uggs from australia made documentary looks at the world’s Counterfeit Culture

uggs australia au made documentary looks at the world’s Counterfeit Culture

hope that this piece will provoke people to think a little deeper about the full implications of counterfeiting, says D sitting in the Halifax office of his Pilot Light Films. a serious crime that in some cases is killing people. It a mistake to think of it as a victimless crime. says he was attracted to the subject when he heard counterfeiting described as the crime of the overused term. But the more we dug in, the more we realized there was something to that description. There is more money in counterfeiting than in human trafficking or heroin trafficking. Ten per cent of the world trade $700 billion is counterfeit goods. It overwhelming. We live in a culture where it is socially acceptable to buy counterfeit products and to flaunt it. filmmaker, who subscribes to a Google news alert, which every other day delivers dozens of stories about bogus goods, says everything a person can think of being faked is, from concert tickets to alcohol, from botox to brake pads, heart medications and electronics that end up in military equipment, from fighter jets to surface to air, I thought it was just handbags and shoes, says D a longtime producer on This Hour Has 22 Minutes. it way bigger than that. People are dying. an imitation Louis Vuitton purse won put the company out of business, says Peill, acknowledging some people think the makers of luxury goods are robber barons. But he says there a connection between the seemingly harmless goods and the more dangerous ones.people who make fake hockey jerseys are also making fake antimalarial drugs. documentary was filmed in Shenzen, China, the whole world goes to buy fake electronic goods, from circuit boards to computer chips, says D as well as in Hong Kong like most Asian cities, there are counterfeiters at every street market. was also filmed in Paris, which, D notes, has very interesting museum of counterfeiting with everything imaginable, from building materials to toys. while there are people who knowingly buy fake goods and are happy to get a bargain, others,
uggs from australia made documentary looks at the world's Counterfeit Culture
particularly those that buy online, don realize they are getting a counterfeit product, says Peill.Even if you holding the real thing side by side with the fake, be it Ugg boots or Beats headphones by Dr. Dre, most of the time you can tell the difference, he continues.The documentary contains frightening statistics, such as that in some African and Asian countries up to half of all medicines are counterfeit and ineffective, and notes that in Panama in 2006, 350 people were killed by counterfeit cough syrup, and 300,000 people die every year in China after taking fake medications. it was a lightbulb moment, says D noting people thought fake drugs only existed on the Internet, not if you paid $2,000 a dose in a hospital.Peill notes that counterfeiting is happening at such a high level, wholesalers and retailers are being duped.two per cent of goods imported into Canada are checked. There not the manpower, resources or right to check everything and counterfeiters know that, says D year or so ago, he might have bought a fake Canada Goose parka, but no, pharmaceuticals, auto parts have exploded in growth and will continue to grow as long as there no general awareness it isn right. I don know what it will take to make people wake up that counterfeiting is serious. Whatever catalyst is needed hasn happened. the meantime, Peill has some words of advice.something is advertised on the Internet as brand new, in the box at a third of the regular price and there are a whole bunch of the same item, it likely stolen or more likely counterfeit.
uggs from australia made documentary looks at the world's Counterfeit Culture

ebay ugg boots size 5 Luxury Suites Bring Emmy Nominees and Top TV Stars Out to Play

cheap ugg slippers Luxury Suites Bring Emmy Nominees and Top TV Stars Out to Play

Photo courtesy Doris Bergman.

It always a whirlwind of luxury suites in the days leading up to the Emmy Awards in Hollywood, and 2017 was no different. The lure of spending an afternoon in a lovely setting where people are clamoring to give you gifts is a strong one, as proven by the two pre Emmy Awards events that happened on Thursday September 14 leading into Emmy weekend.

At Doris Bergman Eighth Annual Emmy Style Lounge Party held (as always) at the Fig Olive restaurant on Melrose Place, familiar faces were everywhere. We chatted with Bruce Dern, whose long Hollywood career includes two Oscar nominations as well as multiple other nods and wins, from the Emmys to the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Critics Choice and beyond, ranging over 40 years, the moment we arrived; he already visited the restaurant outdoor patio that was teeming with companies interested in catching celebrities attention.

Multiple Oscar nominee Bruce Dern attends Doris Bergman Eighth Annual Emmy Style Lounge Party on September 14, 2017 at Fig Olive in West Hollywood. Photo courtesy Doris Bergman.

