through it’s body which contains the flagellum, a tooth and a tentacle. [3]They also have a mouth like structure called the cytostome, which is used to capture and consume prey. Their nucleus contains chromosomes that are always condensed (dinokaryotic), except during interphase. [6]N. scintillans is a phagotrophic species with many food vacuoles found throughout it’s cytoplasm. They engulf smaller marine species such as diatoms, protozoans, fish eggs, and certain bacteria, and then digest them in these food vacuoles.[1] N. scintillans also contains gas vacuoles, which are filled with ammonia gas, that allow them to control their buoyancy. [7]Ecology and PathologyN. scintillans are found mostly in coastal areas, in both temperate and tropical waters. Their population density has been found to be dependent on food availability, which is why they tend to stay in shallow, coastal areas, where phytoplankton thrive. They are also a major factor on the population density of zooplankton. [8]N. scintillans are sometimes known to have a large population blooms known as red or green tides (depending on what color endosymbionts are present in their vacuoles.) These tides cause the death of many marine animals. N. scintillans does not, however, release exotoxins like many other dinoflagellates do. Instead, it is believed that they kill these animals by suffocation due to the release of ammonia and carbon dioxide, causing anoxic water conditions. [1]Ride Tide of Noctiluca Scintillans and it’s Impact on the Coastal Water Quality of the Near Shore Waters, Off the Rushikulya River, Bay of BengalThis study is being conducted to check the quality of the water after red tides of N. scintillans. The researchers take samples of the water from different depths and determine the quality of the water by checking temperature, salinity, nitrate, nitrite and phosphate concentration. They found drops in water temperature during bloom periods, as well as a decrease of dissolved oxygen during blooms. Phosphate, nitrate and silicate levels increased during bloom periods while nitrite levels decreased. However, they found no correlation between the salinity content of the water and the formations of red tides.[9]Seasonality of the Bloom Forming Hetertrophic dinoflagellate Noctiluca Scintillans in the Gulf of Oman in Relation to Environmental ConditionsThis study is being conducted to find what environmental factors contribute to the population blooms of Noctiluca scintillans. They are checking hydrographic and biological factors as well as other factors such as wind intensity. The optimum temperature for the growth of N. scintillans was between 10 28oC and the optimum salinity was between 28 36%.[7]
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The narratives are endless, and have been told already. Basically, other than Brady’s first championship when the Patriots were a huge underdog against the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl 36, it’s always been David versus Goliath.

Tom Brady is Goliath, obviously, and though the Patriots are favoured by only 4.5 points, it still seems like this is one of the most lopsided matchups of the Tom Brady era. But people are tired of the Patriots, and want to believe that it will be a close game. I’m on board with that, but deep down I’m not really sure if I think the Eagles can win. Sure, they have a great defence, and Nick Foles just played the game of his life two weeks ago; the week before that, he played like he has for most of his life, which is not good.

I’m not here to spell out the ins and outs of Super Bowl 52. You can get that elsewhere from people much smarter than I am (well, a little bit smarter than I am). Rather, I’m here to say that I’m a coward.

Long story short, it was a horrible game the Rams lost by a last second field goal, and my world was turned upside down. I still cheered for the Rams, as I do now, but also, just two years later, I started to cheer for Tom Brady.

I was sad in 2008 when the Patriots perfect season ended at the hands of the New York Giants. And I was ecstatic when the Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl in 2015, in part because I can’t stand that team, but also because it was the first time in 10 years that Brady had won.

But somewhere between that game and last year’s Super Bowl, I came to my senses. Why had I sold my soul to the devil? The Patriots had enough fans. They didn’t need me, this victim of sports Stockholm syndrome, to cheer for them any longer, and I couldn’t wait for the Atlanta Falcons to dethrone them.

Of course, any NFL fan knows what happened. The Falcons blew a 28 3 lead and I felt like an idiot. Entering this Sunday’s game, I may end up feeling the same way.
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Meeting a Nobel Laureate would likely be more than just a memorable experience. But meeting more than 400?

