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He graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School in 1962. in History from Queen’s College in 1967. He then proudly served in the Peace Corps in Afghanistan, where he taught English in a rural school. He earned a master’s degree from the College of Social Work at Florida State University in 1975. He then moved to California to begin a long career with Napa County Mental Health Services, where he worked with adults with chronic mental illness. Through his case management, he kept his clients safe, off the streets and out of jail.

Allan was very close with his large extended family.

Allan married Anne Robin on Sept. 25, 2015, in Napa, Calif. They had two years and three months of high quality time together,
ugg boots tall chestnut Allan Koslofsky
despite Allan’s diagnosis of Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Allan did so well on chemotherapy that most of the time his cancer was merely an annoyance. They traveled together often to visit friends and family, including the “trip of a lifetime” to Alaska in August 2017.

Allan was an avid long distance runner, starting with the track and cross country team at Queens College. He competed in more than 25 marathons and one ultra marathon (50 miles). He also started a trend of wearing highly colorful running shoes. He left behind more than 30 pairs when he died.

After retirement, Allan pursued a new hobby of visiting colleges and universities across the United States. During five road trips he visited more than 260 campuses. On his last college road trip, he focused on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), visiting more than 30. He could have written a book based on his travels and passion for the geography of higher education.

Anne Robin has a large extended family and many friends. They all embraced Allan and enjoyed his company. He was often the life of the party, especially while playing old blues songs on his harmonica. He loved both listening to live music, and performing.
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ugg office All systems go for the Pentagon s visit to Selfridge

There is a lot of excitement about the F 35 fighter jet, which could be coming to Selfridge. Here are five reasons why it s expected to become one of the most capable defense systems ever made in the United States:

1. It is a 5th generation fighter, combining advanced stealth with fighter speed and agility.

3. The F 35 is designed to defeat today s most advanced threat systems both in the air and on the ground, and those expected to emerge in the decades to come.

4. F 35 is optimized to be a multirole fighter, with the ability to perform air to air, air to ground and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

5. F 35 s technology provides greater survivability, situational awareness, and effectiveness for pilots, as well as improved readiness.

Bonus: The Lightning II helmet ($350,000) enables the pilot to look down and see the ground or any other view not visible from the front of the jet thanks to advanced technology and cameras situated at strategic points on the plane.

Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Harrison Township always stands ready, but it will be especially sharp when representatives of the Pentagon arrive Monday.

It s not the brass.

More importantly, it s the people who will report to them facts and information pertaining to Selfridge as a possible home for the F 35 Lightning II.

There s been a lot of work that s gone into this, said Brig. Gen. John Odie Slocum, referring to the campaign to bring what has been described as one of the most capable defense systems ever made in the United States to Michigan. I hope they re just blown away by what Selfridge has to offer.

One thing is for sure the visitors will leave knowing the advantages of Selfridge, which is one of five locations being considered to house the F 35.

The other finalists including: Dannelly Field Air Guard Station in Montgomery, Ala.; Gowen Field Air Guard Station, Boise, Idaho; Jacksonville Air Guard Station in Florida; and Truax Air Guard Station in Madison, Wis., have already been scoped out.

I take that to mean they ve left the best for last, said Vicky Rad, deputy director for the Macomb County Department of Planning Economic Development, which, along with its director, John Paul Rea, and Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel have been instrumental in promoting Selfridge as the ideal home for the next generation fighter aircraft. defense contracts totaling more than $1.4 billion. If the F 35 comes to Selfridge, companies in Macomb County are likely to be even busier. The group also grabbed the attention of the state s leaders with its presentation at the Mackinac Policy Conference, featuring a study by the Michigan Defense Center of Sterling Heights highlighting why Selfridge makes sense for America s next generation of fighter aircraft. and a petition for those who wish to help the cause.

What we have here is a unique network of both base and community partners that are doing everything in their power to get this jet over to Selfridge, Rea said.

We are very confident that the work by Selfridge and the state of Michigan shows that this is the best strategic location, Hackel said, around the time of the conference. If you look at all things being equal, it s really not. We are head and shoulders above other sites.