Actress Marilu Henner enjoys the Eighth Annual Emmy Style Lounge Party on September 14, 2017 at Fig Olive in West Hollywood. Photo courtesy Doris Bergman. Vodka lovers went big for Spa Girl Cocktails award winning, low calorie Pear Martini Vodka while non drinkers found plenty of Hint Water to keep them hydrated while collecting bags of special swag.

Actress Denise Boutte of Tyler Perry’s “Meet The Browns” loves her Pampered Pets Playhouse Resort Spa goodie bag, gifted at Doris Bergman Eighth Annual Emmy Style Lounge Party on September 14, 2017 at Fig Olive in West Hollywood. Photo courtesy Doris Bergman.

Fashion designer Sue Wong Couture Fragrance brought some stunning gowns from her latest collection we just adored the full length patterned silk dress with matching elegant coat that greeted everyone at the entrance to the Bergman Eighth Annual Emmy Style Lounge Party while the men who visited the lounge found Art Lewin Bespoke, the Los Angeles custom clothier, on hand with beautiful ties, soft mercerized socks and garment bags for the guys. Men like Emmy winner Kim Estes, Steven Bauer of Donovan fame, Tony Denison from “Major Crimes” and star Nathan Davis Jr. also found outrageous underwear and swimwear by Hashtag Hooker and soft cotton clothing by Signature Innovation Group Menswear.

Actress Brigitte Nielson soars high with VIP Sponsor Abingdon Timepieces at Doris Bergman Eighth Annual Emmy Style Lounge Party on September 14, 2017 at Fig Olive in West Hollywood. Photo courtesy Doris Bergman.

Single Dress and Kaya Di Koko added more fashionable glam to the lives of Emmy winner Patrika Darbo as well as Brigitte Nielson, Deidre Hall, Marilu Henner, Dee Wallace and Maria Conchita Alonso. Those Hollywood favorites found lots of jewelry to enjoy, from Abingdon Timepieces, designed by a female aviator and diver with the adventurous woman in mind all the way to My Saint, My Hero inspirational bracelets and Twisted Silver brass and leather jewelry. Presenting Sponsor Skinside Drinkable Collagen, the Swiss beauty company, offered the beautiful people a chance to stay that way with their cosmetic drink,
ebay ugg boots size 5 Luxury Suites Bring Emmy Nominees and Top TV Stars Out to Play
while Reema Beauty added their cosmetics line into the mix.

Montrose Regenerative Cosmetics Laser Center gifted actual skin treatments, while Sunless Beauty went organic and noninvasive with complementary spray tans. The Dry Bar, My Curlifornia and Hair Wave added products to enhance the stars tresses; and for all the dog lovers in the steady crowd that enjoyed the fun, CJS Pet Staycation/CJS Homemade Wholesome Pet Treats and Pampered Pets Playhouse Resort Spa gifts, who offered up an adorable doggie paws motif tote bag filled to the brim with dog accessories.

The gaiety continued up the hill at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood, where Kari Feinstein Style Lounge Presented by Ocean Spray took over the Mezzanine level of the hotel and actually put in a cranberry bog! It was pretty comical to see stars like Eris Baker from Is Us slip into a waterproof coverall and jump on into the thing. That was a new one for luxury suites, as Ocean Spray promoted their new Mocktails, non alcoholic juice drinks.

Ocean Spray also poured real cocktails with their juice drinks and gifted stars including Peter Facinelli, Shanola Hampton and Cheryl Hines with waterproof UGG boots and (no surprise) the women were actually cranberry colored.

LOS ANGELES, CA SEPTEMBER 14: Eris Baker (2nd L) attends Kari Feinstein Style Lounge presented by Ocean Spray at the Andaz Hotel on September 14, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Lily Lawrence/WireImage)

Kelley Baker Brows brought Kelley Venice, Calif., brow salon to the Style Lounge, complete with reclining chairs, tweezers and hot wax; hers was a popular stop along the way. Also a winner was the Odd Molly women clothing booth, where they were gifting adorable Swedish sweaters, blouses and other really cute items.

