classic ugg UK lags behind in global school rankings

ugg fashion UK lags behind in global school rankings

After the last round of rankings, published in 2013, there were warnings from ministers in England that results were “stagnating” and reforms were promised to match international rivals.

But Russell Hobby, leader of the National Association of Head Teachers, warned that the results showed “a lost decade” in which the government had pursued an “obsession” with structural change which had “little impact on either standards or equity”.

Nick Gibb, England’s School Standards Minister, described the results as a “useful insight” and showed the need to “make more good school places available” in grammar schools.

He announced 12m to support professional training for science teaching.

But Professor Stephen Gorard from Durham University said the evidence of the results did not support claims that academic selection would boost overall performance.

What is Pisa? In three sentences

The Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) provides education rankings based on international tests taken by 15 year olds in maths, reading and science.

The tests, run by the OECD and taken every three years, have become increasingly influential on politicians who see their countries and their policies being measured against these global school league tables.

The UK has remained among the mid table performers, with Singapore rated at the top and most of the highest places taken by Asian education systems.

Quiz: See if you know your school science

Scotland drops in world education rankings

Wales gets worst results in UK

Singapore comes top by investing in teaching

10 ways to be the cleverest country

Within the devolved UK education systems, Wales had the lowest results at every subject.

Mr Schleicher said reforms in Wales had yet to make an impact and it was too early see if they would be successful.

At present Wales’ performance in reading puts it only a few places above parts of the UAE, Argentina and Colombia.

Education Secretary Kirsty Williams said: “We can all agree we are not yet where we want to be.”

But she said that “hard work is underway” to make improvements in Wales and that it was important to “stay the course”.

Dylan William, of the UCL Institute of Education, urged caution on the results for Wales saying changes took a long time to filter through and it could be another decade before rankings would reflect what was happening in today’s classrooms.

England had the strongest results in the UK, but compared with previous years, Mr Schleicher said “performance hasn’t moved at all”.

Media captionOfsted boss tells The World at One England’s educational performance is better than rest of UK
classic ugg UK lags behind in global school rankings

uggs for babies UK is ‘second most powerful country in world and could win wars with China and Russia’ report claims

uggs for girls UK is ‘second most powerful country in world and could win wars with China and Russia’ report claims

UK is ‘second most powerful country in world and could win wars with China and Russia’ report claimsEuropean Geostrategy described the UK’s military power as ‘comprehensive, advanced and diverse’ and, crucially, capable of launching attacks at range17:47, 31 DEC 2016Britain has been named the world’s only global power (Image: Getty Images)

Researchers claim the UK is the ‘second most powerful country’ in the world behind the United States and could even win in war against China and Russia.

It has been named the world’s only global power with the US named as the only super power by European Geostrategy.

The study will surprise many, with countries usually considered world giants, like China and Russia, only being given the label ‘regional powers’.

They were joined by nations such as France, India and Germany.

European Geostrategy said being a global power meant the UK was: “A country lacking the heft or comprehensive attributes of a superpower, but still with a wide international footprint and [military] means to reach most geopolitical theatres, particularly the Middle East, South East Asia, East Asia, Africa and South America.”

New Year’s Eve terror threat puts Western cities on lockdown with heavily armed police and soldiers on patrol

(Image: Getty Images)

It said the UK’s military was ‘comprehensive, advanced and diverse’ and a major participant in NATO and other coalition operations.

Meanwhile, Britain continues to hold overseas defence bases at Ascension Island, Belize,
uggs for babies UK is 'second most powerful country in world and could win wars with China and Russia' report claims
Brunei, Canada, Diego Garcia, the Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Kenya, Bahrain and Cyprus.

Alongside that, the UK still maintains nuclear weapons and its defence budget ranks fifth or sixth in the world.

World in crisis: New Cold War has us on the brink and Donald Trump could light the touchpaper

In briefing paper in 2011, Professor Malcolm Chalmers, director of UK Defence Policy Studies at the Royal United Services Institute said: “The UK will never again be a member of the select club of global superpowers.