Slocum would agree.

We have the people. We have the infrastructure,
ugg womens boots All systems go for the Pentagon s visit to Selfridge
and we have the training capability that no one else can match, he said.

Even its history sets it apart from others.

Back in 1917, Selfridge Field was home to some of the nation s greatest aviators including Charles Lindbergh and Eddie Rickenbacker. In 1947, it became known as Selfridge Air Force Base. In 1971, the Michigan Air National Guard took over operation of the base and the current name was put in to use. Today, all branches of the United States military including several Department of Homeland Security agencies operate at Selfridge, which has grown into its own community on the shore of Lake St. Clair. The fact that it borders Canada and the United States and does not share its airfield with any commercial airline is another power point.

We re the only base being considered where we run the entire installation, Slocum said. We operate our own airfield. We set the hours.

And perhaps most important of all because of its infrastructure and operations not a lot has to done in order to accommodate the F 35s and their pilots.

We stand ready, Rea said, of Selfridge, which is the only base in consideration that can hangar 21 F 35s with no added construction necessary. The minimal amount is needed to convert the base for the planes.

That would be around $10 million.

I think we ve got everyone beat on that point, Slocum said, during an interview on the base, which is home to several types of aircraft, including the A 10 Thunderbolt II, an air to ground attack aircraft that would move to another base once the F 35s arrive, and the 127th Wing, which received two of the military s top honors in 2016. Slocum, as its unit commander, was given the Carl A. Spatz Award, and the 127th won the Meritorious Unit Award, for its performance both in combat operations and support of those operations. It s the best flying wing in the Air National Guard, Slocum said.

Now that s a fact the next generation of fighter pilots will be interested in. In addition, Michigan is home to the Alpena Airspace Complex, which is one of the largest airspace ranges east of the Mississippi (over 180 miles by 100 miles), Grayling Range, which offers bombing training by land, and the Huron Bombing Range, which gives pilots an opportunity to train over water. We can simulate the bad guys on the ground, in the air and on the water, Slocum said, in a voice filled with pride and admiration knowing that getting the F 35s to Selfridge would be a great legacy for him to leave behind.

If it is selected, for the next 30 years we will not have to talk about base realignment and closures out here at Selfridge, Hackel said, in the All Systems Go! brochure included in the brief that will be handed out to the Pentagon group.
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The problem with classifications like these are they fail to take in the spectrum of masculinity in society and within individuals; where does a term like “metrosexual” leave a guy who knows a good suit when he sees it, may have necked some tofu to impress a date, but can still belch Waltzing Matilda?

So here’s a new one for you, a term that’s been kicking around for a while but is still a little fuzzy around the edges in the definition stakes; the Retrosexual.

Take your garden variety yobbo, add a dash of grooming, the ability to read a wine list and move away from the Esky with your hands above your head, thanks readers .

You’ll find a set of keys to a pre millennium Holden or Ford. He may not understand the multimedia i drive on a 7 series BMW but he can sure as hell change the timing chain on a HQ. He loves cash and hates standing behind idjuts who take five minutes to pay for a lobster’s worth of petrol on MasterCard then fart around with FlyBuys. He’s still filthy about not being able to offload his centre console full of five cent pieces at toll booths.

Feel free to add to this list; what attributes would you affix to the Retrosexual?

If you’d like to email me with a topic suggestion or just vent, try here. I now have more than 1300 unanswered emails and no hope of catching up. So I’m instituting a no reply policy (unless you’re cute) because I’m sick of feeling guilty about it. In advance, I thank you for your email.

In my humble opinion, this guy’s musical tastes would centre on Oz Rock (ACDC, Cold Chisel, the Oils, Barnsey, INXS pre 1997) with maybe some Led Zepplin, Guns n Roses and Billy Joel? He maybe also has some 80s concert T shirts that he keeps like religious icons.

And his heroes would be people like Peter Brock, Steve McQueen and the odd cricket or League player.

And when he’s waiting by the side of the road with his Esky, for his mates to pick him up and take him to work, he warms his hands by sticking them down the front of his trackies.

