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But then I read over some of the recent comments to my posts and thought I’d write back to them instead.

You know, it’s interesting what topics get people to respond to this blog. I write about my hopes, dreams, fears, my thoughts on Seasonale ad campaigns . . . I gather intriguing word problems and attempt to elicit responses from readers . . . nothing. Then I write one post about how much I hate Uggs, and the world is upon me. Check this one out, from someone named “goldponygirl”:

I guess that if I were really mature, I wouldn’t bother responding to this, but after so many months of no comments at all, I can’t help but write a little response to a direct personal insult. (And if I didn’t, I’d devote this time instead to a take home exam, perhaps ironically, for my ethics class. Wasting time arguing about irrelevant fashion choices is much more fun.)

I must say that you raise an interesting question: would I care as much if they were just $20? However, the potentially interesting conversation to be had about whether or not price corresponds to people’s opinions about ugly fashion fads is perhaps moot, because I have no idea how much Uggs cost. I take it from this comment that they are expensive? In that case, goldponygirl, I guess you do make a good point because knowing that people are paying tons of money for them does indeed make me dislike them more!

But this is neither here nor there. I want to stress again, all you Ugg lovers out there, that you needn’t feel threatened by my dislike of your clothing choice! Do you know what I am wearing right now? A biking shirt, jeans I haven’t washed in two weeks, and worn out red sneakers! If you are wearing Uggs, you are more fashionable than I am!
childrens ugg boots uk Ugg is for a Whole Lot of Controversy Over a Boot
You probably have some sort of mascara (worn in a tasteful way, of course) and a jacket that involves sheepskin. For this I commend you I don’t even brush my hair.

Also, I don’t think Uggs are categorically a bad thing, particularly for certain people and climates (read: Eskimos). I just think they look silly when worn with tights.

And as for the journalism school thing, goldponygirl . . . that’s like stomping your Ugg(s) all over my face. Play nice. It’s the trendy thing to do.

Your last post made me think about the Paul Fussel book, _Bad Or, The Dumbing of America_ in which the esteemed NYU critic writes about all the things in pop culture that he thinks are really, really dumb.

One thing that stuck in my mind was his criticism of the “Greek Fisherman Caps” advertised in the New Yorker. Much like Ugg boots, these were functional item of a particular vocation co opted by a fashion culture.

ANYWAY he remarked that one should only buy this piece of clothing if they satisfied two characteristics 1. That they are Greek and 2. That they work on a fishing boat (and I suppose, implicitly, that they need a new hat).

I guess what I mean to say is that, yes, I agree with you, Uggs look pretty stupid. Especially when you don carry your matching harpoon with you.

Anyway, the book itself is not a masterwork of literature, but it an amusing read and readily available in used book bins everywhere.

Kudos on making fun of those horrible boots. You should have made fun of ponygirl for her obvious use of a thesaurus. Acoutrements? Multi paragraph rants (as oppose to single paragraph rants?)? Apparent rage (the apparent is just a bit unnecessary, and rage is a little harsh)? And “rave about how much you hate them” almost sounds like a Bushism. And how does fashion taste correlate with admission to Journalism programs? Obviously ponygirl hasn learned to stop using juvenile ad hominem arguments. My guess is she a vapid little high schooler all decked out in pink. You really didn even need to respond to her; her comment alone is a testament the stupidity of those who sport the Uggs.

Everyone opinions are their own. That rant was friggin hilarious in my opinion. What total BS. I used to be anti Ugg myself. I still HATE Classics. Blech! I did buy a pair of Surfcats for a winter trip up north I was taking. and I have to say, you get hooked. like a fish. I myself am a generally, no make up wearing, lucky if I remembered to brush my hair sort.

These boots are soooooo comfortable I want to wear them to bed. I have just purchased, but not yet received a pair of Classic Cardys which is like a sweater for your feet.

Thing is, I could give 2 craps if a shoe is pretty or looks good. I just want something warm and SOOOOO comfy that I can wear to work with my good jeans (under or over)and tshirts and not get fired. As far as Classic Uggs go. when I become a hair twirling fashionista cheerleader, I will think about it. Until then,
childrens ugg boots uk Ugg is for a Whole Lot of Controversy Over a Boot
I avoiding the dark side.