“They are beautiful encounters,” said Peter Badge , a German photographer who has captured nearly 415 intimate portraits of Nobel Prize winners since 2000. Currently, about 40 of Badge’s portraits are on display in the Los Alamos History Museum’s Rotating Exhibit Gallery, which runs until April 27.

“There are a lot of long stories,” Badge said. “Of course John Nash, A Beautiful Mind, who considered himself after 15 years of friendship with me, my protective grandfather.”

John Nash Jr., who shared the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel more commonly known as the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1994, is one of the portraits currently on display. Nash, portrayed by Russell Crowe in the 2001 film A Beautiful Mind, was a mathematician whose contributions to concepts like game theory are still used in economics today.

Others who line the walls of the museum range from Nelson Mandela, who shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, to Roy J. Glauber, a former Los Alamos scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project and shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2005. Of the nearly two dozen Nobel Prize winners associated with the lab, eight have portraits included in the exhibit.

Of all the people Badge has met in the last 18 years, the scientists were some of the ones who stuck out the most.

“Even if they are old, they are young because they have a curiosity of life,” Badge said. “They are asking all the time questions and it’s beautiful.”

Badge began his quest to photograph every living Nobel Laureate in 2000, after being approached by the Smithsonian Institution. But Badge wasn’t as enthusiastic at the beginning of the project.

“I just finished a book on Oskar Sala, who was a pioneer on electronic music, and he was 92 years old,” Badge said. “My first answer was no, because I don’t want to photograph any old persons anymore.”

But after meeting former Nobel Prize winners at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, which invites hundreds of international young scientists to Lindau, Germany, every year to meet with former winners,
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Badge grew more keen on the idea.

“I remember talking to [Edmond] Fischer and he was quite old, 80 years back in the years,” Badge said of the biochemist who shared the 1992 prize in physiology or medicine. “And he knew more about music and what is on in cinema and all these things than me, and I understood that it’s not a one way street. They’re brilliant people.”

Badge said he couldn’t be happier to have his work in Los Alamos.

“When I was a kid I always read about Los Alamos,” Badge said. “For me, it was really like a dream come true.”

For Bishop Gunnar Stlsett, having the exhibit in Los Alamos also seemed like the right choice.

“When I accepted to travel from Norway, this long way here, I did it because I thought it was a very brilliant idea that this whole exhibition on these two books of Nobel Laureates is being exposed here,” said Stlsett, who has served on and off the Norwegian Nobel Committee since 1985. During this time, Stlsett has been one of the people who has chosen the winner for 17 prizes.

Bringing the exhibit to the Los Alamos History Museum happened through a collaboration with Antonio Redondo, a materials scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Mars Inc. and the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, said Heather McClenahan, executive director of the Los Alamos Historical Society.

Bringing the exhibit to Los Alamos was a natural step for Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, said board member Nikolaus Turner.

“With Roy Glauber and Hans Bethe being here, and also being members of our founders assembly in Lindau, there was no question,” Turner said.

Bethe also worked on the Manhattan Project during World War II and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1967, for contributing to the theory of nuclear reactions.

“All of this closes a circle, so to say,” Turner said.

ArticlesWebber elected Santa Fe mayor in four round ranked choice electionResults delayed hours in city’s first ranked choice electionIn suit, former employee accuses film union official of sexual harassmentTrujillo’s hometown message falls short with voters’An erosion of the culture of the acequias’Ohkay Owingeh: Reviving a crumbling puebloMayor’s first job should be dispatching city clerkEspaola, Pecos elect new mayorsCouple’s $4 million donation to Railyard museum project lands them naming rightsFour women will serve on City Council; Lindell re elected, to be joined by newcomers Romero Wirth, Vigil Coppler
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I am having trouble figuring this one out but it seems like a setting has to be changed here.