Carries half a toolbox, a spare water hose and leads in case the old girl gives up on the trip up the coast. Knows how to fix it. Will help someone with a flat battery. Tall poppy watching enjoys watching poseurs break down in the BMW/ large 4wd with the unused malibu on top and no spare tyre. Washes car for funerals, weddings and big date. The roof racks are used for a ladder to a mates place on the weekend or for the tri fin board he rides when he wants to. His Dad has a collection of old roof racks at home going back to the EH.

Knows to respect the seats that older guys have at the pub. Will be known to help one or two on their way home. Knows not to turn his glass upside down and put it on the bar. Drinks local beers because they are good value and thinks those that drink imported bottled stuff are wankers. Occasionally has an Old in memory of his dead male relatives who were waterside workers. Usually the last drink.

Thinks the girlfriend is pretty attractive and knows to keep out of her way at certain times of the month. He likes Cadbury’s chocolate but know she likes better ones.

Culture: He only sings when he’s drunk and always one halftone off; the last book he read was Steve Waugh’s 1995 tour diary; he likes Jackie Chan movies and anything on TV sponsored by Red Bull.

Ambition: to get a place where he’s allow to keep a dog.

you know what i hate, i hate it when the Womens Weekly and Cleo says im supposed to be a snag or bisexual one week , a metro sexual the next, and techno sexual every week after that and blah, blah, blah, the list is never ending, no wonder Aussie males are confused about their place.

well, Mr Sam De Brito , I salute you , you friggin genuis. its about time someone told the world what is normal male pattern behaviour, (even though you’ve joined the bandwagon and invented another sexual tag)

i ticked every box on your list and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that we lucky bastards can live our lives as normal western democratic, football loving, beer swilling, women loving, sensitive macho males and co exist with the gals from venus and we should act like gentlemen in their company.

ive always had the utmost respect for the female gender , very big on opening car doors and letting ladies walk through doors first, only to be scoffed as if im a tosser. well i dont friggin care , beause for all those toffs and nazi feminist who scoff at me, i get 10 fold who smile and appreciate the effort.

i can change engine oil and timing belts, cook a roast,give birth to horses, do my own accounting and BAS, repair a computer,buy clothes for myself and women and can find a womens G spot( dont get me started on the tongue , ggrrrr). id say i was a Bob Jane Aussie All Rounder. Ha HA HA

Sam, I have to say, NO! Bloody hell mate, do not succumb to this horsesht about labelling blokes to fit under a certain label based on a number of categories. Leave that trash to degenerates in marketing and stupid women who read cosmopolitan or whatever glossy rag that is 75% adverts who think that affixing a title to guys is alright.

It is not alright. Mate, for using the word retrosexual, I recommend you give yourself an uppercut. And maybe drink a schooner full of broken glass. Leave that sht to the other blog, if a bloke wants to be a bloke, he can do it without having to be placed under a label like this. He refuses to get an e tag, as he hates automation. Refuses to watch the NRL because he thinks it is too corporate and that the players should be out doing bin runs to keep fit.

Drives around in some piece of s from the 1980s that he will “drive till it dies” because he hates plastic cars, especially black VW Golfs driven by P platers. He also hates those big SUV style tanks that dominate the ‘new money’ families of the eastern suburbs, and wants to wage war on pubs that charge over $3.50 for a schooner of VB. I’ve seen this guy at the sheaf programming in a good 40 minutes on the duke box of Johnny Farnham, not because he likes it, just because he doesn’t like ghetto trash from USA. Also once saw him standing with his arm over the shoulder of one of his good female friends with his hand on her breast completely off his chops. The funniest bit though; he was introducing his evil female boss to this girl as his ‘cousin’. Funny guy all round.