“Indeed it has not been one for decades. But currently planned levels of defence spending should be enough for it to maintain its position as one of the world’s five second rank military powers (with only the US in the first rank), as well as being (with France) one of NATO Europe’s two leading military powers.

“Its edge not least its qualitative edge in relation to rising Asian powers seems set to erode, but will remain significant well into the 2020’s, and possibly beyond.”

Britain is also understood to score highly in the Chinese ‘Comprehensive National Power’ ranking system.

CNP measures hard and soft cultural power as well as economic and military clout.

However the system is flawed as it does not take into account the fact that while China, for example, has a larger military force than the UK, it does not have the ‘logistical capability to deploy, support and sustain those forces overseas in large numbers’,
uggs for babies UK is 'second most powerful country in world and could win wars with China and Russia' report claims
wrote the UK Defence Journal .

It added that the UK has greater capability than China which is focusing its defences more locally at present for operating at range.

ugg sale slippers UK chooses site for new EV battery hub

ugg sizes UK chooses site for new EV battery hub

LONDON The UK has picked a site in central England to house a new automotive battery manufacturing development facility, in a move which the British government and companies hope will lead to large scale local production.

The site in the West Midlands will benefit from 80 million pounds ($107 million) of investment to develop the processes required to manufacture the latest battery technology.

“The new facility will propel the UK forward in this thriving area, bringing experts from academia and industry together to deliver innovation and r that will further enhance the West Midlands international reputation as a cluster of automotive excellence,” he said.

The region’s mayor, Andy Street,
ugg sale slippers UK chooses site for new EV battery hub
said the investment could help in intensifying efforts to improve air quality.

“If we get this right, we will not only create jobs and establish this industry in our region, but we can also provide a solution for the world to help tackle issues such as congestion and air pollution,” he said.

The center is being developed in partnership with Warwick University’s Manufacturing Group.

Automakers are racing to build greener vehicles and improve charge times in a bid to meet rising customer demand and air quality targets but Britain lacks sufficient manufacturing capacity, an area the government wants to build up.
ugg sale slippers UK chooses site for new EV battery hub

ugg in uk UK blogger who shook government

genuine ugg boots uk UK blogger who shook government

Media captionBarnaby Joyce: ‘I was born just there’

It is the scandal that unseated a deputy prime minister and left Australia’s government teetering on a knife edge.

On Friday a court ruled that Barnaby Joyce, leader of the junior party in the governing conservative coalition and deputy prime minister, was invalid. He now faces a by election that could threaten the government’s slim majority.

A British blogger who uncovered Mr Joyce’s status as a dual national stressed that this was not his intention when he began probing into the politician’s background.

“I was never out to get the deputy prime minister,” William Summers told the BBC from his home in Melbourne.

“I’ve always said he shouldn’t lose his seat. But, if you are going to have this rule, you have got to treat everyone the same.”

How did a dual citizenship crisis befall an immigrant nation?

Who are the MPs caught up in the dual citizenship saga?

At the heart of the crisis is a 114 year old law which many think is outdated including Mr Summers, a former assistant to UK Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb.

“The constitution had this rule about people not being able to have dual nationalities,” he said.

“It has been in there all the time. Successive governments have known it is a problem, but they kicked it into the long grass.”

However, things came to a head earlier this year when two Greens politicians were forced to resign within four days of each other after discovering they held dual citizenship, both having been born abroad.

The Australian press, sensing more potential scalps, began checking the citizenship status of all MPs born abroad.

Mr Summers, who was born in Norfolk in eastern England but moved to Melbourne a couple of years ago, decided to go a little deeper.

After all, people could inherit nationality people like Australia born Mr Joyce, whose father was born in New Zealand.

It was a hunch, but it turned out to be a good one.

One man’s march for indigenous rights

Ugg: The battle over an iconic Australian boot

“I very soon realised he had made no mention of renouncing his New Zealand citizenship,” said Mr Summers, a communications manager at Monash University in Melbourne.

After a bit more digging,
ugg in uk UK blogger who shook government
the New Zealand government was forced to come to the same conclusion, giving Mr Summers, 40, a good post for his blog.

His discovery didn’t go unnoticed: “Within three days, I had 30,000 hits it basically went viral.”