Computer (Medion M3 5100, MS 7046 motherboard, P4, 3.2G, 512 RAM, MSI 128 MB nvidia PCI e Video, Win XP) was working fine and then last week suddenly had no video signal to monitor. Tried a known good monitor with no help. System still seems to be booting up. I get one long and two short beeps, then lights, drives etc. all actively proceed through bootup. It even will “gracefully” shut down if I use the front panel switch. I figure that if it’s booting up, the Ram, P4, mobo, etc. are OK and I have a bad video card.

Bought a new video card (EVGA ??? 256 MB) and installed and get no beeps and no boot,
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just fans and the LED’s on the card reader stay lit. I called EVGA and they said it may be a bad card. Got another new one and same problem. I then bought a different brand card thinking there was some issue with compatability. The new card (MSI NX6200TC 64mb w/256MB TurboCache) does the same exact thing. Keep in mind, if I install my old video card, the system boots normally but with no video signal.

Searching the web I have found and tried many tips. Reset CMOS. Tried booting with new card but all drives and modem removed for more ample power (PSU is 350W). Tried booting with one RAM in at a time (in first slot). Tried hitting F8 repeatedly on bootup.

I have found info regarding setting BIOS for video memory, etc. The new card(s) do have different memory than the old one. If this is my problem, how can I set it without a monitor signal? The mobo has no built in video. Just a PCI e slot.

The manuals for the new cards do not hint at changing anything. They say “install, boot, load drivers”.

>> Re: No Video Signal but boots fine(with one long,two short beeps), new video card and now no boot (o

MSI video cards i didnt think were reputible. What was the evga card you bought? Evga are usualy reputible, but in my case and several others I got a bad card.

Could be your mb? Does it go into bios, or just no video atall? If possible try a working video card in it. If that isnt it its something else =).

Myself, ive gotten 3 bad video cards in past year =(.

About my spelling, If you say anything about it im gonna hunt your nerdy english aniel retentive arrrssse down and beat the elcrapo right out of you!
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World Politics Entertainment Gossip Movies TV Music Theater Arts Crosswords Entertainment Pics Horoscopes Daily Weekly Monthly Lifestyle Health Food Viva Games Opinion Autos Buyer’s Guide Ratings Reviews News Views Photos Galleries Covers Classifieds Trending: East River Helicopter Crash North Korea Odell Beckham Jr. Stormy Daniels GUN CONTROL

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For the New York fashionista who already has everything, there are these $800 UGG boots encrusted with Swarovski crystals laid out in the shape of the city skyline.

The limited edition gray UGGs, which went on sale at the Madison Ave. and SoHo stores a few weeks ago,
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feature a blinged out Empire State Building standing among other skyscrapers crafted from crystal.