He farts loudly in public and thinks its funny, he might own a gun and doesnt think that you have a problem if you do, he thinks that global warming is a heap of crap and that tuna doesnt taste quite right since the dolphin has been taken out of it, he thinks that fluffy dogs are for sheilas, pensioners hairdressers he throws his empties in the back of his car never cleans it out. He always leaves his wet towels on the floor uses half a roll of dunny paper each time and is impressed if he leaves a mighty trade mark. He knows that most minor differences can be settled with a quick smack in the mouth is totally non PC and doesnt give a damn about it. He has never changed a nappy in hs life has never watched an episode of “the biggest loser” without getting kicked out of the lounge room for putting crap on the fat bodie. He thinks Jimmy Barns is a woos since he gave up getting pissed while on stage, wouldnt give a rip if he started to get a gut, he is not frightened to call an abo an abo or a poof a poof and uses the word “bloody” in every second sentence. Further to this, he is a champion of that which is fair dinkum, proper right, his name is his bond a deal can be done on the strength of his hand shake doesnt think that stuff like that needs explaining.

Now that I’m doing so much shopping on line, I’m frustrated by these ‘smart’ advertising programs. They have labeled me. They monitored the products I bought or looked at during all my past visits. They think I am like other people who bought similar stuff. They don’t know about all the things I bought in my life, so they have a very limited understanding of the broad and complex customer I really am. They push more of the same stuff at me each time I visit. Look mate, I bought that last time: I don?t need any more of that stuff, so ps off or tell me where to find this other stuff I haven?t bought yet. I have to explore harder to get out of the marketing rut they’ve put me in so that I can find what I want. I hate it.

So you have made up a new label, the Retrosexual; he is basically your garden variety yobbo with a bit of polish. Your description centres around his social characteristics, so I guess the label is useful when you want to work out if he will fit in with the crowd at your mate’s BBQ. But when you start making assumptions about my mate’s financial situation, you will go wrong. Your marketer will assume that he is a blue collar worker (most people who take an esky to work are labourers). They will try to sell him a home loan or a car loan. But as a Retrosexual he will have to fight for credibility when we wants information about million dollar financing for his business as a recreational sport fishing guide. Just because a person likes to wear board shorts, each vegemite sandwiches and is a great shag, doesn’t mean he isn’t a smart, ambitious and risk taking businessman.

Or a woman.

chuckleworthy as usual mr de brito, although i would add you do make him sound like a bit of a boofhead. there’s something very old fashioned and manly about being at least a little well read and/or well spoken. also, there’s nothing wrong with guys looking after their appearance a little more than they used to! much as i love the smell of good old imperial leather, i get a kick out of seeing the new fella using some kind of exfoliant/toner from clinique amusingly dubbed “scruffing lotion”. a thoroughly adorable concession to both ruggedness and vanity.

but yes, i agree a man should know how to throw a punch in a lady’s honour, play poker and eat right. and a guy who knows how to wear a suit and a SUIT, not a sportsjacket with chinos and an undone Marcs shirt and tie a tie properly will always be the picture of manhood.
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kids uggs on sale All living former presidents to appear at benefit concert for hurricane relief

Bush Presidential Library Foundation announced today.

Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter will appear at Reed Arena at Texas A University on October 21 for the From the Heart: The One America Appeal concert.

The event will also feature rock and country musicians including ALABAMA, the Gatlin Brothers, Lyle Lovett, Robert Earl Keen, Sam Moore, Yolanda Adams, Cassadee Pope and Stephanie Quayle. Country music artist Lee Greenwood will emcee the event. Bush said in a statement. important that those affected by these devastating storms know that, even if the path to recovery feels like a road that goes on forever, we with them for the long haul. isn the first time the former presidents have come together for One America Appeal. After Hurricane Harvey struck Texas in September,all five were inspired to join forcesand filmed a video urging citizens to help out amid the devastating flooding.

They have since resumed the effort in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

love you Texas,
ugg knightsbridge All living former presidents to appear at benefit concert for hurricane relief
the elder Bush, who raised his family in Texas and previously served as a congressman from the state, said in a video posted to the One America Appeal site.

Three of the former presidents Obama, Clinton and Bush 43 were just together last week as theycelebrated the opening ceremony of the Presidents Cup golf tournamentin Jersey City, New Jersey.

