ugg gloves men Think you’re getting the best deals on Black Friday

ugg boots with heels Think you’re getting the best deals on Black Friday

Waiting in the cold for hours on Black Friday or making sure you log on right at the beginning of Monday might a cultural tradition for some Americans, but it not always a guarantee to get the best deals of the holiday season, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Shoppers line up at the entrance of ABC Warehouse on Black Friday in 2011

Using price data over the past two years from major retailer websites, the WSJ tracked prices daily and found that while American still cling to a belief that Black Friday deals are the best possible prices, the data prove otherwise. While retailers do put on major the day after Thanksgiving, many of the products are actually cheaper when purchased online during September and October.

Ann Arbor stores have followed the national trend of opening earlier and offering more aggressive Black Friday sales. The Wall Street Journal data did not include in store sales because there can be strong regional variance and special sales on limited numbers of items that are available in store only.

Prices for items such as a Citizen men watch, women Ugg boots, a Samsung 46 inch flat screen TV and even a plush Elmo toy were all higher on Black Friday than in previous months. The price of the Ugg boots jumped 59 percent from $85 to $135, which was still below the list price of $159.95.

My first rule is: start shopping early to avoid the crowds and the advertising pressure. Life has enough tensions, so give yourself enough time to think through and investigate major purchases. Giving yourself time to buy that special gift that will be appreciated and just shows how thoughtful you are. I know several people who are shopping almost year and they always impress me with the bargains they get because the recipients are delighted and the buyer generally takes time to get the best price for some really good stuff.
ugg gloves men Think you're getting the best deals on Black Friday