“They’re a hit because they’re limited edition, and it’s something totally new,” said a salesman at the Madison Ave. location.
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The bash was held at the C Prime Steakhouse at the Century Plaza Hotel and the place was jam packed. I crashed it after the newspaper deadline and was talking to one of Wilkinson campaign staffers when I noticed Wilkinson shaking hands with people at the front, no, he told me. got there as early as I could to pay my respects to all the volunteers and supporters, and then it was off to bed, so I could get up early and get to work.Whatever your first impressions of Wilkinson may be, don go thinking he a slacker.He will need the work ethic, with a byelection already underway in Kelowna (the seat vacated by former Liberal leader Christy Clark) and a critical legislative session that starts Feb. 13. The Kelowna seat is a safe one for the Liberals and will put them one vote closer to an NDP minority government that holds just a slim lead in the legislature.we are fortunate enough to win the byelection, we would have 42 seats, the most of any party in the House, Wilkinson said. means it intrinsically unstable to have an NDP minority government, and we see where that goes. When that election arrives, will Wilkinson be an attractive option for voters? He admitted the party needs to expand its needs to have more engagement with our ethnically diverse society, he said. need more engagement with women voters and young voters. But how does the party reach out to young,
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ethnically diverse voters especially women by making a 60 year old white guy their leader? This will be Wilkinson biggest challenge: Overcoming an image as a pampered, downtown, rich lawyer/doctor/Rhodes Scholar while relating to working people struggling to make ends meet in the suburbs and beyond.His opponents like to say that he lives in the posh Shaughnessy neighbourhood, for example, so I asked him if that in Vancouver near 37th and Granville, he said.Is that Shaughnessy?depends how you define it, he said. not what we call it. We call it Quilchena. Liberal leader?Mike Smyth: Can the Liberals brainy new boss win big?Former Premier Gordon Campbell.Ex Liberal leader and premier Gordon Campbell had a similar image problem. Wilkinson was his right hand man for years, as Liberal party president and then a deputy minister in Campbell office. I ask him about the comparison. Does he like being called Gordon Campbell 2.0?Campbell was a hard working person who won three elections and brought British Columbia economy into the 21st century. I quite glad to hear that comparison, he said.He said he occasionally talks to Campbell, who has given him crucial advice.long standing advice from Gordon Campbell has been to focus on the values of the party and make sure you able to deliver things for real people, he said. involves being fiscally responsible and making sure we support an enterprise driven economy. business community that will love Wilkinson. The bigger challenge will be reaching beyond that base, especially for a guy who might seem just a little too smug, urbane and wealthy for some tastes.lived and worked all over British Columbia and have a very good feel for what it like in rural communities,
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he said. confident we can move ahead and expand our base. He just might pull it off.

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ugg australlia No Irish Winners As ‘Shape of Water’ Dominates the 90th Academy Awards

Unfortunately, this year ceremony did not see any Irish nominees receive the coveted prize with Martin McDonagh and Saoirse Ronan the most high profile nominees to miss out.

Martin McDonagh Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri managed only two awards following an incredibly successful and decorated awards season. These two awards however were picked up by McDonagh cast with Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell winning in the Actress and Supporting Actor categories.

McDonagh who was the favourite to win the award for Original Screenplay following wins at the Golden Globes BAFTAs, missed out on the Oscar to Jordan Peele Out Ronan and Margot Robbie also missed out on receiving their first Academy Award following Frances McDormand expected win for Actress Ronan now has three Academy Award nominations at the age of 23, and celebrated her first major breakthrough success winning a Golden Globe for her performance in Greta Gerwig Bird Boyle who also earned her third Academy Award nomination this year, missed out on a first Oscar for Costume Design with Abdul The award instead went to Daniel Day Lewis Thread resident Day Lewis did not mark his retirement with a final fourth Oscar win, as Gary Oldman celebrated his long awaited and illusive first win for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour
ugg booys No Irish Winners As 'Shape of Water' Dominates the 90th Academy Awards

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A Belle River man is back home safe and sound after racking up an $864,000 medical bill in Florida for emergency heart bypass surgery that followed frantic and stressful weeks in which his family tried, unsuccessfully, to find him a hospital bed in Ontario.

were told there were no beds available in Ontario, David Williams said. insurance company couldn get me home. and wife Carol are snowbirds, with a Tampa Bay trailer for winter stays, and have travel insurance coverage. But their insurer wanted him back home for medical care and surgery following a Jan. 4 heart attack. After three weeks of lying in a hospital near Tampa, however, Williams said his American cardio doctor advised him he couldn wait any longer.

surgeon said, heck with the insurance company, I operate pro bono he said he was prepared to do it for free. had double bypass surgery Jan. 24. He was cleared to fly home Feb. 12, accompanied on the trip by a nurse provided by his insurer.