Funds collected through concert ticket sales will all be donated to victims of the storms and distributed from a number of charities. These organizations include the Houston Harvey Relief Fund, focusing on the greater Houston region; Rebuild Texas Fund,assisting hurricane ravaged communities across the state; the Florida Disaster Fund; Juntos y Unidos Por Puerto Rico, launched by First Lady Beatriz Rossello and a private sector coalition;
ugg knightsbridge All living former presidents to appear at benefit concert for hurricane relief
and The Fund for the Virgin Islands.

uggs us All 5 living former presidents launch appeal for help for Harvey victims

ugg boots tall classic All 5 living former presidents launch appeal for help for Harvey victims

(CNN) All five living former US presidents are joining together to support a relief and recovery effort after Hurricane Harvey. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama appeared in a video and asked Americans to respond to the devastation wrought by the hurricane.

The office of the elder Bush announced that the push would include an appeal in the opening of the NFL regular season, with another public service announcement over the weekend.

love you Texas, the elder Bush said in a video posted to theOne America Appealsite.

The charity effort by the former presidents comes as the federal government continues to respond to Hurricane Harvey and braces for the impact of Hurricane Irma, which is currently expected to hit Florida. Bush Presidential Library Foundation through a restricted account, the office statement said. The elder Bush and Clinton have joined together in response to disasters in the past, including Hurricane Katrina.

A person familiar with the former presidents appeal said that although the White House was notified ahead of the public announcement, the effort was always intended to be only the ex presidents without participation from the current commander in chief.

That wasn intended as a slight and wasn because of the animosity that lingered between President Donald Trump and his predecessors,
uggs us All 5 living former presidents launch appeal for help for Harvey victims
according to this person. Bush Clinton effort after the South Asia tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, and the George W. Bush Clinton effort after the earthquake in Haiti that brought together past presidents for charity appeals.

The rollouts of those efforts, however, did include the sitting president. Obama brought George W. Bush and Clinton to the White House Rose Garden to announce the Haiti relief effort, and Bush brought his father and Clinton to the Roosevelt Room to announce the tsunami appeal. The Katrina efforts emerged from the tsunami coordination.

Trumpoffered his backingfor the effort on Twitter late Thursday, writing: will confront ANY challenge, no matter how strong the winds or high the water. I proud to stand with Presidents for OneAmericaAppeal. re election campaign has encouraged private donations for relief efforts, andTrump himself donated $1 millionin recovery efforts after Harvey.

The Club has existed in an uneasy state since Trump was elected. The normal comity between past holders of the job and the current occupant has been disrupted by Trump frequent criticism of Obama, his continued attacks on the Clintons and his general disregard for the usual displays of decorum offered in the job. He not believed to have spoken to any ex presidents since taking office in January.
uggs us All 5 living former presidents launch appeal for help for Harvey victims

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Even with his famously wild imagination, Lewis Carroll could never have imagined how far his most famous character would venture after she tumbled down the rabbit hole.

Alice is re imagined as a young woman thrust into an underground world called Wonderland in the TV miniseries Alice, which wrapped shooting at Tranquille on Friday. About 100 cast and crew have been working on the set for the past week.

“The thing that has been so great for us is Tranquille,” said executive producer Matthew O’Connor. “It will give us a really interesting look for Wonderland.”

This tale is not like the Wonderland Carroll created 150 years ago. Alice finds that her lover Jack has been abducted by a secret organization called the White Rabbit. In pursuit, she tumbles down an abandoned mine shaft into the other world.

The dilapidated remains of the former mental health institution have provided an ideal location around which the Canadian/UK production can digitally build a post modern dystopia, O’Connor explained.

“We’re applying a lot of CGI (computer generated imagery) for what we’re doing, so the city (Wonderland) will look impossibly tall with walkways around it.”

Alice Hamilton, played by Canadian actor Caterina Scorsone (Starz TV’s Crash), is drawn from the storybook and the plot has loose references to the original, but this drama is firmly set in the genre of fantasy science fiction. That series was nominated for nine Emmy’s, O’Connor noted.

