kensington ugg boots charged with selling counterfeit goods

ugg button bailey charged with selling counterfeit goods

More than 20 county, state and federal law enforcement officers raided Saturday’s Market in Londonderry Township on Saturday morning, arresting 12 adults and two juveniles for allegedly selling knock off Ugg boots, Nike sneakers and several counterfeited designer brands of purses, according to Dauphin County Criminal Investigation Division.

Saturday’s Market has not been shut down or held responsible for the counterfeit sales, and the case is still under investigation, said John Goshert, Chief County Detective in the Dauphin County Criminal Investigation Division. The market, on East Harrisburg Pike, Londonderry Twp., sells trinkets, collectibles and tchotchkes along with fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese and prepared food and more. Saturday, county CID and adult parole officers, as well as state troopers, Dauphin County deputy sheriffs, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials and private investigators arrested vendors from Harrisburg, Lebanon, Philadelphia and New York.

“People were paying good money for pure junk. The Ugg boots were terrible,” said Stuart Drobny, president of Stumar Investigations in Philadelphia, a private company that researches counterfeits.

Saturday’s Market vendors were selling knock off handbags that were supposed to be Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, Chanel and Dooney Bourke among others, Drobny said.

The vendors face up to seven years of prison for third degree felonies, because each one had more than 100 but fewer than 1,000 counterfeit items, said Fran Chardo, first assistant district attorney in Dauphin County. Magassauba is in Dauphin County Prison, but the others have been released on bail.
kensington ugg boots charged with selling counterfeit goods