LOS ANGELES, CA SEPTEMBER 15: Peter Facinelli attends Kari Feinstein Style Lounge presented by Ocean Spray on September 15, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alison Buck/WireImage)

LOS ANGELES, CA SEPTEMBER 14: Cheryl Hines attends Kari Feinstein Style Lounge presented by Ocean Spray at the Andaz Hotel on September 14, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Lily Lawrence/WireImage)

Other gifts included tote bags from Lavender and Canvas, flip flops from Samba Sol, Belladaar handmade jewelry and Moon Palace Jamaica, a luxury resort.
ebay ugg boots size 5 Luxury Suites Bring Emmy Nominees and Top TV Stars Out to Play

baby girl uggs uk Lucie hosting Patriot Golf Day program

mini ugg Lucie hosting Patriot Golf Day program

The event raises money for the Folds of Honor Foundation, which provides post secondary educational scholarships for children and spouses of military servicemen and women killed in the line of duty.

A charity Flag Day tournament will be held Sept. 4, and an Individual Point Quota tournament will be held Sept. 5 at PGA Golf Club. There will be family golf events throughout the weekend.

The charity golf event is $125 and includes concert tickets, 18 holes of golf,
baby girl uggs uk Lucie hosting Patriot Golf Day program
BBQ lunch, prizes, St. Lucie Mets game ticket and Folds of Hononr Foundation donation. Active and retired military members pay a special $65 rate. For reservations, call 800 800 4653.

Individual concert tickets are available for $15 for the lower bowl and $12 for the upper bowl. Kids 3 and under are free. Tickets are available at the Digital Domain Box Office at 772 871 2115.
baby girl uggs uk Lucie hosting Patriot Golf Day program

real ugg boots sale Low Thyroid And Belly Fat

tall ugg boots uk Low Thyroid And Belly Fat

If you have more than three of these you should get an exam by your physician or by a physician that understands the thyroid. Ask for blood work to be done, and get to know what the numbers mean. Even if your TSH is normal it does not necessarily mean that your thyroid is normal, and this is the test most often used to test for normal vs. abnormal thyroid function. Therefore ask to have your T3 and Serum T4 levels tested.

If you have excess belly fat it is important to remedy a thyroid problem prior to trying to lose weight or work off belly fat. Due to most doctors misunderstanding of T3 levels, it can be difficult to find doctors who recognize this situation so you might want to look around for a friendly doctor, especially if you have many of the above symptoms. Many doctors, even endocrinologists, do not know about the inaccurate readings of TSH levels, so it is important to ask them before going to them for these tests.

Once you deal with your thyroid issue if you found to have one,
real ugg boots sale Low Thyroid And Belly Fat
the next step is to eat right and exercise. Eat whole foods that are as close to nature as possible, and exercise every day working up to an hour a day of purposeful movement. If you vary your foods and your movement you won get bored and you soon find that the weight is melting off and you losing your belly fat. In addition, you have more energy and be healthier than you ever been before.

Last 5 Articles Added By Debbie McNeelyThink Your Way Thin January 30th, 2012Small Steps To Big Weight Loss January 28th, 2012Natural Weight Loss By Visualization January 27th, 2012Conquering Fat Loss January 26th, 2012Big Natural Weight Loss Success January 25th, 2012
real ugg boots sale Low Thyroid And Belly Fat

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uggs ladies Louis makes emergency landing

If so point you should be neat, if you ask to go to building complex,

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size 5 uggs Louis area gear up for big weekend as shoppers face holiday crunch

ugg website uk Louis area gear up for big weekend as shoppers face holiday crunch

The chocolate elves at Kakao have been moving up to warp speed in the last few weeks, exponentially ramping up production of the small St. Louis companys hallmark sea salt caramels to about 1,000 a day.

And this weekend, the companys busiest of the year, it will have its biggest staff ever on hand: 21 employees between the two stores, many of whom will be working overtime to crank out more chocolate. The snow last weekend and some cold days earlier this month seem to have delayed holiday shopping a little bit, said owner Brian Pelletier.

And the shorter time between Thanksgiving and Christmas has caught some people unaware, he said, referring to the shortest holiday shopping season in a decade, with six fewer days than last year. They are realizing that Christmas is just next week.

So while his and other stores around the St. Louis region are usually busy this week, many say they have noticed its been even busier than they expected.

Customers are telling us they are behind schedule on buying gifts, so we do expect a big push this weekend, said Mark Francis, general manager of the JCPenney store at West County Center.

Yes, the holiday shopping crunch is on. The much talked about shorter calendar, the forecasts for so so holiday sales, and an extra promotion happy environment thanks to retailers anxiety about the season will all culminate this weekend.

The Saturday and Sunday before Christmas are typically among the top shopping days of the year particularly so for Saturday, typically the second biggest shopping day after Black Friday. Hence its often used moniker: Super Saturday.

