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toddler ugg slippers Chance of frostbite shouldn’t be part of Super Bowl

Minny I cant feel my face Apolis.

Its nothing against the fine citizens of the Twin Cities. Sven, Lars, Gunnar, Greta and everyone else have been nothing but warm, friendly and helpful to me. Ive used Uber a half dozen times so far and have yet to be taken for a ride.

The scene was dramatically different at Mondays Super Bowl Opening Night at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. When the Eagles players and coaches walked on stage, they were greeted with boos and Skol chants from Vikings fans in the wake of last Sundays 38 7 Eagles victory in the NFC championship game.

It seems like nothing melts in Minnesota, including bitterness and disappointment.

Still, Im not buying the report local restaurants are freezing out people out of spite. Injured Eagles safety Chris Maragos caused quite the Twitter storm better make that a blizzard when he mentioned he was unable to get a reservation at a Minneapolis restaurant for this weekend.

Ive got a feeling local restaurants have been booked for weeks, if not months.

My biggest beef is with the weather.

I dont care that the games being played indoors. Bank Stadium is a terrific venue. But the Super Bowl is not supposed to be held anywhere where you can see your breath.

Its so cold here even the servers at Margaritaville are wearing parkas and mittens.

cheap ugg boots for kids Chance of frostbite shouldn't be part of Super Bowl
the Mall of America is wonderful, but you can only ride the SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge roller coaster so many times.

Judging by the weather forecast, the temperature here is also headed for a Rock Bottom Plunge.

Speaking of pants, Im supposed to be wearing shorts this week, not khakis on top of long johns. My footwear should be a pair of flip flops, not Uggs on top of two pairs of socks.

I should have known I was in trouble when my Southwest Airlines flight began its descent into Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, and the pilot announced that the temperature was a balmy 19 degrees.

Thursdays forecast calls for a high of 8 degrees and a low of minus 4. Super Bowl Sunday has a high of 6 and low of 1.

Thats nothing, Erik the Uber driver said to me Monday. We were at minus 10 for about three weeks in a row not long ago.

Minnesota natives are doing their best to downplay the fact my eyelids have icicles on them. Signs all over the Mall welcomed me to the Bold North. Another one invited me to Brrring it on.

Im supposed to be able to enjoy 18 holes in the Arizona desert on my day off during Super Bowl week, or maybe hit a Florida beach for some stand up paddleboarding. I shouldnt be wearing any layers,
cheap ugg boots for kids Chance of frostbite shouldn't be part of Super Bowl
not three.