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Contact Us,Ugg boots on the streets of Miami are a good indicator that the temperature has dipped below 70 degrees. If you’re like most locals, the recent cold front left you out of sweaters and confused. How else are Miamians supposed to act when they aren’t unbearably hot and cranky? For those born and raised in the 305, muttering the words “I’m cold” is an extremely rare occurrence.

But there are a few antidotes to chilly weather in this town. From steamy spa treatments to indoor cycling classes, here are the ten best things to do when it’s “cold” in Miami.

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1. Drink a cup of hot chocolate at Honeybee Doughnuts. Drop the Swiss Miss, leave Publix, and head to Honeybee Doughnuts for a real cup of hot chocolate. The South Miami craft doughnut shop recently debuted Miami Dade’s first hot chocolate bar. Can we get an amen? Warm up with your own hot chocolate creation and choose from a plethora of toppings, ranging from homemade whipped cream to chocolate chips, cinnamon sticks, cookie dough, and torched marshmallows.

2. Visit Christmas on 10th St. With its never ending construction and hellish traffic, Brickell would ordinarily be the last place you’d look for some holiday cheer. But Christmas on 10th St., a holiday themed pop up bar, has taken over Fado Irish Pub in Mary Brickell Village. If you want to get “LIT (Like a Christmas Tree)” la Basside and keep warm in the cold, borrow your abuela’s most hideous holiday sweater, order yourself a holiday themed cocktail, and head to the fireplace in the bar’s Victorian room. Christmas on 10th St. at Fado Irish Pub, 900 S. Admission is free.

3. Book a cozy spa treatment. All of this dry air is wreaking havoc on your skin. So treat yo’self to a spa appointment. The Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne offers the “Path of the Rising Moon” package,
ugg boots size 2 The Ten Best Things to do When it's
which includes a warming orange scrub, a stone massage, and a scalp massage to slough off all your layers of skin that died instantly the moment the temperature dropped into the 60s. You can also hide out in the steam and sauna rooms until you’re warm enough to face the outside world again.

4. Take a SoulCycle class. Spend five minutes in this indoor cycling class and you be sure to warm up in no time. The cult fitness company recently opened its third Miami location in Brickell. One 45 minute ride ($30) will leave your body screaming in agony tomorrow. But it’s superfun too. You can count on the studios’ top notch instructors to come prepared with excellent music selections ranging from hip hop to indie rock, pop, and more. That’s because instructors are in complete control when it comes to curating their playlists. Each class has a different vibe depending on the instructor’s music taste. Music lovers, this workout is for you.

5. Visit Santa’s Enchanted Forest. Just when you thought you finally got the children’s voices out of your head, the Santa’s Enchanted Forest theme song is back on the airwaves and summoning you to Tropical Park once again. Self described as the world’s largest holiday theme park, this 305 staple is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Whether you’ve lost all of your cash at the game booths, unsure if your ribs are still intact after a ride on the Himalaya, or have spent 45 minutes looking for your car after a long night, no Miami Christmas is complete without a visit to this winter wonderland. Doing it when the weather’s chilly only makes it all the more surreal.

6. Institute of Contemporary Art Miami. ICA opened its new permanent location less than a month ago, and if you haven’t already gone, you truly missing out. The museum boasts over 20,000 square feet of gallery space featuring works from both established and up and coming artists. You can dip inside to get out of the cold, and its year round free entry will surely warm your heart. Don’t miss the museum’s 15,000 square foot sculpture garden out back. Admission is free.

Head straight to the stage for a sweaty good time.

7. Let South Florida’s punks keep you warm at Churchill’s Pub. Any given night, you can head to Little Haiti and catch a wild show at this local institution that New Times recently dubbed Miami’s Best Rock Club. Leave your inhibitions at the door, grab a pint from the bar,
ugg boots size 2 The Ten Best Things to do When it's
and head straight to the stage for a sweaty good time. Don’t forget to take a peek at the new mural on the side of the infamous double decker bus out front. Admission prices vary by event.