baby blue uggs City council eyes Internet election voting

tan uggs City council eyes Internet election voting

Airdrie residents may have the option of voting via the Internet in the future, but whether or not they can in the next election is yet to be decided.

On Monday night, council was presented with information about the potential use of the online system, which is used worldwide and currently being piloted in Edmonton, Strathcona County and St. Albert in their 2013 elections.

voting is just another alternative of voting . . . the biggest reason is to provide your electors with a suite of options for them in terms of voting, explained Sharon Pollyck, manger of legislative services with the city. the ultimate of voter convenience in terms of actually casting a ballot. technology would allow voter to cast their ballots from a dedicated website, after going through a process to register and receive their electronic ballot.

While increased voter turnout has been argued in favour of Internet voting, there is no concrete evidence to prove so, said Pollyck. But considering that 56 per cent of Airdrie 2012 census results were completed online, she believes it worth pursuing.

In her presentation, Pollyck showed results of a survey the city conducted internally and externally about whether or not electors would be interested in using this voting method and the majority of respondents were in favour.

According to the presentation, the cost of implementing the endeavour would be roughly $29,000 and would allow for online voting for the advance vote and on election day. The current budget for the 2013 election without Internet voting is $42,490.

As with all things Internet related, the issue of security was raised, but Pollyck eased most of those fears. The company being used in the northern pilot project, Scytl, has security features that have yet to be cracked by hackers or those looking to tamper with votes.

the Edmonton test vote, they actually hired a company to try and hack the system . . . and they were not able to breach the Scytl system. the lengthy and in depth presentation, council members still had many questions about things like security, voter fraud and registration, ballots, exclusion of some voters and the cost of using the system in the future.

While most aldermen saw the value of Internet voting, some lamented the possible loss of traditional voting and ultimately, council tabled the proposal to use online voting until they were presented with more information on their key concerns.
baby blue uggs City council eyes Internet election voting