The blog was published on 28 July. By 14 August, Mr Joyce was forced to stand up in Australia’s parliament and admit that his election may not have been entirely legal.

“I was shocked about this,” he told MPs. “Neither I, nor my parents have ever had any reason to believe I may be a citizen of another country.”

But Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull remained bullish about his coalition partner being cleared by the courts even after criticising the opposing Greens for their “incredible sloppiness” in allowing two dual nationals to be elected.

The judges, however, did not share Mr Turnbull’s views and, on 27 October, disqualified Mr Joyce and four other politicians. That pushed the prime minister’s parliamentary majority to the edge.

Although this was not the outcome Mr Summers was looking for, it has led to Mr Summers being nominated for scoop of the year at the Walkley Awards, Australia’s answer to the Pulitzer Prizes.

He is the first blogger to be nominated, but he isn’t planning on giving up the day job just yet. “I’ve known a few journalists it’s a lot of hard work, and not very well paid,” he observed.

But what about becoming an MP himself? Mr Summers was the Liberal Democrats’ candidate in North West Norfolk in 2010, coming second to the incumbent Conservative MP.

It might not be on his to do list right now, but he notes: “If I did have any parliamentary ambitions,
ugg in uk UK blogger who shook government
I would certainly make sure I was in line with the rules which is all that people ask.”

ugg purses uk UI to tweak logo design

ugg flipflops UI to tweak logo design

CHAMPAIGN Orange and blue have defined the University of Illinois’ identity for more than a century, since students chose the official school colors in 1894.

The exact shades have varied over the years from a deep navy to a medium blue, from orange yellow to the reddish orange on the new Illini uniforms adopted three years ago.

Now, the campus is poised to make that deeper athletic orange the official school color as it moves to unify its “branding” across all platforms including a single logo based on the familiar Block I used for decades by athletics.

That could spell the end of the “column I” developed in the 1990s for use by the academic side of campus found on everything from letters to websites to fundraising brochures.

UI officials are mum on the coming change, but a source told The News Gazette that the school plans to roll out its new branding this week.

Asked about it Friday, campus spokeswoman Robin Kaler would not disclose details but said, “We are working on unifying the Illinois brand to speak with one voice. We’ll have some exciting announcements on that very soon.”

Not everyone is happy about the new colors. The orange in the current Illini uniforms, which would be adopted campuswide, looks too red to some longtime fans, said Cathy Rector, president of the Illini Quarterback Club.

“They’re not real crazy about the color. I haven’t heard a whole lot, but what I have heard is that it doesn’t look orange,” she said.

Rector sympathizes with the traditionalists, but she’s a relative “newcomer,” an Indiana University graduate who moved to Illinois about 19 years ago (and is now a staunch Illini booster).

“I don’t mind it. I think the uniforms are kind of attractive,” she said. “But I understand where they’re coming from. Change is hard; you learn that. It’s one of those things that you have to wrap your arms around and realize there’s going to be change.”

In 2015, the campus hired Edelman public relations consultants for $550,000 to develop a unified branding plan in advance of a major fundraising campaign set to kick off in October 2017. Amid budget pressures and faculty objections to the no bid contract, which was paid by the UI Foundation, the campus later terminated the deal with Edelman but created a new Marketing Advisory Council to coordinate marketing and communications efforts.

Officials argued that the right branding is important to motivate funders and donors, recruit top faculty and students in a competitive environment, and present a coherent image to taxpayers and legislators.

Previous branding initiatives over the years had streamlined marketing efforts and consolidated the number of logos at the UI once at more than 800 but different parts of campus still use their own. That confuses consumers and makes it difficult to project a unified image for the campus,
ugg purses uk UI to tweak logo design
officials said.

The marketing group recently presented its branding recommendations to Chancellor Robert Jones.

UI athletics went through its own rebranding several years ago, unveiling a fresh line of Nike sports apparel in 2014 with a new Illini “shield” logo and a dark navy and deep orange color scheme.

Members of Nike’s rebranding team had come to campus and worked with campus administrators, athletic department officials, coaches and students on the designs. UI officials also visited the company’s headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., and were in regular communication with the Nike office on the project.