Shopping malls are expected to be jampacked this weekend, and many stores have extended their hours in the final countdown to Christmas. Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve.

In addition to the extended hours, stores are dangling price matching guarantees, free shipping deals, and, of course, extra discounts and sales in order to get consumers to splurge.

As expected, in store traffic as a whole has been down this holiday season as more people forgo brick and mortar stores in favor of shopping online.

The firm ShopperTrak said that in store traffic was down 20 percent last week compared to last year and sales were down nearly 1 percent that week, hurt by bad weather last weekend.

According to a survey for the National Retail Federation, nearly half of shoppers said they planned to do the remainder of their holiday shopping online, the highest percentage in the surveys 11 year history. The trade group said shoppers are embracing the ease and convenience of shopping online especially at a time of year when their schedules are quite busy.

But with many online retailers standard delivery deadlines for Christmas delivery coming and going this week, last minute shoppers will either have to pay more for rush delivery or hit the stores to finish up their shopping.

And there appear to be a lot of procrastinators out there. According to a Consumer Reports poll, about 31 percent of Americans hadnt started their shopping as of early December.

It always comes down to the wire, said Michael Niemira, chief economist for the International Council of Shopping Centers. But overall, were optimistic that the sales will come in pretty much as expected, and maybe a bit stronger in some categories.

But procrastinators waiting to shop this weekend may have to grapple with more inclement weather that could put a wrinkle in their plans.

On Saturday, the St. Louis area is expected to see freezing rain that is part of a band that stretches from Kansas City to Maine.

While categories such as apparel have been showing some weakness, sales nonetheless seem to be on track with the councils forecast for a 3.4 percent increase in holiday sales, Niemira said.

Brian Yarbrough, retail analyst for Edward Jones in Des Peres, also is feeling good about holiday retail sales hitting his firms forecast for a 2.8 percent uptick. But in order to get there, retailers have been running deeper and longer promotions than previous years, he said.

Its gotten more promotional than we expected, he said. Ive heard several retailers say 40 percent off is the new 20 percent because consumers are so value focused.

But its hard to know how thats affecting retailers bottom lines, because they often mark up items to begin with and know they will sell it at a discounted price, Yarbrough added. For example, the clothing store Express usually only discounts up to 40 percent before Christmas, but this year it has been offered 50 percent off at times, she said.

People have learned they dont have to pay full price, she said. Retailers are accommodating those changing shopping behaviors.

As for the hottest holiday gifts, tablets and electronics continue to be popular this year. The Microsoft Surface 2 has sold out of many places. The Beats by Dr. Dre headphones have also made a splash.

Usually theres some kind of apparel trend that seems to be red hot, Edward Jones Yarbrough said. Colored denim, North Face fleece and Ugg boots have been some examples in previous years. But it doesnt feel like theres much this year.
size 5 uggs Louis area gear up for big weekend as shoppers face holiday crunch

classic uggs tall Lotto winners give back to hometown

ugg scuffette Lotto winners give back to hometown

CAMDEN POINT, Mo. history, Mark Hill still meets friends for morning coffee at a local convenience store.

And that Camaro sports car Hill considered buying with his winnings? He got a pick up truck instead.

While some lottery winners fritter away their fortunes or meet tragic ends, not much has outwardly changed for Mark and Cindy Hill since they won half of a $587 million Powerball jackpot in November. They netted $136.5 million in a lump sum payment after taxes.

are very conservative people, said Walt Stubbs, a friend and former high school classmate of the Hills. are doing some really nice things for the community and they taken care of their family. Hills are giving money to civic projects in Mark Hill hometown of Camden Point, Missouri, and still live in nearby Dearborn, Missouri, as they did before winning the jackpot.

The Hills will pay for a new Camden Point fire station and ball field and gave the town more than $50,000 to buy land for a new sewage treatment plant that will eventually allow residents to give up individual septic tanks, Mayor Kevin Boydston said.

said all along that these lottery winnings could not have gone to a better couple, Boydston said. are giving back to the community, just like they said they would. Point has fewer than 500 residents and is wedged into hills in a rural area about 30 miles north of Kansas City. Its downtown has a series of mostly empty brick buildings.

Stubbs, chief of the area volunteer fire department, said the new station is planned to connect directly to main roads, a major improvement on the current fire hall, which does not have quick access to highways.

a situation where if we had to do it ourselves, it would take 25 years, Stubbs said.