Well known actors Kathy Bates (Delores Clayburn, Titanic) and Colm Meaney (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) also star in the show but will have only brief appearances in Vancouver.

Meaney plays the King of Hearts. Bates plays The Queen of Hearts, who runs a gigantic casino patrolled by men in suits of the White Rabbit. People are brought to the casino to gamble and win. Their excitement is bottled as Wonderland’s powerful currency, positive human emotions being the queen’s source of power.

In midday heat Friday, Scorsone didn’t need any of the elixir. An umbrella and repeated applications of sunscreen helped to protect her fair skin.

“She’s a really dynamic character and it’s fun to be playing an iconic character of literature,” said Scorsone, clad in a blue dress with red nylons and ankle boots. The boots may have been a precaution.

“I thought I heard a rattle,” she shouted between takes. “Is that possible?”

ugg schuh Alice in snake boots
don’t go in the direction of the rattle,” a crew member shot back.

Andrew Lee Potts (Band of Brothers. Primeval), the British actor who plays the Hatter was equally enthused about the production.

“We fly through the air on a flamingo, which is going to be interesting,” Potts said. “You need to tell a real story. You kind of feel (the audience) deserves something like that.

“And I’m not that mad,” he added.

Like most productions shooting in the region, this one hired local crew members. Gina Marks, production assistant, is one of them.

“We’re really lucky,” she said of a season that has so far delivered to mid sized productions. Along with 20th Century Fox’s Flica 2, shot here in May, another feature film is scouting TNRD turf, this one a big budget production in the order of $200 million.

Tranquille, which has had a colourful and checkered history of its own, is building a new history as a cinematic backdrop. Films shot there in the past include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1993), Firewall (2005) and Afghan Knights (2007).

A roughly $10 million production, Alice slated for another 10 weeks of shooting in Vancouver before post production begins in London, England. The miniseries is being shopped around to cable and the networks but may have a theatrical release,
ugg schuh Alice in snake boots
O’Connor said.

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MISSOULA We lost a loving great grandma on Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017. Jean was the first child of Vincent Margaret March, born in Massachusetts on July 12, 1938. She met the love of her life, Kendall F. Cleaves, while just a sophomore at Winchester High, at Girl Scout Camp.

Married on June 23, 1957, a year after her graduation; they moved to Montana for Ken to attend Forestry School at the U of M with the promise to return to Massachusetts after college, they ended up making Missoula their home for over 60 years.

While putting down their roots, prior to having their three children; Catherine, Craig and Kendall, Jean worked as a switchboard operator for Mountain Bell. While caring for their children she enjoyed reading, needlework, gardening and volunteering for school activities. She was one of those moms who always had a good meal waiting when the kids came home for lunch.

As the children grew, Jean and Ken had a good time square dancing and playing cards with friends,
ugg australia cheap Alice 'Jean' Cleaves
recreating outdoors and spending summers with her family at the Lake Mary Ronan “cabin.”

In later years, this loving pair enjoyed many winters in Arizona where they met many dear friends. She especially loved watching her grandchildren grow and start families of their own.

Her greatest enjoyments this last year of her life were celebrating their 60thwedding anniversary with many close family and friends as well as having her great grandsons near her each day, always bringing a smile to her face.

She is preceded in death by her father, mother, son, Craig, and two brothers in law. of Helena, grandchildren; Jason Malach Fuller (Ricky), Portland, Oregon, Kimberly Swanby (Tanner), great grandsons; Tristen and Teague Swanby, Missoula; siblings; Dorothy Harris and David March (Charlynn) and their families, sister in law, Carol Gielow and her family along with several cousins and lifelong friends.
ugg australia cheap Alice 'Jean' Cleaves

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ugg boots uk stockists Alex Kline Bio

in Broadcast Journalism and minor in Leadership Studies. During her senior year, Alex began working at Comcast SportsNet Mid Atlantic as a production assistant, and continued to do so after graduation. market, Alex decided to pursue her on air dream and began working at TV6 in September of 2017 as a , Reporter and MMJ.

Alex has a lot of hobbies away from the job. scenery. She can’t wait to try all the new outdoorsy things that Marquette has to offer.

