ugg cardy sale Tips for cleaning and storing seasonal clothing

australian ugg boots Tips for cleaning and storing seasonal clothing

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To welcome the new season, she’ll drop off her wool coat, sweaters and UGG boots to Sweeney Cleaners in Fargo once the snow starts melting.

“That way, they’re clean and ready to go for the next season,” the Fargo resident says. “There’s nothing better than pulling something out and knowing that everything’s taken care of.”

Wool coats, leather gloves and boots, cashmere sweaters and more can benefit from a post winter cleaning.

But what can be washed at home and what should be left to a professional?

We talked with Darren Baumgartner, owner of Sweeney Cleaners; Perry Smith, manager of Camelot Cleaners in Fargo; and Don Poach, president of Don’s Leather Cleaning in Minneapolis, to learn how to care for and store cold weather necessities.

Here’s to packing away winter.

For all shoes, clothing and accessories

Clean before storing.

“They look for that one spot you can’t see,” he says. “People will say I don’t see moths in my house; how could that happen?”

Clothes moth larvae are particularly drawn to wool, but they will eat fur, hair, silk and feathers, too, according to North Dakota State University’s Extension Service.

Carpet beetle larvae, which are common in North Dakota, also feed on clothing and household goods that contain wool, fur, hair or feathers.

Cleaning items before packing them away eliminates moth and beetle eggs, as well as perspiration odors and food spills that attract the pests. Frequent vacuuming of household carpets and rugs also helps do away with potential pests.

More than one set of care instructions can be provided, such as a garment that can be either washed or dry cleaned.

Some manufacturers provide instructions for both methods but add, “For best results, dry clean,” meaning the garment can be washed without damage, but dry cleaning may be better for appearance and durability.
ugg cardy sale Tips for cleaning and storing seasonal clothing