Previously, officials said, there was a lack of consistency among the Illinois teams when it came to their “look.” Some used a “Block I” with a circle around it, the word Illinois underlined, the word Illinois written at an angle or a basketball or soccer ball with the word Illinois written through it.

Plus, there were a variety of fonts and shades of orange and blue used.

The new effort with Nike was considered a “clean up” of the brand, focusing different units to use new guidelines for colors and fonts.

Football and basketball adopted the look first, and all sports now use the new uniforms, said Associate Athletic Director Kent Brown.

Coaches and players were happy with the products, and the UI signed a new 10 year, $44.5 million sponsorship deal with Nike in 2016. The company agreed to provide the UI with more than $4 million worth of shoes, jerseys and other merchandise each year.

Rector said it’s good for the program to update its look and keep things “fresh.” For a big school, branding is important, she said.

Longtime Quarterback Club board member Jill Allred, who’s been attending Illini games since the 1960s, likes the new colors, the new helmets, the new “shield” logo,
ugg purses uk UI to tweak logo design
and especially the new gray uniforms representing Red Grange.

chelsea ugg boots UI professor says he was acting as journalist while recording in bathroom

mens uggs UI professor says he was acting as journalist while recording in bathroom

CHAMPAIGN A University of Illinois professor arrested Monday night for allegedly videotaping a former unofficial Chief Illiniwek portrayer in a bathroom at State Farm Center has been put on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

“If the allegations against Prof. Rosenstein are accurate, they do not comport with the university’s Code of Conduct. Video recording of individuals in a public restroom without permission is an unacceptable violation of personal privacy under any circumstances,” the statement said. “Prof. Rosenstein is being placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into this allegation.”

But Rosenstein, a longtime Chief opponent, said Tuesday he was acting as a journalist and believes he was wrongfully detained by police.

The incident occurred during Monday’s Illini basketball game against Michigan State and also involved Ivan “Alex” Dozier, a UI graduate and a vocal member of the Honor the Chief Society.

Dozier said Rosenstein followed him and others into a bathroom where Omar Cruz the current unofficial Chief portrayer was changing into his costume, and used his phone to tape them. Rosenstein is creator of the award winning 1997 documentary “In Whose Honor?” about the negative effects of Native American imagery in sports. Tuesday.

“Jay Rosenstein has been released and will not be in court. by the arena’s security team. They saw Rosenstein recording a group of people in the hallway of the arena and then follow them into the bathroom, “apparently holding the phone in a way that indicated he was recording,” Wade said.

Police talked with both parties, and the group followed by Rosenstein said they were uncomfortable with his actions and wanted to press charges, Wade said. Rosenstein admitted he was recording the group in the bathroom, and police informed him that was a violation of state law and arrested him, Wade said.

“He indicated to us that he felt a journalistic responsibility to record what was happening at the time,” Wade said, noting that Rosenstein is an outspoken critic of the Chief.

Police did not say that Rosenstein actually filmed anyone using the bathroom.

Wade said the Chief issue had no bearing on the officers’ decision.

“The arrest was based on that very strict interpretation of the statute as they knew it,” he said. “That’s all our officers can really work on.”

Rosenstein released a statement to The News Gazette on Tuesday:

“I am a nationally recognized and international award winning documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist. I believe I was wrongfully detained because of my efforts to investigate whether employees of the State Farm Center are taking an active role in facilitating the appearance of the unapproved Chief Illiniwek.”

Rosenstein also provided a copy of a threatening email he received following reports of the incident Tuesday and said UI police are investigating.

‘Kind of stunned’

Dozier, an agronomist with a startup firm at the UI Research Park, posted about the incident on Facebook late Monday night.

He told The News Gazette on Tuesday that he was standing in the hallway at State Farm Center when he saw Rosenstein apparently using his cellphone camera.

“I wasn’t sure if he saw me,” Dozier said, and as the two men had had some “unpleasant interactions” in the past, he decided to duck into the bathroom. Dozier said his dad and Cruz were already inside preparing for Cruz’s appearance, though that wasn’t mentioned in his Facebook post.