The retired Ford worker experience adds further fuel to the current political debate over a perceived shortage of intensive care beds in Ontario. Both the PC and NDP opposition parties raised questions at Queen Park this week over the case of Stuart Cline, 71, of London, who died in St. Catharines last week after being forced to wait five days in Mexico with a burst blood vessel before a hospital bed could be found for him in Ontario. There have been other reports of Ontarian patients stranded abroad.

tragedy is the direct result of this government refusal to properly fund hospitals across this province, Progressive Conservative interim leader Vic Fedeli said during Question Period Monday.

Williams said he has no complaints about the medical attention he received at Brandon Regional Hospital, located east of Tampa. care in the United States was outstanding, he said.

But it was also breathtakingly expensive. following a heart attack, waiting for an Ontario hospital bed that never materialized. Eventually, he underwent heart surgery in Florida, racking up an $864,000 tab.

Williams, who is 71, said he simply forwarding those bills to his insurance company, with whom he has as of yet discussed the financial aspects of his ordeal.

don have a snowball chance in hell of paying that, he said. The insurance company has already contacted his Belle River family doctor, he added, my (medical) history, seeing if I had any pre existing condition. medical bill. all better now and recovering, and I feel great, he said. doctor here said it was probably a good thing I had surgery there. Here, I probably still be waiting. leader Andrea Horwath continued the attack on the Liberals in the Legislature on Thursday and again in Windsor on Friday. She related the experience of another Londoner, Joe Glowacki, who suffered a heart attack in Arizona and had to wait in a hospital there for three days until his insurance company had lined up a cardiologist at home. But when he got back to Ontario, there was no available bed at the hospital, which, like those elsewhere in the province, has had to cope with higher admissions due to a particularly bad flu season.

many more are in hallways or waiting rooms waiting for a bed, Horwath said at Queen Park. is not a small glitch in the system, this a symptom of decades of health care cuts by consecutive Liberal and Conservative governments. It didn happen overnight. Kathleen Wynne, responding this week to the Cline case, agreed with Fedeli that was a tragedy that should not have arisen. But she added that there were intensive care hospital beds available in Ontario at the time, and she blamed a between the insurer and the health system.

beds were there, there were vacancies, they were available, so why did that happen? I don have the answer, Wynne said in Question Period.

is not a disconnect for the premier to blame this on the insurance companies, it scapegoating the issue, MPP Taras Natyshak (NDP told the Star. He describes Ontario hospital overcrowding as crisis. said his office, which covers Belle River, worked with the Williams family in trying to secure an Ontario bed, and were under the impression when we last spoke that a bed was available. Williams said it was another of several disappointments, with the bed that had been hoped for likely taken by another patient in need of urgent medical care. It was at that point that the heart specialist in Florida told him: need surgery. worst part of being hospitalized and waiting for word to return home, said Williams, was the stress on his wife and family and the days on end of not knowing what was happening, including the constant challenge of trying to reach the insurance company agents.

it stressful? You should ask my wife that question was it ever, he said.

called me once in the trailer and told me, you got to get me out of here, said his wife. Their daughters flew down on separate occasions to take care of their mother, who doesn drive, but there was always the chance of suddenly getting news of a bed in Ontario, so Carol said that despite the waiting, she always had to be prepared to leave.

Carol and David Williams, who have three adult children, bought their trailer halfway down the Florida panhandle about a decade ago. This winter, they arrived Dec. 28 and had planned to stay until April 4. They both hope to return south again next winter.

have no complaints about the Canadian system, but the problem is you have to wait for everything, said David. you away from home, it very stressful. spokesman for the travel insurer the Williams family used, Allianz Global Assistance, told the Star it was merely a party administrator for another insurer, Manulife, and could not comment on the case. A Manulife director told the Star in an email that the company has long standing policy on not discussing individual customer situations. The office manager for the heart surgeon in Florida said privacy laws prevented the doctor from commenting on the case.

this turned out positively, Natyshak said of Williams. it doesn negate the fact that when an Ontario resident required health care, it wasn available. David Williams, that care was available, but at a very steep cost.
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