Alex’s family and friends are also a huge part of her life, although they’re all currently back in Maryland. She hopes her husband and puppy will be joining her soon. Her dog Tiberius Megatron is a golden doodle and even has his own Instagram, so give him a follow.

Maryland has always been Alex’s home, but she is very excited for her adventure here in the Upper Peninsula. She has never seen the kind of snow that Yoopers get, so she’s hoping for a first mild winter to get her acclimated. If you have any suggestions of things she must see or do, please feel free to contact her!

British physicist Stephen Hawking dies at 76

Stephen Hawking, the British theoretical physicist who defied the odds his entire life, has died, his family announced early Wednesday.

Fox News sued by parents of slain DNC staffer Seth Rich

The parents of Seth Rich have filed a lawsuit against Fox News over a retracted story asserting that he had leaked emails to Wikileaks before he was killed.

Critics of Trump’s border wall shout opposition from Tijuana

Protesters of Trump’s border wall on the Mexican side said it would push desperate migrants to try and cross in more extreme areas and lead to more deaths.

Yet another blizzard buries storm battered parts of Northeast

The National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for the entire coast of Maine, New Hampshire and most of Massachusetts.

The teacher behind the Parkland student activists

Jeff Foster, 46, an AP government teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, had just finished a lesson on the NRA when the first shots were fired.
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womens classic short ugg boots Alberta is no longer viable

best price ugg slippers Alberta is no longer viable

I doing my best not to be ultra cynical.

But put yourself in the position of a major petrochemical/energy company CEO, reading the recently released report of the Alberta government appointed Energy Diversification Advisory Committee. It is entitled, Diversification, Not Decline: Adapting to the new energy reality.

“Really? The Alberta and Canadian governments have been pummelling my industry since 2015 when the Liberals came to power in Ottawa and the New Democrats in Alberta.

“We (the energy sector) were flattened by the 50% drop in oil prices at the end of 2014. And, ever since, your governments have been kicking us while we’re down in the stomach, the groin, the head

“We haven’t got a thing done in Alberta and Canada for three years.

“Not one major pipeline has been built out of Fort McMurray. I can’t move my existing bitumen production out on existing pipelines, they are so full let alone any future increased production.

“These governments have made “climate leadership”, not the economy, their top priority.

“The Little Prince in Ottawa is infatuated with his social agenda gender equality, righting the wrongs done to the aboriginal community, being a leader on climate change. Those are good things. But it takes a healthy economy to cover the costs, and Justin hasn’t a clue what makes business tick.

“In Alberta, it’s all the Climate Leadership Plan, to hell with economic consequences.

“Ottawa keeps making pipeline and energy projects more difficult with zealous over regulation that has everything to do with political gain, very little to do with environmental safety.

“My industry, my company, has made HUGE strides in emission controls, in environmental improvements.

“But it’s never enough. We’re always the bad guys. We create 135,000 well paying jobs in Alberta, and for this we are scorned. Or, at the very best, simply taken for granted. In 2012, to now avail, a renowned climate researcher concluded burning of all currently recoverable oil sands bitumen “would be almost undetectable at our significance level.”

“As mentioned,
womens classic short ugg boots Alberta is no longer viable
in the name of climate change, the Alberta government has been unleashing blow upon blow on our energy industry for three years. Climate change rhetoric and ideology has made even the discussion of practical win/win solutions quite impossible. Notley and her crew have done their damnedest to push us out of her province!

“And now, suddenly, they want to kissy kissy, make up?

“After increasing our taxes, increasing regulation, increasing this, that, and everything, they now want my shareholders to invest $5 or $6 billion in a petrochemical plant, $10 billion plus in an upgrader?

“Who are they kidding?

“This government might throw a little money at my company a couple of hundred million in grants or subsidies to offset the higher cost of construction in Alberta compared to other location choices around the world. could throw in my face.

“They haven’t got pipelines, just empty promises, conditional on approval from every anti fossil fuel organization in the country!

“I could not hire staff on ability alone, I would have to hire on ability AND gender/ethnic quotas, and still pay top dollar. My plant would be carbon constrained to begin with.

