kids ugg style boots The Top 5 Beach Towns in Australia to Hit this Winter

mens ugg slipper The Top 5 Beach Towns in Australia to Hit this Winter

A savvy road trip planner knows that if she sees a trip with both the words March and Beach in the itinerary, chances are she’s looking at a destination near or south of the equator. Memories of your double summer vacations will keep you toasty all winter long.

So let’s plan a road trip to one of Australia’s beach towns. BUT FIRST, DID YOU KNOW Australia is the only country that has a whole continent to itself? While Antarctica is also a continent unto itself, it is not considered a country nor has it been claimed by any other country. That said, even though it’s the “smallest” continent, it still has over 4 million square miles, a population of over 20 million people and some of the most awesome beaches you’ll find anywhere in the world. Summer: December to February (first rains in November with the Wet Season in January and February, into the last of rains mid April)

Autumn: March to May (Last of rains into the beginning of the hot dry period)

Winter: June to August (cooler dry period)

Spring: September to November (humid period into the first rains)

Okay, time for your ROAD TRIP PLANNING! Here are 5 of the best beach towns to choose from for building your road trip itinerary. Keep in mind you’re visiting during Australia’s peak season so it’s best to book early.

BYRON BAY, NEW SOUTH WALES: The locals head to Byron Bay when the Wet sets in. The town has several beaches that are popular with surfers. This resort attracts international tourists as well as backpackers who like to travel along the Australian coastline. Whales, bottlenose dolphins frequent this area known for its wildlife. Activities run the gamut from sunning on the white sandy beaches to parasailing, hang gliding, surfing and scuba diving. The overall atmosphere of this town is laid back and non pretentious.

GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND: The Gold Coast is known for its sunny climate, popular surfing beaches, a dominate skyline, not to mention a lush rainforest. That’s not counting the active nightlife and the variety of things to do there. It’s become an extremely popular destination for those living in North America. You’ll find all sorts of water sports to add to your road trip planner. More than 10 million people visited the Gold Coast in 2008 so this is definitely a place you’ll want to book your hotel early.

JERVIS BAY, NEW SOUTH WALES: Jervis Bay is stunning and one of the most popular spots along the South Coast. Part of it is protected as a National Park and includes areas for recreational fishing and scuba diving (popular diving sites include the Labyrinths, Fairey Firefly aeroplane, Ten Fathom Reef, and Bowen Island). Besides scuba diving, kayaking has grown very popular recently. Since this area is only two hours south of Sydney, many locals head here for the weekend so start your road trip planner mid week to get the best hotel rooms.

NOOSA, QUEENSLAND: Noosa is about a two hour drive from Brisbane. It’s on a section of the coastline best known as the Sunshine Coast. Popular as a holiday resort city, it’s quieter than the Gold Coast but more sophisticated. Surfers love coming here even though accommodations are tougher to secure. The many beaches surrounding Noosa offer varied activities, including optional clothing at Alexandria Beach.

PORT DOUGLAS, QUEENSLAND: Port Douglas is another place where you’ll need to book early if you want to stay there during peak season. Its main claim to fame and deservedly so is the Great Barrier Reef. Then of course, there’s the primo surfing, and 4 wheel driving. Snorkeling is always popular but this may be the spot where you decide to take it a step further learn to scuba dive just so you can immerse yourself in the Great Barrier Reef.

So how do you choose just one destination? No problem. Since each beach town has a different flavor, decide on what type of experience appeals to you this time around and place the others in your road trip planner as great options for next year’s “winter” vacation.
kids ugg style boots The Top 5 Beach Towns in Australia to Hit this Winter