leather ugg boots sale Tight budgets may take the ka

ugg beacon Tight budgets may take the ka

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Store owners look for ways to entice cash strapped customers to spend on Black Friday Tight budgets may take the ka ching out of Black Friday

facebook email Part time salesman stands inside Iliass Fellahi inside Castle Hill Bike Toys Games. Store owners are trying to entice cash strapped buyers to open their wallets this holiday season. (Florescu for News)

As Bronxstores and chains gear up for the biggest shopping day of the year, many owners are wondering how to entice cash strapped Bronxites into spending.

Many residents said they won’t be spending as much this year on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, which kicks off the holiday shopping spree.

And on top of that, there’s not one special toy that all kids seem to want.

“There are no good toys this year. It’s very slow,” said Chong Lee, owner of Castle Hill Toys Games at 1375 Castle Hill Ave. “Most people go to big stores on Black Friday to do last minute shopping.”

The top seller year round continues to be video games, from about $20 to $35, and players like Xbox 360, which go for $199. Friday, the earliest it’s ever greeted customers, said Daniel Bernstein of the Fordham Business Improvement District.

“Video games are a hot item for kids,” Bernstein said. “Lots of stores are gearing up.”

And parents said their kids’ expensive tastes don’t end there some as young as 7 have also been asking for laptops. The popular Apple Macbook sells for $999.

“My son is starting to get into computers, which is something I don’t really like,” said parent Darryl Brown, a stonemason from White Plains Road, who frequents local stores. “He wants another bike and video games,
leather ugg boots sale Tight budgets may take the ka

So, will Santa be good to son Tyler?

“He’s 7, so he doesn’t hear ‘cutbacks,'” said Brown, laughing. “I can’t deny him anything. He made Principal’s List at school four times in a row!”

But other parents worrying how to budget their spending will head to such staples as JCPenney, Macy’s and Toys ‘R’ Us.

“I only shop at department stores because I know what I’m getting,” said Sharice Duchatellier from Parkchester. “Only my son got something this year his birthday is three days before Christmas!”

Yasmin Deaza said her budget tightened significantly after she lost her job as a nanny.

“This always happens in the beginning of the year, I’m planning to buy something, and by the time it gets to November, I can’t do it,” said Deaza, who still plans on getting her son a mini laptop and her daughter Ugg boots.

“I usually shop at department stores,” she added. “I look for sales.”

To this, Bernstein said people will be more satisfied with the “variety and ease of negotiation” at local independent stores, like those on Fordham Road.
leather ugg boots sale Tight budgets may take the ka