“I went ahead and used the urinal and after I was done, I turned around and there’s Jay with his camera still out,” he said. “I was approaching the sink. He said ‘Ivan, I thought I might find you in here.’ I was kind of stunned and didn’t know what to say.”

Dozier said he wasn’t sure how long Rosenstein had been there and doesn’t know what he actually taped.

“The first thing I did was check to make sure I was covered,” he said.

Dozier said his dad told Rosenstein to leave, and he and another member of the Honor the Chief Society flagged down security.
chelsea ugg boots UI professor says he was acting as journalist while recording in bathroom

ladies ugg slippers sale UI professor challenges initial accounts about filming in restroom

ugg boots bailey button triplet UI professor challenges initial accounts about filming in restroom

URBANA University of Illinois Professor Jay Rosenstein is challenging the initial accounts of his arrest at State Farm Center earlier this week.

Rosenstein, a professor of media and cinema studies, said he wanted to respond to “certain rumors and innuendo” about Monday night’s incident, in which he was accused of following members of a pro Chief Illiniwek group into a bathroom and videotaping them.

Countering initial descriptions of what happened, Rosenstein said he did not record Honor the Chief board member Ivan “Alex” Dozier or anyone else urinating or “in a state of undress.”

“I have never, ever at any time or any place, filmed or recorded anyone in a state of undress or urinating in a public bathroom,” he said Thursday. “It’s an absolute, complete lie.”

A documentary filmmaker and vocal opponent of Native American sports mascots, Rosenstein said he was at the arena on the night of the Illini Michigan State game to film the student appointed by the Honor the Chief Society to dress up like the Chief at various public events.

He said he was hoping to get a shot of the student putting on his costume and “document all of the ways that university employees might be involved in helping to facilitate” the Chief’s performance.

Rosenstein said he’s been following the Chief Illiniwek saga since 1993, and has periodically updated his 1997 documentary “In Whose Honor?” with additional footage. He’s also been planning to create a comprehensive video on the Chief issue today, so getting footage of his appearances at Illinois is part of that effort, he said.

“I was able to shoot some brief footage a couple of years ago of two university police officers appearing to be standing guard while Ivan Dozier changed out of the Chief costume in a small entranceway off of the main hall,” he wrote in an email Thursday, in response to questions about the incident.

If university employees were involved in the Chief’s performances, he added, “it would be a serious violation of the university’s agreement with the NCAA regarding the Chief, a major story and a big journalistic scoop.”

“Since I only got a brief glimpse before, I was hoping to more thoroughly document the process of the Chief’s appearance and where and how university employees were involved the Chief putting on the costume, standing wherever he stood, walking out into the arena, back in, and then changing out of the outfit,” he said in the email.

He added that “the guy actually dressed as the Chief was very much a secondary issue.”

Rosenstein said he didn’t directly follow the group into the bathroom, but saw two State Farm Center security guards in front of it, and another woman wearing a Chief T shirt nearby, and presumed the Chief portrayer was inside. Given that the game was in progress it was midway through the first half the hallway was otherwise virtually empty,
ladies ugg slippers sale UI professor challenges initial accounts about filming in restroom
he said.

He said he walked just inside the door of the bathroom to see if it was being used “as a private staging area” for Dozier and his father, who was also at the game, and Omar Cruz, the current unofficial Chief portrayer. He believed they were all inside, and “to the best of my knowledge, they were the only people inside the bathroom while I was present.”

“At all times while I was present, Ivan Dozier was fully clothed and standing by a sink near the door, nowhere near the urinals. In fact, no one was visibly in a state of undress while I was present,” Rosenstein said.

‘No such footage’

UI Police spokesman Patrick Wade had said Tuesday that Rosenstein admitted recording inside the restroom but the report didn’t specify what he recorded.

“Let me state this as clearly and unambiguously as I can: I did not, that evening, record Ivan Dozier or anyone else urinating or in a state of undress. There is no such footage on my phone, nor has there ever been. Nor for that matter have I ever recorded Ivan Dozier or anyone else urinating in a bathroom at any time or any place. Nor did I see Dozier or anyone else urinating or in a state of undress in that bathroom,” Rosenstein said.

