black uggs sale Uggs’ warm and fuzzy style spreads to ponchos

mens ugg trainers Uggs’ warm and fuzzy style spreads to ponchos

“Besides,” you’re thinking. “Did they ever really go away?”

Not completely, although reports of their pending demise are popping up pretty regularly. Any trend that becomes as hot as Uggs, as fast as Uggs, is bound to cool off pretty quickly, goes the thinking. And Uggs, it seems, have cooled off.

But don’t despair (or breathe a sigh of relief, depending on your opinion of the fleecy monstrosities) just yet. The boots may not grace as many feet this fall and winter, but the look lives on in ponchos, bags, skirts and hoodies.

For the uninitiated, Uggs are those chunky, sheepskin boots with the soft, fuzzy fleece turned in. Women (and some men) have been wearing them with everything from mini skirts to ski pants. Legend has it the boots date back to 1970s Australia where surfers strapped shaggy sheepskins to their legs to keep themselves warm, creating “ugly boots.” The name was shortened to Uggs, and Australian Brian Smith started selling them here in 1978, mostly to California surfers.

Australia, of course, is known for all sorts of things warm and fuzzy: kangaroos, koala bears, Rupert Murdoch. (Or is he fair and balanced? Fair and balanced, warm and fuzzy, I get them confused.) Anyway, we Americans loved the look even though it took us a couple of decades to catch on,
black uggs sale Uggs' warm and fuzzy style spreads to ponchos
and we’re clearly not ready to let it go.

In addition to a whole lineup of shoes, boots and slippers for men, women and children, the Ugg brand offers women’s bags in “Sundance,” “Fluff” and “Classic,” all made from sheepskin and featuring a varying amount of warm, fuzzy stuff. Ugg also makes sheepskin ponchos, sheepskin hoodies and sheepskin mini skirts, all of which show signs of being hot this fall and winter, and I don’t just mean temperature.

After all, People magazine recently reported that Kate Hudson, Uma Thurman and Hilary Duff have added the ponchos to their wardrobes, inspiring the mag to label Ugg clothing the “sure to be must have of the upcoming winter.” Really, now. What further proof does one need?

Other brands have picked up on the warm, fuzzy trend as well. Sheepskin and fluff purses dot handbag departments throughout the city, and the look is popping up on a variety of items. I spotted a pair of Kathy Van Zeeland sandals recently with a blue suede and metal buckle upper (Dr. Scholl’s style), with the underside of the suede covered in soft, white fluff.

Clearly this trend is about more than staying warm. Sandals? Mini skirts? Handbags? How cold do your wallet, lipstick and house keys get in a non sheepskin purse?

Clearly we’re looking for some warm and fuzzy in our lives, even if we have to shop for them. And warm and fuzzy, it turns out, don’t come cheap. One of those Ugg ponchos goes for $275. An Ugg hoodie will set you back $385.

But when wars rage, candidates bicker, hurricanes batter and “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” scores big at the box office, a sheepskin handbag doesn’t seem like such a crazy place to turn to for comfort,
black uggs sale Uggs' warm and fuzzy style spreads to ponchos
does it?.