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Lucia and appeared on Season 8 of “Bridezillas.” They will join four other former couples from the show in an effort to save their marriages.

“After we had our daughter, I had post partum depression really, really bad. We were leading two separate lives where we were more like roommates than husband and wife,” shares Danni. “We had communication and intimacy issues and we definitely needed counseling. We didn’t want to get a divorce and we needed help.”

For two weeks, the five couples live together in a mansion and work with coaches and husband and wife team Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, founders of Life Enrichment and Marriage Boot Camp, as well as counselors Dana Hamman and David Bishop.

The boot camp directors put the couples through a series of exercises and drills especially designed to test and strengthen their bond. In the first episode, the couples have to select bricks labeled with issues, such as “intimacy,” “disrespect” and “jealousy,” that pertain to their marriage.

Later, the couple was placed in a boxing ring and asked to demonstrate how they handle said issues at home. Other exercises include eulogizing their partners during a lifelike funeral and participating in lie detector tests.

Danni described the exercises as “extremely intense” and said they forced the couples to think about what would happen if they went through with a divorce.

“They weren typical or conventional exercises, but they do make you realize a lot about yourself and your partner and how you handle different situations,” says Marlon, who feels the experience gave him a different perspective. “I definitely do believe that boot camp has made our marriage stronger.”

For brides to be, Danni has a few words of advice: “Don be a bridezilla. It not worth it,” she says. “Yeah, you stressed out. But it such a beautiful day, that at the end of the day, if the person you want to marry is standing at the altar waiting for you, that all that matters.”
ugg childrens Local couple starts on