He added, “My observations were from the vantage of the entrance to the restroom. Looking into the room from that location, I saw Dozier standing at the bathroom sink, fully clothed.”

The initial Facebook post from Dozier said that he saw Rosenstein, “phone still in hand and pointed right at me,” after he finished using the urinal and alleged that Rosenstein was “literally trying to catch me with my pants down.”

Dozier later told The News Gazette he was approaching the sink when he saw Rosenstein and wasn’t sure how long he’d been there or what he had taped. He called it a shocking and “violating” experience.

Rosenstein said Dozier’s insinuation, and News Gazette stories about it, went viral and prompted commenters to accuse him of being a “pervert.” He called Dozier’s accusations “disgusting.”

Dozier stood by his account Thursday: “That’s how I felt,” he said.

“What Jay Rosenstein did was absolutely illegal,” Dozier said. “I don’t care what he saw or what he expected to see or what he didn’t see. He broke the law. You should not enter a public restroom with a camera rolling. I don’t care why you’re trying to gather footage. I don’t care what your justification would be. . That is something that is not appropriate, especially given a context that this is a university professor that is in charge of educating students.”Rosenstein did not address what he may have recorded inside the restroom, or whether he knew that filming in a public restroom without the permission of the person being recorded is a violation of state law.

He said his lawyer has insisted that he not discuss other aspects because of the UI’s pending investigation.

Police confiscated Rosenstein’s phone during the arrest but never searched it, Wade said. That would have required a search warrant, and that wasn’t done because no formal charges were filed,
ladies ugg slippers sale UI professor challenges initial accounts about filming in restroom
he said. The phone was returned to Rosenstein on Tuesday.

A statement from the UI on Tuesday said the allegations against Rosenstein “do not comport with the university’s Code of Conduct” and that videotaping in a public restroom without permission is “an unacceptable violation of personal privacy under any circumstances.”

womens black ugg boots UI makes logo change official

mens ugg gloves UI makes logo change official

The University of Illinois announced today that it will return to a single logo the orange block “I” still used by Illinois athletics as it moves to unify its branding.

As reported in Sunday’s News Gazette, the school will scrap it 20 year old “Column I” logo used by academic and administrative units since 1997.

Colleges and administrative units will begin moving to the logo immediately, but the transition is expected to last several months, the UI said in a release. Units will be told to continue using existing printed materials with the old logos until they’re depleted.

The university’s logo for most of its history, the block “I” was first referenced in campus archives is 1892. It has global recognition and will consolidate and strengthen the university brand’s impact, said Robin Kaler, the associate chancellor for public affairs.

The typeface in the full “Illinois” logo will also be modernized, to be more consistent with the Block “I” and project a bolder, more substantial image reflecting a land grant institition, Kaler said.

Chancellor Robert Jones directed staff to unify the campus logo and to clarify rules for its use. He said having multiple logos creates needless confusion for the public.

“Ultimately, this is just the first step in our effort to harness the power of the Illinois brand, work that will have tangible implications for our fundraising efforts, faculty and student recruitment, corporate support, research funding and our overall reputation,” Jones said in a release.

In 2015, the campus hired Edelman public relations consultants for $550,000 to develop a unified branding plan in advance of a major fundraising campaign set to kick off in October 2017. Amid budget pressures and faculty objections to the no bid contract, which was paid by the UI Foundation, the campus later terminated the deal with Edelman, after paying more than $300,000 for the effort.

An internal Marketing Advisory Council then coordinated marketing and communications efforts. The council worked with deans, department heads, faculty and staff across campus to refine the proposed design, address any concerns about the change, and outline a timeline for the transition.

Officials argued that the right branding is important to motivate funders and donors, recruit top faculty and students in a competitive environment, and present a coherent image to taxpayers and legislators.