“And why would I build in Alberta, when I can’t get my products to those countries (in Asia) where I can get my best price?

“You Canadians are so mired in regulations and environmental impasse that you haven’t a single LNG (liquified natural gas) port approved, or even in design stages! You are so far behind Australia, the USA and other resource exporting countries that it’s laughable. If I build a petrochemical plant that strips out speciality gases, where will you sell/ship the 90 per cent remaining natural gas? On what pipeline?

“It seems to have dawned on this Alberta government that something ought to be done (other than build wind farms with taxpayers’ money) before my industry completely abandons Alberta because it’s just too difficult to run a proper business, pay taxes, and still make a profit for my shareholders.

“But this horse has long left the stable.

“My company’s five year business plan calls for another petrochemical plant/refinery/upgrader to be built, somewhere around the Pacific Rim for the ever growing Asian market.

“Where should I build?

“The USA is now bending over backwards to attract my business. It has lowered its corporate taxes. I have no shipping problems with plenty of pipeline capacity and LNG ports. And if I don’t build in the USA, I may be face a big tariff wall to get into the USA.
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EDMONTON (NEWS 1130) The Alberta Government is putting an immediate halt to the import of BC wine.

The Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission says that the equivalent of roughly 17.2 million bottles worth $70 million annually from BC wineries.

wine industry is very important to BC. Not nearly as important as the energy industry is to Alberta and Canada, but important none the less, says Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

know a lot of Albertans who love BC wine, quite frankly I one of them, just like I know a lot of British Columbians who love to drive their cars, fly in planes, and heat their homes using Alberta energy products.

The $7.4 billion project, approved in November 2016 by the federal government, would triple capacity on the 1,150 kilometre line, which runs from Edmonton to Burnaby.

It the linchpin component of Alberta fight to get a better overseas price for its oil, which is currently being sold at a discount on the North American market while the province racks up budget deficits over $10 billion.

I hearing from Albertans everywhere I go is that we have to send a clear message to BC to make our point. We can do that by boycotting BC wine. The wine industry is important in BC. Not nearly as important as energy industry is to Alberta and Canada, but important nonetheless.

Notley is encouraging Albertans to actively avoid drinking BC wine when dining out.

of our energy workers, think of your neighbours, think of our communities, think of our province, and maybe choose some terrific Alberta craft beer instead. We won be the only province impacted by another province refusal to abide by the rules says Notley February 6, 2018

She says that Alberta is tired of being on the losing end each time another province decides to break the rules.

an effort to harass investors and to harass a project that is otherwise lawful is just not a way to run the country. So, I don like it. they actively looking at additional measures in a bid to get Ottawa to step up and BC to back down.

Notley says we will not let the government of BC hold the Alberta and Canadian economies hostage and jeopardize the well being of families. Alberta we don back down says the premier February 6, 2018

honestly wish it did not have to be this way, she said. don take this lightly. Albertans didn want or invite this fight. is the second trade retaliation announced by Notley. Last week, she suspended talks to purchase electricity from BC, a deal that would be worth $500 million a year to BC.

did play by the rules, and we secured the approval of a new pipeline to tidewater to export energy products that support tens of thousands of jobs across this country, Notley said.

will not stand by and be the only province impacted by another province refusal to play by the rules. federal government has control over the cross boundary pipelines, and Notley has called BC attempt to hinder the expansion an unconstitutional attempt to get around federal approval of the project.

Meantime, Horgan has issued a statement. As part of that work, our government has every right to consult with British Columbians on the best possible measures to protect our lands and waters from the potential impacts of diluted bitumen spills, says Horgan in an emailed statement. The director of sales at the Oliver based Tinhorn Creek vineyards, Jan Nelson, says they stand to lose as much as $100,000 a month.

really depends on how long the stop will be and whether or not they be willig to sell the wine they already got in Alberta, he says.

is one of our key and important markets. We sell 15 to 20 per cent of our production into Alberta every year, says Nelson.
jumbo ugg Alberta halting BC wine imports