The winning couple graduated from North Platte High School in Dearborn and have donated to a scholarship fund at that school.

The Hills, in their early 50s, told reporters at a news conference after winning the lottery they would stay in the area and give a lot of the money away. Mark Hill quit his job as a mechanic. Cindy Hill was out of work at the time.

real proud of them, said Shirley Hill, Mark Hill mother. have stayed grounded. That their nature. CAN BE A BURDEN

History is replete with lottery winners whose lives have gone sour after becoming rich.

The National Endowment for Financial Education cites research estimating that 70 percent of people who suddenly receive a large sum of money will lose it within a few years.

In 2002, Jack Whittaker already a millionaire won $315 million in a lottery in West Virginia. Just four years later he claimed to be broke. Whittaker gave away millions of dollars, but people also stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from him and he lost a granddaughter to a drug overdose.

Last year, Urooj Khan died just two months after winning $1 million in the Illinois lottery, from what initially appeared to be natural causes. Toxicology tests run at a relative request found cyanide poisoning. Police are now investigating his death as a homicide.

are beyond exception, McNay said.

Most ordinary people who come into large sums of money become victims of their own lack of financial savvy or discipline, McNay said. People also come under great pressure from friends, relatives and a host of others wanting money.

Missouri Lottery spokeswoman Susan Goedde said the vast majority of lottery winners from the state were great and if they were good money managers before, they would be after.

may change, they may not work any more and they have the freedom to travel, Goedde said. if they clipped coupons before winning the lottery, they will do it after winning.
classic uggs tall Lotto winners give back to hometown

kids kensington ugg boots Loss Secrets

bailey ugg boots uk Loss Secrets

No wonder. There’s this grueling book tour on top of an always heavy workload, plus the routine demands of parenting a 3 year old daughter and an 11 month old son who, along with her partner, Heidi Rhoades, have come with her on this recent New York visit.

But all is never lost, said Michaels, in the battle to lose weight and be healthy. “Even if you’re just standing while you’re talking on the phone,” she said, “you can burn up to 300 calories in a day.”

That’s the sort of forgiving advice found in her latest book, “Slim for Life: My Insider Secrets to Simple, Fast and Lasting Weight Loss” (Harmony Books).

“It’s my softest approach to weight loss,” said Michaels, a wellness coach to whom the word “soft” is seldom applied.

After all, she is famous as the drill sergeant trainer on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” a 5 foot 2 inch force of nature who doesn’t hesitate to throw her tautly muscled weight around.

But during this recent breakfast she seems different from her “Loser” persona. Clad in jeans, sweat shirt and Ugg boots, her hair pulled under a newsboy’s cap, she could pass for half her 39 years. She is animated, high rev. But no way overbearing.

“I wanted to write a book where you felt like I was sitting right there with you,” she said, a vision of reassurance seated across the table, “providing a simple solution for every problem or complaint I’ve ever heard.”

Fitness is too time consuming, complicated, costly, inconvenient, plus I’m hungry all the time Michaels has heard every excuse from the audience for her website, weekly podcast and speaking engagements.

“I wanted to integrate the answers and knock down the myths and the fad diets,” she said. “For every possible dieting dilemma that you could ever have, I provide umpteen amount of solutions. Pick one!”

In her book,
kids kensington ugg boots Loss Secrets
every strategy comes with a point system scored from 1 (a “bonus” tip) to 3 (most effective and important). Totaling the strategies you’re able to adopt can help predict your rate of weight loss, she said.

If some of this stuff gets a little technical (she prescribes workouts complete with calories per minute burned for each exercise), Michaels also packs the book with simple no brainers: Eat before you head to the party so you’re less tempted by those fatty hors d’oeuvres. Nix foods tagged with “danger words” like smothered, loaded, tender, deep fried and creamy. At the supermarket, avoid the center aisles (high trafficked destinations for junk food, she warns) in favor of the store perimeter, where fresh foods are likely to be stocked.

For imbibers who aren’t satisfied with the occasional red wine (pretty healthy in moderation), she even offers recipes for low cal cocktails.

“I’m going to show you exactly what you need to understand, exactly what never to do, and what it looks like in your life,” she said. “This is never going to be easy. But it’s never gonna be easier than this.”

Growing up, physical health wasn’t something that came easily to Michaels.

Her dad was overweight, she said, “and one of the ways that we spent time together was through food: ‘Let’s go get a pizza.'”

