jumbo ugg Alberta halting BC wine imports

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EDMONTON (NEWS 1130) The Alberta Government is putting an immediate halt to the import of BC wine.

The Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission says that the equivalent of roughly 17.2 million bottles worth $70 million annually from BC wineries.

wine industry is very important to BC. Not nearly as important as the energy industry is to Alberta and Canada, but important none the less, says Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

know a lot of Albertans who love BC wine, quite frankly I one of them, just like I know a lot of British Columbians who love to drive their cars, fly in planes, and heat their homes using Alberta energy products.

The $7.4 billion project, approved in November 2016 by the federal government, would triple capacity on the 1,150 kilometre line, which runs from Edmonton to Burnaby.

It the linchpin component of Alberta fight to get a better overseas price for its oil, which is currently being sold at a discount on the North American market while the province racks up budget deficits over $10 billion.

I hearing from Albertans everywhere I go is that we have to send a clear message to BC to make our point. We can do that by boycotting BC wine. The wine industry is important in BC. Not nearly as important as energy industry is to Alberta and Canada, but important nonetheless.

Notley is encouraging Albertans to actively avoid drinking BC wine when dining out.

of our energy workers, think of your neighbours, think of our communities, think of our province, and maybe choose some terrific Alberta craft beer instead. We won be the only province impacted by another province refusal to abide by the rules says Notley February 6, 2018

She says that Alberta is tired of being on the losing end each time another province decides to break the rules.

an effort to harass investors and to harass a project that is otherwise lawful is just not a way to run the country. So, I don like it. they actively looking at additional measures in a bid to get Ottawa to step up and BC to back down.

Notley says we will not let the government of BC hold the Alberta and Canadian economies hostage and jeopardize the well being of families. Alberta we don back down says the premier February 6, 2018

honestly wish it did not have to be this way, she said. don take this lightly. Albertans didn want or invite this fight. is the second trade retaliation announced by Notley. Last week, she suspended talks to purchase electricity from BC, a deal that would be worth $500 million a year to BC.

did play by the rules, and we secured the approval of a new pipeline to tidewater to export energy products that support tens of thousands of jobs across this country, Notley said.

will not stand by and be the only province impacted by another province refusal to play by the rules. federal government has control over the cross boundary pipelines, and Notley has called BC attempt to hinder the expansion an unconstitutional attempt to get around federal approval of the project.

Meantime, Horgan has issued a statement. As part of that work, our government has every right to consult with British Columbians on the best possible measures to protect our lands and waters from the potential impacts of diluted bitumen spills, says Horgan in an emailed statement. The director of sales at the Oliver based Tinhorn Creek vineyards, Jan Nelson, says they stand to lose as much as $100,000 a month.

really depends on how long the stop will be and whether or not they be willig to sell the wine they already got in Alberta, he says.

is one of our key and important markets. We sell 15 to 20 per cent of our production into Alberta every year, says Nelson.
jumbo ugg Alberta halting BC wine imports