Previous branding initiatives over the years had streamlined marketing efforts and consolidated the number of logos at the UI once at more than 800 but different parts of campus still use their own. That confuses consumers and makes it difficult to project a unified image for the campus, officials said.
womens black ugg boots UI makes logo change official

womens leather ugg boots uk UH Women’s Hoops Hosting Big West

pink ugg boots UH Women’s Hoops Hosting Big West

(Hawaii Athletics) With a full BYE week under their belts, the University of Hawai’i women’s basketball team (10 14, 3 8 Big West) return to action Saturday with momentum against league leading UC Davis (20 4, 10 1 Big West). at the Stan Sheriff Center.Coming off Coach Laura Beeman’s 100th win just the second coach to reach the milestone in the program’s history the Rainbow Wahine snapped a three game losing skid against visiting Cal State Fullerton last Thursday. Coming off her second straight 20+ point performance and ninth consecutive double digit game, guard Sarah Toeaina continues to step up in her senior campaign, ranking fifth in the Big West with 15.7 PPG and a team second most 5.5 RPG.Sophomore forward Makenna Woodfolk got back to double digit scoring for the first time in three games with 10 against the Titans, but has continued to be a leader for the ‘Bows on the glass, pacing UH with 6.3 RPG, as well as 8.7 PPG and a team second most 23 steals. Woodfolk has grabbed at lead seven boards in three of the last four outings. Aiding the effort, junior point guard Tia Kanoa is averaging 5.0 assists per outing, racking up the NCAA’s 59th most dimes (121) to lead the BWC. With five regular season games remaining, Kanoa is just 40 assists shy of the single season UH record. Additionally, Kanoa leads the squad with 39 steals.The Aggies have dominated the conference this season, dropping a lone league game to CSUN to open the month, and are on a two game win streak. Leading the way for UCD is all Big West junior forward Morgan Bertsch, logging an NCAA 33rd best (BWC second) 19.9 PPG, as well as 4.7 RPG and 1.63 blocks. Senior guard Rachel Nagel aids the effort with 11.9 PPG, 3.9 RPG and 2.3 APG. Meanwhile, senior forward Pele Gianotti kicks in 11.0 PPG with the team’s top rebounding effort (5.7 RPG) and 2.3 APG. Junior point guard Kourtney Eaton has registered 109 assists on the year.The Aggies will face Long Beach State at home on Thursday before heading to Honolulu for Saturday’s game.The Aggies have trimmed the slight Rainbow Wahine series lead to an 8 7 advantage and UH has dropped the last three meetings with UCD, including the 76 52 finish in Davis. Hawai’i is 4 3 in the series at the Stan Sheriff Center.Next up for UH, the Rainbow Wahine head to the Los Angeles area with back to back road games, beginning Feb. 22 at CSUN.Game 25Who: Hawai’i (10 14, 3 8 Big West) vs. UC Davis (20 4, 10 1 Big West)When: Saturday, Feb. Fans can register to participate at the sports marketing table located at Gate A. The team will conduct a brief post game question and answer session and there will be an autograph session with the Rainbow Wahine basketball team following the game.
womens leather ugg boots uk UH Women's Hoops Hosting Big West

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blue ugg boots uk Ugly Jordan Bandits Smash

Contact Us,In the wee hours of December 30, five to six masked men in two cars crashed their way into the Foot Locker at 1076 Southwest 67th Avenue and made of with $5,000 worth of sneakers, Miami Dade police say. They even nabbed “several pairs” of $120 Nike Jordan CP3 III shoes gaudy atrocities which weren’t available to be sold until three days later.

If you like this story,
ugg boot uk Ugly Jordan Bandits Smash
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The next day, burglars smashed into the Athlete’s Foot at 4670 Northwest 183rd Street and made off with more shoes. By now, we can only assume that the sneakers are being peddled by some guy lurking behind the tropical fish store at the Opa Locka/Hialeah Flea Market either that or being hawked on eBay to a junior high schooler in Iowa.

In related news, Michael Jordan was recently indicted by an international tribunal for not having put out an attractive shoe since 1994. Jordan and crony Chris Paul are resisting extradition.

After the jump, watch the video of the first burglary. Cops say that the robbers “drove in reverse to the front of the store and used the vehicles to force entry” and caused a pretty spectacular explosion of glass.
ugg boot uk Ugly Jordan Bandits Smash