Her parents went through what she calls an ugly divorce when she was 12, which only hardened her image of herself as “a fat kid, a loser, someone who deserved to get picked on.”

But a few years later she got hooked on martial arts. She had long felt like an outsider in school and most everywhere else, a feeling heightened by the fact that she was gay and hadn’t yet accepted it. But here in the dojo she was part of a community. She felt supported. She blossomed.

“I always identify with the underdog, and I think that’s one reason I feel fine yelling at them,” she said. “I feel like I’m yelling at a peer: Take responsibility, own this situation and bring your best. A 26 year old advertising account coordinator from Wheeling, Ill., Danni has lost 95 pounds under Michaels’ dogged coaching and has guaranteed herself a slot as a finalist.

“You found yourself and you just soared,” Michaels told her last week in a voice choked with emotion, “and you became everything that I had hoped you would be.”

Michaels returned to “The Biggest Loser” this season after a two year absence. Her reasons for coming back included “a whole new group of producers I really trust and like,” she said. “Besides, it’s a heckuva platform.”

But it’s only one of many platforms from which this go go fitness guru spreads her gospel a gospel she said isn’t really about fitness.

“It’s never been about fitness for me,” Michaels said. “I don’t even really like to work out. But when you’re strong physically and you feel confident about your body and your health,
kids kensington ugg boots Loss Secrets
you’re strong in every other facet of your life. It’s transcendent.”

brown leather ugg boots Los Angeles Kings Rain Boots

ugg boots amazon uk Los Angeles Kings Rain Boots

NHL, the NHL Shield, the word mark and image of the Stanley Cup, Center Ice name and logo, NHL Conference logos and NHL Winter Classic name are registered trademarks and Vintage Hockey word mark and logo, Live Every Shift, Hot Off the Ice, Game On, The Game Lives Where You Do, NHL Power Play, NHL Winter Classic logo, NHL Heritage Classic name and logo, NHL Stadium Series name and logo, NHL All Star Game logo, NHL Face Off name and logo, NHL GameCenter, NHL GameCenter LIVE, NHL Network name and logo, NHL Mobile name and logo, NHL Radio, NHL Awards name and logo, NHL Draft name and logo, Hockey Fights Cancer, Because It’s The Cup, The Biggest Assist Happens Off The Ice, NHL Green name and logo, NHL All Access Vancouver name and logo, NHL Auctions, NHL Ice Time, Ice Time Any Time, Ice Tracker, NHL Vault, Hockey Is For Everyone, and Questions Will Become Answers are trademarks of the National Hockey League. NHL 2018. All NHL team jerseys customized with NHL players’ names and numbers are officially licensed by the NHL and the NHLPA. Use coupon code ITPAYS. Discount cannot be combined with any other coupon, group offer, discount or sale. Not valid on prior purchases of gift cards. Offer may be terminated at any time. The Zamboni word mark and configuration of the Zamboni ice resurfacing machine are registered trademarks of Frank J. Zamboni Co., Inc. Frank J. Zamboni Co., Inc. 2018.
brown leather ugg boots Los Angeles Kings Rain Boots

chestnut ugg boots Loretta Lynn remains hospitalized after stroke

ugg australia shoes Loretta Lynn remains hospitalized after stroke

Malta confirmed that Lynn is still in the hospital.

Lynn website says she is responsive and expected to make a full recovery.

Lynn sister, the Grammy winning singer Crystal Gayle, said in a statement emailed by her publicist, of you have heard that my sister, Loretta Lynn, had a stroke. She a strong woman and I know she come out of this. Our family appreciates your prayers, love and support. We pray for a speedy recovery. a Kentucky coal miner daughter,
chestnut ugg boots Loretta Lynn remains hospitalized after stroke
Lynn had a string of hits starting in the 1960s with the biographical Miner Daughter, Ain Woman Enough, Pill, and on the Way. Her songs reflect pride in her humble background and speak frankly of her experiences as a young wife and mother from poor Appalachia.

Her 1977 autobiography was made into a popular movie that brought an Oscar for Sissy Spacek portrayal of the singer. More recently, Lynn won two Grammy Awards in 2005 for her album Lear Rose. continues to tour and record regularly, but had to postpone shows last year after suffering injuries in a fall that required surgery. She is set to release a new album this August, called It Be Great,
chestnut ugg boots Loretta Lynn remains hospitalized after stroke
and she will be the subject of a new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum also in August.