Aches and stress drift away in float therapy pod

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When Jackie Dent first heard the benefits of floating therapy to alleviate back pain she was skeptical.

The Lakeshore woman had been battling severe back pain and was desperate for relief. She had tried the chiropractor, acupuncture and physiotherapy, but nothing worked.

collapse to the floor because the pain was so bad. Any movement just standing, sitting and moving around hurt a lot. three sessions of floating therapy, her back pain has subsided.

Float Lakeshore opened a few months ago offering the therapy, which is being used for muscle recovery, sleep enhancement and mental clarity.

The business has two white pods in separate rooms where customers can get floating therapy. Each pod is three metres long by 1.8 metres wide and contains 25 centimetres of water in which 450 kilograms of Epsom salts have been dissolved.

The pod has a lid that can be closed once someone is inside. This deprives them of sight, sound and touch stimulation. The lack of outside distractions allows the the pod occupant to focus inward to facilitate relaxation and introspection.

The idea behind the therapy is for people to enjoy the healing benefits of the Epsom salts and relax while they float, said Float Lakeshore manager Melissa Halley.

Stephanie Dupuis enjoys a floating therapy session at Float Lakeshore on Dec. 6, 2017.

definitely was skeptical about it, Dent said. wasn sure what to expect and whether it would actually work. I assumed I would get in and just sink, but I floated and it was really relaxing. climbing into the pod and floating for an hour, she emerged feeling much better. She was so relaxed she fell asleep while floating.

in the pod because there was no pressure on any joints allowed me to really relax, she said. the day I was really tense because I was in a lot of pain. But in the pod I was really relaxed.

salt helped with the inflammation, Aches and stress drift away in float therapy pod
so for most of the day afterward I felt very minimal pain. I was able to walk and sit, I was surprised how great I felt. have come in looking for relief for everything from muscle pain to skin conditions, said Halley.

is here for a different reason, she said. people are here just to be away from the outside world. They want to get to that relaxation point, while other people are here for depression, anxiety, muscle aches and pains, and some are recovering from car accidents and other injuries. benefits of floating therapy are threefold, Halley said. The Epsom salts draw toxins from the body, sedate the nervous system, reduce swelling and relax muscles. Floating in the pod allows the body to decompress. 6, 2017.

Epsom salts are made up of magnesium sulphate, which is a natural anti inflammatory, Halley said.

where you get your muscle release from your aches and pains and it stops you from having to use ibuprofen or any of the medications like that. pod is cleaned between sessions and the body temperature water is recycled through a charcoal filter. Before and after floating customers are required to shower completely.

been so busy since we opened, Aches and stress drift away in float therapy pod
Halley said. are getting everyone from 16 years old to 92 year olds coming out and giving it a try. Some couples are even using it as a date night. single float costs $75 for an hour. There are also memberships and package deals. Float Lakeshore is located at 1303 County Road 22 in Lakeshore.